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Bigg Boss 12 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohit changes game

Bigg Boss 12 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 64
Somi and Sristy are making halwa. Rohit asks what they are doing? Sristy says we are hungry. Somi asks to wash dishes so nobody knows.

Day 65
Naagin plays, inmates wake up and dance.

Megha shows halwa throws on floor. Megha says Romil is the worst captain as the utensils are still lying dirty. Megha says we clean kitchen at night but this happens when we wake up. Dipika asks Somi why she made halwa when Romil told me to not use sugar. Somi says we just made for everyone. Romil asks Rohit to set utensils, Megha is taunting.
Somi says to Romil that Megha is calling you worst captain. Romil calls Megha and asks what worst he did? Megha says you didnt see if kitchen was cleaned, you were awake to eat halwa but you cant see work

is not done. Romil says Rohit didnt do his work so its not my fault. Megha says its captain’s fault.

Rohit asks Deepak why he didnt wake up last night to eat halwa by Somi? Surbhi says Deepak is not important. Deepak says over. Surbhi says curshe is over? Somi says bro calm down. Deepak says dont call me bro, I will talk to you alone. Somi says I am not talking to you alone. Deepak says we never talk alone. Surbhi says dont smile at him.

Inmates come in garden and sees a big snake set there, KV says its really good. Surbhi says my papa. Jasleen says what is happening? Surbhi says my dada. They all look arond. Jasleen dances like naagin.

Karanvir announces the luxury budget task, which will have an impact on captaincy also. There will be two teams. Team Red consisted of Karanvir, Romil, Somi, Deepak and Surbhi and Team Blue has Rohit, Dipika, Sreesanth, Megha and Jasleen. Sristy cant be captain so she will be referee. When alarm plays, snake’s eyes will turn either blue or red, whichever color it is, snake will eat one member of that color team and eaten member will go in belly of snake. Inmates can control which color snake can take as there is a lever which has blue and red sides and whichever side it is, eyes will show that color. The team whose most members are outside the snake when the task ends wins. In start, both teams will mutually send a person to turn lever.

Deepak says to KV that we need a strong person inside belly.
Sree asks Megha to go inside first then call Dipika and Rohit. Rohit says we have to control Surbhi too.
Rohit comes to Kv, KV says this is the time to flip things around, you show Sree that you are playing for me but play for us.

First buzzer sounds and the game starts. Deepak says to Rohit that you go as blue team. Surbhi gives him a kiss on head and says you are game changer.

Megha says to Rohit that you have to play for us if you want to become captain, we give you this chance to go ahead as captain.
When the hissing sound plays, Megha enters the snake’s belly in the first round as all mutually decide it.
Surbhi says to KV that I am going inside next. Deepak says you have to go against Megha.

Dipika says to Sree that we have to be strong inside, they can call Jasleen too.

Romil says to Rohit that this is your chance to be seen, they didnt send you first.

Sree says to Jasleen that I will go last, tell Rohit that we are helpless outside house, we are giving chance to Rohit but he is a fool like KV. Jasleen says if he betrays then thats bad.

Rohit asks Megha to call him inside first. Megha says then we will have less people outside, I will call red first.

Dipika says I talked to Megha and asked her to call people frome red team. Rohit comes there and says I talked to Megha, she is calling from red team.

Deepak says to KV that Rohit is telling plan to his team but they will not trust him.

KV comes to Rohit. Rohit says your team member is going then I will go and call someone. KV says call from blue team then.

KV says to Surbhi that Rohit is going next.

On next hissing, Megha turns lever to red. Jasleen says to Sree that I want to go, Rohit cant do anything. Red team decides to send Deepak inside.
Dipika says to Jasleen that Sree is right. Jasleen says Rohit can take their side, we cant send him right now.

Deepak asks Megha to take first step, Megha says I took thats why you are here. Deepak says you get angry. Megha says you called me a buttering person. Deepak says you do that, you dont listen to people. Deepak and Megha argue. They both try to grab lever. Sristy says this is your call. Deepak turns eyes to blue. Rohit says I am going as we decided before. Dipika asks him to discuss, we want to send Jasleen. Jasleen says we can change sequence. Rohit says you people didnt tell me. Sree says we called you here thats why. Jasleen says if you dont want to play then leave, you are crazy. Rohit says you took someone’s change. Dipika asks Rohit to calm down. Rohit says I dont think girls can handle Deepak. Dipika says I dont want to take risk with sending Rohit inside. Sree says Rohit you go inside. Dipika asks him to not help Deepak, we are trusting you. They send Rohit in snake belly.

