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Kaleerein 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Gets More Suspicious On Meera

Kaleerein 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera peeps via door and sees Sunny talking to someone. Vivan waits for Meera on sofa and falls asleep. Sunny tells his aide not now, esle Meera will doubt. He then sees Meera and thinks Meera herself is getting into his trap. Meera runs to Vivan’s room and sees him sound asleep on sofa. A romantic song plays in the background. Meera thinks she is doing all this to get rid of a big problem.

Next morning, Meera prepares breakfast for Vivan. Vivan walks in. She asks him to forget what happened and have a healthy breakfast and feeds him parantha and lassi. He feeds her back. Jyun aata hai…song..plays in the background. They feed each other. Sunny enters and says hello bhabhi. Meera gets out of her imagination and realizes she was dreaming. Sunny walks to her and asks if

she was preparing breakfast for bhaiya, why don’t she prepare breakfast for him also and forces her. Vivan walks towards tichen. Sunny sees that and changes tone and she did not tell why she came to his room last night and walks out smirking. Vivan walks in and angrily holds knife in his hand. His hand bleeds. Meera thinks not to misunderstand her. He angrily throws knife and leaves. Meera thinks whatever it happens, she will apply vivan’s named sindhoor. She applies Vivan’s blood on her forehead. Sunny watches standing near window.

Meera walks out and her inner soul asks what is she doing, Vivan will die. She says she is fighting for Vivan. Inner soul says her fight will kill Vivan, why don’t she tell truth to him. Meera says Sunny has laid a big trap, she cannot tell Vivan. Inner soul says Vivan is dying each moment and is losing patience. Meera says no and walks out of house. Dolly stops her and asks where is she going. Meera says she will tell her later and leaves. Sunny clicks her pic, calls someone and says they have to prepone their plan.

Vivan gets Meera’s video where Snny tells Meera that he is going mad behind her, let us stop here itself. Sweety takes his mobile and watches video, she acts as shocked and calls family. Dolly and Amar watch video. Vivan breaks phone. Sweety says that is why Meera is acting weird. Meera returns. Amar and Dolly allege her that she let Sunny stay here and forgave him as she has fallen for him. Meera says it is not her. Amar says it is her. Vivan thinks Meera has to give a test.

Precap: Vivan asks Meera to undergo a test and prove her virginity…

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