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Mere Sai 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Solves Abdul and Ranoji’s Problem

Mere Sai 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ranoji angrily tells Kaveri that he knew Abdul has tricked her and sent to take him back home, he will not spare Abdul. She tries to speak, but he leaves. At Dwarkamayi, a few people come to meet Sai. Abdul asks them to form a que and wait till he Sai comes and goes to get water.

Ranoji reaches Dwarkamayi and tries to walk in, but people stop him and asks to stand in a que. He says nobody can stop him from meeting Sai, they are all mad. People says he is shouting and breaking rules, Abdul had ordered to stand in a que. Ranoji shouts who is Abdul to order. Abdul returns and asks when did he come. Ranoji shouts enough of his drama, he will not let him stay here and pushes him. Abdul pushes him back. Ranoji falls down and picks stick to beat Abdul. Abdul also picks stick and they raise

sticks to attach each other when Sai enters and says it is bad to fight. Ranoji says Abdul tricked him and tells whole incidents. Abdul also describes what Ranoji did. Ranoji says only he is No 1 disciple of Sai and Abdul should leave Shirdi. Sai walks in angrily and sits. Ranoji asks Sai to decide who is his No 1 disciple. Sai says Ranoji is elder, so he should say what is disciple’s duty. Ranoji says to serve his boss, he will massage Sai’s feet as he must he tired walking in Shirdi. Sai agrees. Ranoji says he will bring ghee for Sai’s foot massage and leaves.

Ranoji reaches home and asks Kaveri where is ghee. Kaveri serving rotis to her son says he did not bring vegetables, so she is giving ghee roti to their son. He takes ghee bottle from his son. Kaveri snatches it and says very less ghee is life which can feed their son. He says son can starve for sometime, but he will prove that he is Sai’s biggest disciple first and leaves with ghee bottle. He reaches Dwarkamayi with ghee bottle and massages Sai’s feet boasting it is his daily routine. Ghee dries on Sai’s feet and Ranoji’s son’s empty bowl is filled with ghee. Son shows it to Kaveri. Kaveri gets emotional and thinks she knows it is Sai’s magic. Ranoji is surprised to see ghee drying up, gets tired and goes to drink water. Sai asks Abdul next what is disciple’s duty. Abdul says to help boss in his daily routines, since Sai is busy serving people, he has to help sai. Sai sees a woman with her son and asks her if she brought her son for help. Woman says her son cannot stand at one place, she is very worried for her son, if Sai can treat her son. Sai asks Abdul to bring boy. Boy resists and returns. Abdul runs behind boy and gets tired..

Precap: Sai says he never told them to serve him, if they want to stay here, they have to decide themselves.

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