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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Varahi stops gyarahi’s ghost.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with ganesh saying we should go ahead now. as gyarahi is about to step into kashi, suddenly a female voice says stop right there, you cannot enter kashi. Devi varahi comes landing down in anger with her weapons. Ganesh says brother, she is the form of devi varahi of lord vishnu’s varaha avatar, she was summoned when we were fighting shumbh! I never knew she protect kashi. Kartikeya says yes brother, now we are in a problem as we will have to convince mata varahi to let us in with gyarahai’s ghost. Gyarahi says maybe she is the goddess who will give me salvation in kashi. Varahi says you ghost, you cannot enter kashi as you belong to a demon and I wont allow you to enter kashi. Gyarahi is sad and worried, he says prabhu do something. Varahi says I shall kill you. ganesh

says brother, devi varahi is very powerful and gyarahi is just a ghost now, if she attacks him then he will be destroyed and will never get salvation, we have to do something.
Varahi comes to gyarahi as gyarahi says prabhu do something, I am not worried unless you will protect me. Varahi holds gyarahi and starts smashing him on the ground as gyarahi screams in pain. Varahi then starts throwing and catching gyarahi’s ghost in the air. Subodh says my father! Ganesh ji do something. Ganesh says yes and he says mata varahi please stop. Varahi stops and leaves gyarahi’s ghost. she looks at ganesh and kartikeya. Ganesh and kartikeya do pranam and say mata varahi, we are the sons of mahadev. Varahi says I know who you both are my sons. Ganesh says then mata please let me explain to you, he is the ghost of gyarahi and I had killed him when he was in human form but now he has turned to a ghost, I have promised him that I would give him salvation in kashi and I have to fulfill it. gyarahi says my son ganesh, you are pratham pujya and as you have promised gyarahi, I shall allow him to pass into kashi to help you keep your promise. Ganesh says but I have one question mata, how did you become the protector of kashi? Varahi tells the story that when devi sati had killed herself after her father prajapati daksh insulted mahadev, mahadev became very angry and he killed everyone and then after that started doing tandav with devi sati’s body, his tandav was destructible to this universe so lord Vishnu stopped it by decimating the body of devi sati, 21 pieces of her body fell over the earth and everywhere by lord Vishnu’s blessing, an avatar goddess of devi sati appeared with their temples. So even mahadev created his different bhairava avatars with parvati’s diferent avatars and with prabhu vishnu’s blessing I was created, I was assigned to protect kashi. Ganesh says I understand now mata. Gyarahi says prabhu come on quick, I need salvation please talk later. Varahi says but remember, don’t take gyarahi to the temple of varmana of mahadev otherwise he wont get salvation. Gyarahi thinks if I wont enter the temple then I wont get salvation, what will ganesh ji do? They all enter kashi.
As they go inside they see the purity of the beautiful city of kashi as people keep praying and meditating to mahadev and devi parvati. Ganesh and kartikeya then see many rishi’s here and there praying and meditating to mahadev and singing his songs and prayers. As some rishi’s are walking by, subodh is talking to mushak and is standing in their way, ganesh and kartikeya do pranam to them and are worried as subodh is in the way of the rishi’s. the rishi’s then go and ganesh says subodh what were you doing? You were in the way of some rishi’s. subodh says rishi’s? what rishi’s prabhu? I did not see any. Gyarahi says yes prabhu, even I was confused when you did pranam because even I did not see any rishi’s. kartikeya then understands and says ganesh they were the souls of many rishi’s who have decided to stay in kashi and keep praying to mahadev, that is why subodh and gyarahi couldn’t see them. Kartikeya says only we can see them as only the eyes of gods or other holy people can see them.

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya reach the river with subodh, mushak ji and gyarahi. Ganesh says I thought gyarahi would get salvation once we entered kashi but he has still not got freedom, what will we have to do?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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