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Chandragupta Maurya 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Meets His Mother Unknowingly

Chandragupta Maurya 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand walks among his soldiers and waving at them gets happy seeing tight security around his wealth cart gets happy. Chandragupta sees army chief ordering guards to protect it even if they have to sacrifice their lives. He looks at bangle tied to his clothes and thinks he will get mukti today. Chandragupta disguised as common man asks Bhairav to find Murli who is having other part of broken coin, he will help them in their goal. Chandragupta enjoys dance sitting on his royal seat when his diamond pendant falls down. Guard next to him silently picks it, and he notices that. His brother informs that his diamond pendant is missing. Chandragupta asks not to talk about it until Mahamartya returns.

Mahamartya searches Chanakya and orders aides to find him at any cost. Aide says

how will they identify disguised Chanakya. Mahamartya orders to keep their eyes and mind open. He then finds Murli and forcefully takes him to prison and asks where is Chanakya. Murli suicides saying he will never find Chanakya and Dhananand will die. Mahamartya finds broken coin in Murli’s hand and asks his aide to act as Murli and find out Chanakya. Aide finds Chanakya.

Dhananand eagerly waits for Mahamartya. Mahamartya returns and tells Dhananand they will find out Chanakya soon. Dhananand orders thief guard to serve him liquor. Guard shivers in fear and serves liquor. Dhananand beheads him and showing diamond pendant says he tried to steal Dhananand’s wealth, means Magadh’s wealth. On the other side, Mahamartya’s aide meets Chanakya and shows him broken coin. Chanakya asks what is his plan. Aide says they cannot speak her and asks to follow him to secret place.. Chanakya gets suspicious, steals passerby’s money bag and asks aide if it is his, aide greedily says yes. Chanakya realizes someone else took Murli’s place, returns passerby’s money and escapes, leaving aide searching him.

Chandragupta explains his plan to his friends and mixes purgative in juice and serves it to soldiers. A few of them surround him and offer to take him to Dhananand. Chandragupta says he is serving juice for free to get double profit next time, drinks all glasses alone and escapes. He then with the help of his friends ties soldiers and gets a sealed pot, says their plan is dependent on this pot. His estranged mother in market searches someone and hearing a boy pleading his mother not to disown him reminisces baby Chandragupta repeating same, sees mother selling boy to a man, asks man to spare child. Man asks to give 1500 coins. She gives precious diamond in return and frees child saying only a mother can understand mother’s pain. Chandragupta clashes with her while running.

Precap: Chanakya sees Chandragupta enacting as king and bearing punishment himself for his praja/friend’s mistake.

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