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Nimki Mukhiya 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rekha’s sister comes

Nimki Mukhiya 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Babbuu says diamond check every message. Babbu takes the number and calls. It rings in Tune’s pocket. Nimki and Tune are scared. Babbu says pick the phone. Tune picks the phone. Tune shows him the phone he says it is laddu’s phone from Madhubali. Tune picks and talks to him. Babbu says so this number wasn’t yours. Whose number is this? Nimki says how would I know? Tune says show me I will check He checks in his phone and says this is Mahesh chacha’s number. Babu says where does he live? Tune says he has died. Babbu says are you joking. Nimki says he died three years ago. Babbu says how can he send message then. Tell me who did this. Nimki says don’t worry I will find out who sent message from his number. Diamond says lets go. Mauha says wont you meet

papa? He says I will come back.

Tettar says I am angry. We couldn’t even know who sent message. Ritu says someone was using his sim card for three years? I have to track all activities on this number. Sweeti is walking. Diamond says are you listening? Nimki says you people don’t talk such good things that I have to hear. Tettar says she has no respect for us. Sweti says you have respect for any women? You think women are just o do house chores or give birth? Tettar gets angry. Babbu and Ritu stop him. Tettar shouts and says find out who send that video.

Scene 2
Nimki asks Tune where is the sim? He says I burned it. Nimki says how is papa? Tune says much better. Nimki says never tell him about Babbu. Tune says you shouldn’t live in that house. Nimki says I will show them a way..
Sweeti says to Nimki these people will never change. What will they do if they find out you did it. Nimki says I am not scared. Sweeti hugs her and says they will kill you. i don’t wanna lose you. Nimki says heroin never dies.

Tune comes to Ram’s house. ram asks Mauhav to give Tune money. He says I will take t later. Mono comes home. Tune says what happened to your foot? A prick nibbled in his foot. Tune takes it out. Mauha hugs him. Tune says this happened because his shoe was tore. Mauha says if you asked me I would have asked papa. Mono says I know there is no money. Papa can’t work. So I was wearing these shoes. Tune says come with me. He takes Mono on his bike. He says we will get Mono’s foot dressed up and then get him a new pair of shoes.

Nimki and Sweeti see that Rekha and Annaro are waiting for Rekha’s sister. Ritu says Sweeti doesn’t even eat with us. Babbu is going. Rekha says you can’t go. Babbu says we have work. Annaro says babbu you wont go anywhere. Dablo comes home with the bag. Rekha says where is she? Rekha’s sister comes in. Annaro smiles. Everyone is dazed.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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