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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina finds the chits and culprit

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Naina is sitting upset. I don’t know what happened. Sameer tells her not to worry. Everything will be fine. Her friends are also sure truth will out once they find chits. JBR tells Naina she only has half an hour more. If you find the chits in this time then it is fine or Sunaina will be declared the winner. Sameer assures him he will have the chits in half an hour. JBR cracks another bad joke. Your time starts now.

Sunaina and her friends taunt Naina again. Ms. Naina Agarwal and Mr. Sameer Maheshwari should get used to losing. I told you, you will hear only one name in this college – Sunaina Parekh. Kartik adds GS to her name. It is time to find the chits. Mitali is sure they wont find it ever but her friend tells her not to break their hearts by saying so. Sunaina reminds

them of the time duration. They all say tic-toc in unison and walk away.

Preeti wonders how they will find the chits in half an hour. it is impossible. Sameer asks Swati if she knows anything. Naina is sure she would have told them if she knew anything. They think of where the chits could possibly be. Munna remarks that all the hard work went to drain. Sameer and Naina think of dustbin and they all decide to check the bins.

Kartik and his friends are discussing about the hiding place. They wont ever think we threw them all in the bin. Sweeper will start cleaning in 10 minutes. They all smile.

Naina and her friends check every dustbin to find the chits. Swati tells Naina she couldn’t find anything. Naina is worried as there is only 20 minutes left. They check in different directions.

Kartik and his friends see Munna and Pundit checking dustbins. Kartik is still positive about the hiding place (staff room).

Sameer thinks of staff room. Kartik and his friends overhear it and get tensed. Munna and Pundit are hesitant but Sameer is sure that is the best hiding place. Sunaina and Mitali head to the staff room while Kartik and his friend stop to divert the attention of Sameer, Munna and Pundit. Tehy manage to avert them and run to the staff room. They are about to collide with Naina, Swati and Preeti and ask them to come to staff room.

Sunaina and Mitali send the teachers downstairs. Sameer, Munna and Pundit reach just then. They confront Sunaina on her plan. Kartik and his friend also reach there. They ask Sunaina and Mitali to go with the chits. We will handle Sameer and his friends. JBR enters just then. Time is up. Declare Sunaina the winner. Sameer points out that they still have 6 minutes. Sunaina asks him what he will do in this much time. Sameer points out that 1 second is enough to uncover the truth. Sameer tells JBR that the votes are in the dustbin. Naina and her friends also reach there. JBR asks Sunaina to open the dustbin. She does so reluctantly but they don’t find the chits there.

Rakesh admits that he gave bribe. I did it because Sunil Bhai told me to. I was mad to do so. It is because of Arjun. He hits him. If he hadn’t failed then I would not have done it! Anand frees Arjun somehow. Rakesh breaks down. I only had one dream and it is broken now! If he cannot play cricket ever then I should die! I will kill myself. Arjun and Anand stop him. His elder brother too tells him not to act mad. Tai ji asks Bela to close the door. Rakesh shouts that there are other ways too. His elder
Brother firmly tells him to sit quietly. Bela brings water for him. His brother says what’s done is done. We have to think how we will face it. Rakesh says who else can be better than you here. Help me please. Fight this case and save me. Tai ji refuses but Rakesh holds his brother’s feet begging him to help his younger brother. Arjun is also your kid. Do it for his sake atleast. I haven’t taken favour from anyone till date. Save his future please. He cries folding his hands before his brother. His brother says I fight for everyone. You are my brother. How can I ignore you? I will fight your case. Arjun hugs his father and cries.

Swati and Naina are in a class room. Swati tells her not to worry. Whatever had to happen has happened. Naina reasons that it happened wrong. Swati says someone had to lose. Naina replies that she has never lost. I don’t like losing. I always win. Swati insists she lost today. Naina asks her if she is saying this knowing Sunaina and Kartik cheated. Swati says maybe you got these many votes only. Sometimes we think we are right but it does not turn out right. You simply lost the elections. You can try for President Elections next time. What’s the big deal! Naina is sure she dint lose. Swati insists Sunaina has won. Let’s go now. She gets up but slips. Her bag falls down in the process. Naina picks it up but feels something fishy. Swati tries taking it from her but Naina empties her bag. All the chits of Naina’s name fall down. She thinks of today’s incidents and looks at Swati.

Naina checks all the chits.

It would have happened with you sometime that you cannot find tv remote and volume is 0. You can see everything but hear nothing. I was feeling exactly that way that time. I couldn’t understand anything. Best friend of 14 years who was like a sister did all this! I was checking every chit hoping that it turns out to be some bad dream and Chachi ji will come and wake me up but it wasn’t happening.

Swati admits doing it upon Sunaina and Kartik’s asking. I went to staff room when Sameer asked everyone to check the dustbins. I got the chits by going to staff room on the pretext of getting some file. Flashback ends.

Naina says I never thought you will do this. Swati admits she wanted her to lose. I wanted to shout and tell everyone that Naina Agarwal can also lose. Naina asks her if her victory isn’t in her victory. Swati denies. My victory lies in your defeat. I am tired of being your shadow. This has been going on since childhood. Swati just does not exist! No one gave me a chance or recognized me ever! I only wanted to change this. Naina asks her why she dint talk to her once. Why did you drag Sunaina in all this? Swati blames her for starting everything. You removed my name, my posters from everywhere without asking me. My boyfriend does not think of me before you! It is enough playing friends now. I too want to move on and show everyone I am smart, intelligent and that I can win too. I too have an identity. It is enough. Naina agrees. You have done what you wanted to. Now I will do what I want to!

Precap: Naina comes to college in a different avatar and talks to students. Sameer is all smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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