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Adiya TS – Unexpected Love

Love. It’s just a word with four alphabets but it holds  lots of emotions, lots of promises. Promises to be together always, promises to be with each other not only in good times but in bad times too, promises not to hurt each other , promises not to break the trust. Trust, the most important thing in love. Trust is needed in all relationships. Every relation is built on the basis of trust. It is needed more in between lovers. You can never love a person if you don’t trust them. In love you two hearts remain connected, two lifes remain connected and you obviously need to trust the person with whom you are connecting your heart. So without having trust on that person you can’t love that person.

And this is what Zoya is scared of , trust. She is scared to trust people.It’s not like she never trusted anyone or she was always scared to trust people. She was the girl who once trusted everyone even if she met that person at that very moment. And that was her mistake. No, Her mistake wasn’t trusting everyone, her mistake was trusting one wrong person blindly. The worst thing was that she trusted him more than herself. She loved him with all her heart. But in return only got pain. He promised to be with her always, to never hurt her but he broke all his promises at once and left her heartbroken. Since then the girl who was once talkative, fun-loving and bubbly became all silent. The girl who once trusted everyone became scared to trust people ever her near ones. It’s easy to break trust but not easy to built it and this is applicable for Zoya. Her trust was easily broken by her so called lover but no one was able to build her trust again but one person changed it. He taught Zoya to trust people again.

When Zoya thought that her world was falling apart, a person entered her life and helped her to put it back together. When she thought that she will never be able again to trust people, he taught her to trust again. She thought that she won’t be able to love anyone again but he made her fall for him. He helped her to become the previous Zoya again. He was her knight in shining armour, her prince charming.

Out of all people Zoya never thought to fall for him, Aditya. He was a well known playboy of the college. And after what happened to Zoya it was hard for her to believe that she trusts him and falling for him was the most unexpected thing. But that’s how life works, isn’t it?

Hi!! This is a two shot on  Adiya. Hope you will like it. 🙂 

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