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Nazar 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mohana and Vedsheree sisters

Nazar 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vedsheree comes to family. Chitali says Ruby have been taking care of you, we are lucky to get a daughter in law like her. Shekhar asks her to take rest for a few days. Vedsheree thinks how can I? witch is in house. Shekhar says I dont remember wedding much. Vedsheree sees Ruby’s fake parents, father says we are sorry to not tell you that Ruby got failed in Dehradun so we called her in Mumbai. Ruby comes there and says I should have told you all truth before but I was scared of reaction, leave it, now we are family and can share anything. Vedsheree glares at her. Ruby says can I call Vedsheree mummy? Shekhar says yes and call me papa. Shekhar says we have to do pooja in mandir. Vedsheree is confused. Chitali says we can make Vedsheree take rest and can go to mandir, all nod and leave.

Ruby asks Vedsheree to take rest, I will take care of everything as a good daughter in law, she leaves. Vedsheree cries.

Piya looks at Guru Maa’s fever and health. She calls Naman but he is not picking up call. Guru Maa says witch’s evil eye can destroy a house, Mohana is back, she will take away all their happiness, destroy every good thing, nobody can save them now.

Vedsheree hears lift’s chime. She says family returned? She comes near lift and sees a woman in veil coming out. Vedsheree is scared and drops aarti plate. Mohana takes off her veil, Vedsheree is stunned to see her back. Mohana glares at her and grabs her chin, she asks how are you sister? Vedsheree shakes in fear. Mohana says I forgot that nobody should know we are sisters. Vedsheree looks on.

Rathore family is dancing and enjoying to Ganesha. Ruby puts handsfree in her ears and blocks music. They all come to mandir. Shekhar says to Ansh that you will hold Ganesh idol like everytime. Ruby whispers to Ansh that you will not hold it.

Scene 2
Vedsheree says to Mohana that I am not your sister. Mohana says our father can be different but our mother is same so we are sisters right? you thought that you could leave me as a statue, you never missed me but I remembered you all the time, I came here as soon as I got free, wont you hug your sister? She tries to hug her but Vedsheree throws her away. Mohana says you are not happy to see me? you were happy when you burned me alive? you didnt feel pain when you burned your sister? didnt even think once that you are killing your sister? she looks away and says leave past, thanks for taking care of Ansh and Kajal but now I am back, you dont have to worry about them because their real mother is back, Mohana’s tears fall down. Vedsheree says they are my kids, I gave them love of a mother. Mohana says aunts do it all the time but their real mother is back. Vedsheree says I raised them up. Mohana says Ansh is my son, a witch’s son, he is a davansh.

Shekhar takes out idol from car and brings it to Ansh. He asks him to hold bappa. Ansh says why? Shekhar says you always take bappa to house, its our tradition. Ansh says I dont have to follow what I always do, he leaves. Chitali says what happened to him?

Mohana says to Vedsheree that Ansh have put feet in witch circle, he has moved towards evil, he will listen to me only, he is my son. Vedsheree says he might have moved towards evil but devik will save my Ansh, she will stop his steps towards evil.

Piya is taking care of Guru Maa, she says her wounds are deep. She comes to her door and is surprised and elated to Naman there, she runs and hugs him, she cries. Naman asks what happened? She says Guru Maa is ill. Naman comes in house and is stunned to see Guru Maa’s condition.

PRECAP- Mohana says to Vedsheree that you didnt change a bit, you always believed in pooja paat but nothing can change Ansh now, not even a devi can change him so forget about a devik, I have come to take Ansh with me. Vedsheree whispers no.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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