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Savitri Devi 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tantric identifies Naintara

Savitri Devi 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanchi hugging Veer and saying sorry. He says promise me you won’t leave me. She promises. He says sorry for not supporting you, I didn’t trust you. She asks why didn’t anything happen to me. Tantric says your love and sacrifice is pure, so fire couldn’t touch you, your love can end any black magic, now that evil spirit can’t win over you. Veer hugs Sanchi and I have made mistake before and won’t let anything happen to you. Kabir struggles. Riya comes with an injection and says trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you, this injection is just to make you sleep, you really need to rest. She frees him and takes him. She makes him rest and treats him.

He falls asleep. Riya says no one can harm you till you are here, I m with you, just take rest. Riya

comes home. Gayatri asks where is Kabir. Riya says I don’t know. Gayatri asks again. Riya says I won’t tell you, he is away from you at a safe house. Gayatri says give me address. Riya says you are selfish, I love Kabir, you are hurting her. They hear Savitri screaming and rush. They see Savitri unconscious. Naintara smiles and controls everyone. Tantric feels a shock. Sanchi asks what happened. Tantric says that black spirit has reached Veer’s house and started everything, I can’t do anything. Naintara makes them slaves and says I will take your lives. Veer asks what are you saying. Tantric says that black spirit is trying to kill your family, its too late, I can’t help. Veer says there will be some way to save them.

Naintara says I won’t leave anyone today. Sanchi, Veer and Tantric come home. Sanchi throws knife at her saree. The magical ring breaks. Everyone falls down and faints. Veer gets shocked seeing Naintara. Naintara says you have come again. Sanchi says I have blessing from Devi maa, she won’t let me lose. Naintara goes to Veer. Tantric removes Rudraksh beads. Naintara greets him. He says Lord give her Mukti soon. Sanchi asks how can you touch her, she is a spirit, I have trusted you so much and you…

Naintara asks what, did you go to take his help to get saved from me. Tantric asks why are you doing this. Naintara says why are you asking this, you know everything. Tantric says Sanchi you don’t know what she has tolerated in life, so her soul is wandering. Sanchi asks what do you mean. He says I can’t help you now, Naintara is my student, its Karm yudh, I can’t support any one. Sanchi says don’t say this, how will I save my family. Tantric says I can just help Naintara, not you, I have taught her this Vidya and Sadhna, if I help her, you can never win, let me go. Sanchi says you are doing wrong, I m against Naintara, I m right, how can you support her.

Tantric says I understand, I can’t go against my own Vidya, I can give you a suggestion, Naintara if you want your lost thing back, stop troubling her family, just kill Malhotra’s son, you will get your thing back. Naintara smiles. Sanchi says no, I can’t lose Veer. He says you can’t save him, you can just save your family, its your decision now, you decide how to fight this battle, you have to fight with double courage and strength. Naintara goes. Sanchi cries.

Sanchi prays for some way. Chunri falls on her. Veer asks what’s this. Sanchi asks will you marry me Veer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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