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Krishna Chali London 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna tries to contact Radhe

Krishna Chali London 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna and Pinky running away. Tatya looks for them. She looks at tall buildings and gets confused. She reaches some place and hides. Pinky cries and says I m scared, call dad, dad will beat that bad man. Krishna looks for her phone. She recalls Radhe’s words and cries. Radhe looks for Krishna. He gets Krishna’s phone. He says Prashant would be calling Krishna, I will switch it off. He hears radio channel. Saajan calls him and says I didn’t find Prashant. Radhe says I m worried, I m feeling guilty to hide Krishna’s phone. Bua takes Prashant in disguise. Saajan greets them. He asks who is this lady.

Bua says I m finding alliance for Pyaare, so got her to meet. Saajan says fine, she looks mature. Bua says so I m taking her away, go in and have tea at

home. Saajan says we shall meet later. Bua and Prashant leave. Radhe greets Gajanan and Lali. Gajanan says Krishna and Pinky didn’t come. Radhe says they went downstairs. Lali says no, where did they go. They look for Krishna and Pinky. Waiter says they went out of hotel. Lali says something is wrong. A man hides and looks on. Radhe sees him and catches him. He beats the man. He removes the mask and sees goon’s face. Pinky says I want water. Krishna says I will get it. She sees water pot and gets it. Pinky asks why is that bad uncle after us. Krishna says I don’t know, you are brave princess, we have to save ourselves, I m with you, everything will get fine. She thinks where is Radhe.

Tatya comes there. Gajanan asks Radhe did he go mad. Radhe says yes. Gajanan says this is result of lying and getting us here, where is Krishna’s phone, why is her phone off, how can she go out of hotel without saying. Radhe says Krishna’s phone is with me. Gajanan says I don’t know about you and Krishna, my daughter is with her, if anything happens to Pinky, I will forget you are my brother. Lali says nothing will happen to Krishna and Pinky. Krishna hits on Tatya’s head. He falls down. She runs away with Pinky. Shuklain prays for children. Bua calls and asks about Radhe and Krishna. Shuklain says I m not able to talk to them. Prashant says ask for Gajanan’s number. Bua asks for Gajanan’s number. Shuklain says they aren’t together, Gajanan and Lali went to Lucknow, Krishna and Radhe went to Mumbai, I m busy now. She ends call. Prashant says I have seen them at airport, Shuklain has hidden the matter, she knows everything, Radhe would have told them, do what I say, come with me. Bua agrees.

Krishna and Pinky take cab. Cab stops. Driver says gas is over, you have to go to taxi stand and take another taxi. She cries. Prashant says I m IFS officer, I know everything, Radhe has hit on my head, he shouldn’t get bail, make attempt to murder charge on him. Gajanan files missing report. He shouts. Inspector scolds them and asks does anyone go out without phone. Lali says they are worried, don’t get angry. Inspector says explain him, we are here to help. He says I can pass the missing girl info to other police stations. They thank him. Krishna asks driver to give his phone, its urgent. She calls Radhe and cries. He asks what happened, don’t cry. She says please come to me, save me, he will kill me. He cries and says no, I won’t let anything happen to you, where are you. She says don’t know, its strange place, its close to sea, save us, Pinky is with me. Gajanan hears her. Radhe asks what happened. Gajanan says maybe phone got switched off. Krishna says your phone isn’t working. Driver says battery is over. Gajanan says Pinky is with Krishna. Radhe gets worried. Krishna gets shocked seeing Tatya coming.

Krishna and Pinky get caught by Tatya. She screams. She says please let me go. Radhe comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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