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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update. Vibhuti gets back to Earth

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tiwari says look Angoori look at thr quality its our brand lingrie,and guess where did it come from,Angoori says from above,Tiwari says and who is in the skies, Angoori says moon,Tiwari asks and who is there, Angoori says vibhu, Tiwari says yes you are right,now i will frame it, Saxena hearing them,Angoori says are you sure though its our company,tiwari smells it and says im very sire, Saxena says it’s mine and haven’t washed it for 4 months, please give it back.Tiwari hands it to him.

boys with baba,he says well done my boys, I knew you would do it, its written on your face,that you would do no work but for your self you would go to any extent and heres its key, baba opens the box, boys excited,they find a book,malkan says its empty just a book. tilu says just for a

book you made us do it,baba says other wise you won’t do it,and do you know what it is, its bhagwat geeta, its not less than treasure. boys disapponted leave.

Vibhu calls angoori,she asks why isnt he having food, Vibhu says canteen is closed, angoori says why cry,vibhu says im missing you and will never hear you again,angoori says pray to God he shall hear you,vibhu says im so high he may be somewhere near, angoori sats good talk to him and what about parathas,vibhu says i forgot them and looks like I wont stay more, Angoori says don’t worry soon someone shall come for you,vibhu says will you miss me, Angoori says sure,vibhu says oxygen is reducing bye.

Vibhu sees a space ship, a man wakes him up and asks why is he sleeping and introduces himself as Bangladesh scientist, vibhu asks him to give him lift he is left alone.He says dont worry i shall give you lift, and takes him along with him.

vibhu gets home and rushes to Anu and hugs him, Hapu says i wish i was in his place, Anu says i missed you so much,Vibhu asks bhabhi did you miss me,Angoori says not at all, Tiwari asks what about the pics, Vibhu says deal is cancelled, but can be fixed with higher price,tiwrai says done.

Scientist comes and says we have a 50 lakhs offer to travel to venus, Anu says ofcourse he will,vibhu says no.

Angoori walks to tiwari and sees him mimicking,and asks whats wrong,why use knife,tiwari says self defence i had a nightmare that a man robbed me, Angoori asks what time, tiwari says in the morning, Angoori asks how did he look,tiwrai explains, angoori says dont worry i shall pray fir you and god shall take care of you.

Putan walks to them, Tiwari recognises his outfit as same to the one he saw in dream, Putan asks for money,tiwari says go work, putan says why shall i when i have you,angoori says so smart, Tiwari says enough,angoori says enough how dare you talk to my brother this way.

Doctor checking teeka,asks teeka what is wrong,teeka says i know longer can withstand slaps, doctor says what nonsense, anyways it’s because you aren’t married yet,tilu asks what shall we do, gupta says theres a medicinal plant we get in the jungles near by, tilu asks how shalk we recognise it, Gupta says it glows have it and all will be fine. Hapu walks to them and asks where in jungles,teeka tells him what Gupta said, hapu says is it your jungle dare i see you go there,tilu asks why so, hapu says im saying so stay away dare you miss with me.

Pre cap: Tilu tells Tiwari theres lion and came at the store and did this to me

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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