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Let’s begin

Recap:preparation of engagement and vineet consoles Ragini by saying he will talk to sanskar and cancel the engagement

Vineet:Sanskar as a friend am saying this to you, don’t do this to Ragini
Sanskar looks at him

Vineet:now don’t act innocent!

Sanskar:vineet, i love her!

Vineet:but Ragini doesn’t, and don’t be innocent

Ragini was seeing this hiding

Sanskar:vineet control yourself and even i can shout at you

Vineet:oh come on, i can do anything for my sister’s happiness

Sanskar:then i can do everything to get back my love

Vineet held Sanskar’s collar

Ragini was shocked

Vineet :agar aisa hai tho mein bhi dekhta hoon, that how will force Ragini to a forced relation
Sanskar pushes him:aazma ke dekh lo

Vineet angrily points his finger to him

Ragini immediately goes from there.
She takes an auto

Here sanskar:try hard anyone can’t separate me from Ragini
He smiles

And vineet smiles:true!


When vineet went to sanskar
He sees Ragini following him and finds it fishy

Vineet had already discussed about it to sanskar

And when he reached to sanskar

Vineet:we should bring back the talent

Vineet audible to sanskar:Ragini have come following me.. And now we have to act
Sanskar:oh.. You start it i will continue
Vineet :done..

Flashback ends.

Sanskar:as you said our charm worked

Vineet smiles

And here Ragini reached, her head was aching very badly
The tears fill her eyes and she couldn’t walk further due to blurry vision

Gunjan sees her:Ragoo where did you go at night?

Everything was spinning to Ragini


Gunjan moves to her :Ragoo
She was shocked seeing blood bleeding from her nose

Gunjan held her:Raagoo? Is everything ok?

Ragini couldnt pull back her breath.


Ragini points to her bag

Gunjan :bag? Bag..

She immediately brings the bag

Ragini takes a medicine from her bag and haves it

Gunjan wasn’t understanding anything

Ragini was about to fall when she held her.

Gunjan with difficulty makes her sleep on bed

Slowly Ragini got fine. Ragini slowly gains consciousness

Ragini was feared that Gunjan will question her

Gunjan caresses her hair:what happened to you Ragini? And what is the medicine of?

Ragini:woh.. Woh it was nothing big yaar… Aisa…

Gunjan interrupts:even people finds brain tumor nothing big

Ragini was shocked, she sees her reports in gunjan’s hands

Gunjan:you hid this matter with me? Why did you do this?
Tears rolls down her cheeks

Gunjan:why? Ragini?

She takes her phone and was about to call vineet
When Ragini held her hand:you will not say anything to bhaiyya, please

Gunjan :so this was the reason that you didn’t wanted this engagement? Am i right?

Ragini cries:don’t take me wrong Gunjan.. I didn’t wanted to make you all tensed

Gunjan immediately hugs her

Ragini:i didn’t wanted you to worry for me.

Gunjan cries

Ragini frees her :please you will not say this to bhaiyya or me
She keeps gunjan’s hand on her head:promise me

Gunjan unwillingly nods

Ragini:and don’t worry even if i di..
Gunjan hits her

Ragini smiling with tears:let me complete, i won’t die because God knows that i would irritate him with my nonsense and non stop talks. So nothing will happen to me

Gunjan:you will not change

Ragini:because i am only one edition, no one is like me and no one can tolerate me

Gunjan:you are wrong, sanskar can

Her smile vanishes

Ragini:he can’t, please help me to cancel this wedding, bhaiyya fought with sanskar, i don’t want them to fight because of me.

Gunjan:are you sure about it?

Ragini nods



Gunjan sees vineet coming back


Vineet looks at her

Gunjan:did the matter got sought out

Vineet smiles:everything will happen for good, come we have to do the preparation

She looks at him confused.

Vineet:whatever is happening, let it happen and yeh shaadi tho ho kar rahegi!


Vineet:i don’t know why Ragini is hiding her love for sanskar
And he explains her the drama they did!

Gunjan was shocked

Here Ragini was sleeping
When sanskar entered her room through window

It was dark

Ragini waked due to the sound

She sees a figure in dark

She gets scared and she slowly gets down the bed from other side and she picks the vase

And she slowly slowly moves near the figure

While sanskar on’s the flashlight on his mobile and sees the bed empty but he felt someone behind him
So he turns and was shocked to find Ragini who was about to attack him with vase

With the flash light Ragini sees sanskar and was about to scream when sanskar covers her lips.

Sanskar:i will remove my hand, don’t scream.. Ok?

She nods no

Sanskar:what you will scream?

She nods in no

He slowly removes his hand

And then on’s the light

Ragini:what are you doing here at this time like a Bat?


Ragini:sometimes i think..

Sanskar:you think what?
Ragini :i think you should consult an ENT doctor
He glares her

She screams in his ear:Bat matlab chamgadad

Sanskar rubbing his ears:i know that!

Ragini:ohhh now i understand!

He was always scared of her “ohhh now i understand”

She smiles and waves her pointed finger:you are a thief right?at day be a boss and at night be a thief.

Sanskar imitating her:oh now i understand!

Ragini raising her eyebrows twice a times:what?

Sanskar making himself comfortable on the bed:that God has sent you dumb head.

Ragini:dumb head?

Sanskar:waise tomorrow is our engagement

Ragini :now what are you doing here?

Sanskar:arey can’t i spend some time with my fiance

Ragini:i am not king vikram

Sanskar looks at her confused

Ragini:that you are back of me life bethal

Sanskar:what did you just say?

Ragini:wait, i didn’t talk to you lovingly, our first meet was horrible i slapped you. You made me work like i am your servant in your office. Wherever i was with you, i troubled you,(she shouts a bit) then how this love? And this engagement? (she blows the air which was on her face) bolo.. Chup kyu ho bolo? Bolo bolo.

She demanded him for the answer

To be continued….

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