Dipika asks why Sree why he sent Rohit inside? Sree says we will know now if he will betray. Jasleen says it was a mistake, we shouldnt have taken a risk by sending him. Sree says you were fighting in a team.

Jasleen says to Sree that Surbhi was sacrificing for Rohit so he will support Megha now? Sree says he is wearing blue so he should support blue.

Megha, Rohit and Deepak are fighting for lever. Rohit and Megha are trying to stop Deepak. They turn lever to blue. Rohit keeps the lever on blue. Rohit tells Megha he will support the Red Team as they are their friends who will support him and Blue Team members will never support him. Megha calls him a traitor. Surbhi says friendship is great. Romil says he is supporting his friends. Megha says to Rohit and Deepak that you are both going to lose to me.

Dipika says to Jasleen that you were right about Rohit. Sree says its because of Jasleen, she says no. Sristy says to Surbhi that Rohit changed the game and Megha is tensed because of it, she laughs.

Rohit says to Megha that you cant do anything now. Jasleen looks from outside and says I am enjoying the show. Megha tries to forcefully turn the lever as Srishty tells her not to be aggressive. Deepak tries to push Megha aside but Sristy stops him. Sree says I am going inside, they are stressing a girl so I will slap them. Megha tries to push Rohit from lever. Romil smirks at Dipika. dipika says you people are double faced. Romil says you are double faced. Sristy asks Megha to not be aggressive. Rohit says to Megha that I will punch you. Sree asks Megha to let kid play, its okay.

Hissing noise plays, Sristy says eye color is blue. Jasleen says I want to go. Sree says let me go inside, I will beat them. Dipika asks him to calm down. Sree says I want to go.

Megha applies lotion on hands, Deepak and Rohit jokes. Sree says its one girl vs. two boys. Sristy says Megha is attacking them and they are stopping her. Sree says obviously you will support them. Sristy shouts at him that we all know who is double faced here. Sree says you are a baby. Sristy says you are baby. Jasleen says I am going inside otherwise this task will end, she says to Sree that I dont agree with you going inside.

Megha shouts at Rohit that dont come near, you didnt brush? he says no, Megha says your mother did make you learn that? Rohit says dont bring my mother in this argument, swear on your son, Megha says you brought my son too, Sristy tries to stop them but they are both hyper. Megha asks who is he to call out to my son? Sristy says calm down. She comes out and says blue team decided that Jasleen will go inside.

Deepak says I will stay here and win trophy. Jasleen says sing. Deepak says you keep eating. Jasleen says I am not eating from your house. Inside belly, they all run to grab lever. Jasleen asks Deepak to stop it, she says you both are double faced, Jasleen says to Rohit that you should be ashamed of betraying. Sristy asks them to move away from lever, its breaking. Jasleen asks Rohit to not do cheap acts. Rohit gives her a flying kiss. Jasleen asks her to stop it.

Sree is emotional. Surbhi says to Dipika that if he says that he wants to beat them then why would you let him go inside? Dipika says we are not manipulative.

Sree is weeping and says to Dipika that Sristy misbehaved with me so much. Dipika says people will do that here, they are just putting allegations on us. Sree cries. Dipika leaves from there.

Dipika sits in washroom and says I have one relation here and I get taunted about that, I take decisions from heart here.

Bigg Boss says today’s time for task has ended, inmates in each place will remain there.

Romil asks Sree why he is crying? your family will not like to see you cry like this. Sree says I am trying a lot.

Romil consoles Dipika and says your husband would be hurt to see you like this, you can beat me if you want. Dipika laughs. Romil says you are good now.

Sristy says to Surbhi that Jasleen commented that you didnt bring love angle here? I wanted to break her face but I didnt reply.

Somi cries and says to Dipika that I look weak, Romil is always with Deepak and Surbhi is alone, they are not putting in any strategy or any plan, it makes me look weak. Dipika says you need to find your place in house. She leaves. Romil comes and asks what happened? I kept you involved in task. Somi says I dont think so, you can anything, Romil leaves.

Sree says to Dipika that if Neha was here infront of Rohit.. in start, there were a lot of girls. Dipika says I miss Neha. Sree says I dont babe. Dipika says stop calling me that. Sree says my wife must be jealous, I dont even talk this much to my real sister, I dont talk much so my wife gets angry, I cant woo a girl, I have got a sister who cooks for me. Dipika says I make work done. Sree says you give me food so thank you. Dipika says what are you. Sree jokes that he is going in jail again.

PRECAP- Rohit and Sree are fighting over lever. Rohit says call cherry master Sreesanth. Sree says to Dipika that he cant call my and my dad’s name,. Sree gets angry and takes off his mic, he says I have to teach the kid. He takes off his waist coat and enters belly of snake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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