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Chandragupta Maurya 19th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Chandragupta Maurya 19th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra tells Sugandha that once he frees himself, he will find his mother and asks her why she sold him. He’s very furious at his mother. Other side, Chandra’s mother refuses to apologize to Dhananand as mistake wasn’t hers, but his. Dhananand humiliates her and reminds her how he killed her husband and made her his Dasi. Chandra’s mother hopes Chandra will be back one day and she will take revenge with Dhananand. She had given Chandra to her brother to save his life from Dhananand and she remembers Chandra having her bangle. She hopes to identify Chandra with that bangle. There is an event to celebrate Dhananand’s birthday and every citizen must show up and pay him respect. She hopes Chandra will come and she will see him.

Chanakya and Bhairav are saving themselves from Dhananand army. Bhairav asks Chanakya how he will be able to find next ruler if army is behind him like crazy and how he will know who is right candidate. Chanakya says one who loves his mother and motherland a lot will be the person to finish Dhananand and take over his place. Later, they meet someone and they discuss about all youth displaying their powers during Dhananand’s birthday’s event. Chanakya hopes to attend that. The other person says he has someone named Murali who can help him. Chanakya says no one can be trusted, but that person says Murali’s family was killed by Dhananand and he wants to take revenge so they can trust him. He gives Chanakya some antique piece and says Murali will also have same piece and he can recognize him from that.

Dhananand gets ready for the event. Selukus will also be attending and Dhananand is curious to meet him. Other side, Chandra’s master informs him about the event and says there will be many expensive gifts coming for Dhananand and he wants him to steal one of the carts. He gives him a flag saying he wants cart with that flag (might be Selukus’). He says there will be displaying of gifts and they will later be taken away and that time Chandra can steal. Chandra says when taken away, there will be many soldiers who will be alert, but in day time during display, no one would have thought that someone will steal in front of everyone, so soldiers will be less careful. He will steal during day time. Later, him and his friends do the planning. His friends are very scared, but he is very confident.

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