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Agnifera 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Agni Fails Sakshi’s Evil Plan

Agnifera 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Agni and Kishan’s haldi rituals start. They sit next to each other while family enjoy songs. Guests ask how can bride and groom be in same house. Daadi says happiness increases with sharing, so she arranged haldi ceremony together. Sakshi enters and tells KD that celebration is incomplete without singing and dance. KD says of course and asks Golu to play song who plays Bollywood song Dhak Dhak Dhadke ye dil.. KD dances with Golu. Kishan, Agni and Sakshi join her and dance. Whole family joins next and dances around Devi.

After dance, KD says let us start haldi ritual. Sakshi gets an evil idea and looks at juice glasses. She serves juice to guests and mixes something in Agni’s glass. Agni coughs. Kishen serves her spiked juice. KD says Agni will apply haldi to Kishan. Kishen

picks haldi thalil. Agni starts feeling uneasy and freezes. Sakshi thinks Agni will b e paralytic for a few minutes and will not even move, then Saskhi will apply haldi to Kishan. Guest discuss bride is very shy. KD and Revathi ask her to wake up, but she is unable to move. Sakshi says Agni is feeling shy and does not want to get up, so she will apply haldi to Kishan. She extends her hand towards Kishan when Golu finds Agni’s dupatta stuck and frees it. Agni wakes up and stops Saskhi saying only she will perform all her rituals and applies haldi to Kishan. KD asks what had happened to her. Golu says bhabhi’s dupatta was stuck. Agni and Kishan apply haldi to each other. Devi says it is her turn now and calls Agni. Agni emotionally walks to her while Sakshi fumes in jealousy. Devi applies haldi to Agni and says it will increase her beauty and Kishan will go mad behind her. KD says now it is everyone’s turn.

All guests apply haldi to Agni and Kishan while Sakshi sits fuming jealously on sofa yelling her plans fails always and Agni snatches her happiness like her mother snatched her mother’s happiness, she will kick out Agni and her mother’s photo and tries to get up, but cannot. Agni walks in and asks if she wants to break photo, can she, she did not get police training just like that and reminisces Agni calling Senti and asking him to get paralytic drug. Out of flashback, Agni says she exchanged glass and Sakshi drank it. Sakshi says even Agni is doing what she wanted to do. Agni confronts that Sakshi told she is ashamed to her sister, now she feels ashamed and will marry without Sakshi. Sakshi takes oath to marry Kishan and destroy Agni’s life.

Agni goes to washroom to clean haldi. Kishan walks in and gets romantic. KD walks in and knocks door and asks to come to her room once she is ready. Agni says okay. Daadi stops hearing Kishan.

Precap: Sakshi with her aides’ help kidnaps Sakshi during her pheras with Kishan and takes Agni’s place. Agni finds herself locked in bathroom.

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