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Leap of 2 mnths….
@sanSkar’s home
San:i will come late today pappa..(before he says furthur ram went to his room)
San in mind y r u hurting me dad ??i know i did a mistake but (his eyes become moist)

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Sanskar’s frd invites him for his success party of his company …..
Ajay(san’s frd):hi (hugs him)
San:smiles and congrats him for getting a big project
Ajay:all credit goes to my staffs especially my pa …wait i will introduce her..ragini.
San:his heart skips a beat by hearing her name and in a next second ,become numb by seeing ragini…..
Ajay:ragini this is my frd sanskar
Rag:shockingly looks at him
Ajay:guys wait a minute ..i will cum (he excused and went to c his another frd)
San:(in cracking voice )do u remember me
Rag:immediately hugs him and cries……
San become worried

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San is rolling over the bed and gets into thinking abt evening incident

@some lonely [email protected]
San:now tell..where did u disappeared suddenly..do u know how many times i came to ur home but it was closed everytime?????where were u ????
Rag:in chocking voice many things happened sanskar????
San looks on

Fb shows in which janaki was dead by sudden cardiac arrest and how ragini was immersed in pain and shock…after few days of her mother’s death ,(before she overcome from it)arjun came to her and told her that he is going to marry his girlfriend ,who is millioner’s daughter and want to spend his life happily with her and advised ragini to back to sanskar….and asked ragini to give this home to him(their only properly)..she obliged and borrowed the house to his name and came out frm it…..Fb ends
San:(eyes become teary )where is laksh???
Rag:laksh got engaged with his love but that girl didnt understand my relationship with laksh.i dont want to b a barrier in their relationship..so without telling him i resigned that job and joined her……
San:y u didnt tell anything to me ragini?????
Rag:sarcastically everything happened in a fraction of second sanskar….
San looks at her with moist eyes

San:(to himself)im sry ragini..i didnt stand with u in ur tough times…..i love u ragini ..i love u (eyes become teary)but how will i say this to u????????

@next day ,evening
As soon as ragini came out …widened to c sanskar over there….
San:hi ragini
Rag:hi ..did u came to meet ajay sir?
san:(acts as thinking)no i came to meet my ragini
Rag:looks on
San:i mean my frd ragini…shall v go
Both spends time with each other…ragini was super duper happy ..atleast she has her frd now…
Days r moving on lik this ..evening they use to spend some time and he drops her in her hostel..(san didnt convey his love towards her as he scared of losing her again))

@one fine day
Rag:im going to say one important thing to u
Rag:today ajay sir proposed me
Rag:nods ….
San:(worried alot)wat u decided
Rag:actually sanskar i thought to say no but
San:but.(scared to hell)
Rag:i said everything to him…watever happened in my life..after knowing everything also ,he loves me sanskar…so i said k (blushes)Tmrw im going to c his parents
San:(his heart pains more ,)do u love him??
Rag:nods as no…but he loves me …i think his love is enough for me to love him back…shall i say one truth sanskar???im longing for a love..her eyes become moist..i hope i will get it frm him and his family…
San nods and went

San cries badly by thinking of ragini and her words r continously echoing in his ears

@next day
Sanskar waits in her office but she didnt cum and called her….
After few hrs….
San:wat happen again???
Rag:sarcastically im not going to cry again sanskar…dont wry i will overcome frm it…tmrw i hav to search for a new job..for that i have to b strong…
San:holds her shoulder……dont hide…wat happen in ajay house??????
Rag:covered her face with her hands and cries
San:heart pains more and more…..
Fb shows as soon as ragini entered into ajay house ..ajay parents ill treated her by speaking abt her status and accused her for snatching ajay frm them for money ..and ajay’s dad gave her a blank check for consensation for leaving ajay..All its happening infornt of ajay,he tried to stop them to speak against her but all go in vain….she cried and ran over frm the house…
After few minutes ajay called her and said sry to her and told her that they cant marry….fb ends…

@infront of hostel
San:dont think abt anything….im there for u and ram pappa is there for u….
Rag nods

@sanskar’s home
As soon as he came ..ram hugged him happily
Ram:where is ragini
Ram:dont play again …where is my DIL?I SAW u both
San:cries and tells him everything
Ram:atleast now go and bring her…plzzz…she is a pure soul..she will never think bad abt anyone..plz go and say ur love towards her…
San:nods and hugs him happily and go back to the hostel again….

Warden:sry sir ..its hostel rule..v cant permit a guy to enter at this time
San:plz mam its important..atleast call her ..i will speak and go
War:nods as no
San sadly went

@next day…..
San is desperately waiting for ragini but doesnt finds her and called her but she didnt attend it
San:madam where is ragini
War:early morning itself she went
War:actually few persons went to orphanage to help them…
San:nods and went

San is happy to c ragini ,who is smiling while playing with children over there
Rag:(excited)sanskar u .here
San smiles u seems to b happy?
Rag:im very happy today…by seeing this numerous pure souls in one place…i came to know which i want
Rag:im going to live with them
San:wat ?(shocked)y suddenly?
Rag:suddenly only many good things…suddenly i came here,suddenly i got a job here and im going to liv here only along with them…
San face fell
Rag:(notices him) sanskar do u think im acting to b happy?no sanskar im really happy if i live with thsm..now i feeling great,watever happened yesterday was for good only..i told im longing for love but now no way…..im going to get it from them and give them alot of love in return
San smiles fakely and went by hiding his tears

Hope u like..
I extending it three more shots
I have personal issue,thats y im late ..sry

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