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Bepannah 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya realises Aditya wrote her that love letter

Bepannah 20th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Everyone is enjoying the haldi function. Noor brings Zoya downstairs. Roshnaq makes Zoya sit down. Noor brings haldi but Akansha brings another bowl. Arjun Sir gave it to me. Arjun tells that Bhai has sent it especially for Zoya. Roshnaq politely refuses but Zoya reasons that her best friend sent it for her. Take it as the final goodbye. Roshnaq tells her that haldi is put to enhance the colour of love not friendship. Zoya requests her to do it for her sake. Roshnaq gives in. She helps Zoya wears flower jewellery and asks everyone to apply haldi on Zoya one by one. All the ladies apply haldi on Zoya one by one. Roshnaq is teary eyed. Zoya keeps glancing at the door sadly. Sad version of Kal Ho Na Ho plays. Zoya imagines Aditya applying haldi on her and is startled by his touch. She looks at him with

tearful eyes. Aditya very sweetly applies haldi on her. He asks her why she shivered seeing him. I am always with you. this if for the day we first met and you were after my gramophone. He applies more haldi for the day he stopped her from going back to Mussorie. The next one is for the day we accepted each other as friends. Fourth one is for the day you stopped me from going to Paris again. This one is for the day I realised how much I love you. He applies more haldi. It is for the fact that you never told me that you don’t love me. Roshnaq applies haldi to Zoya. She opens her eyes and looks around for Aditya but realises it was only her imagination. She nods at her mother reassuringly. Her eyes fill up. Roshnaq kisses Zoya on her hands and finds her shivering. She shakes her head at Zoya who nods. Noor also applies haldi to her sister. They find Aditya’s ring in the bowl. Zoya recognizes it to be his. It was loose earlier also but he never took it off as Anjana has given it to him. Flashback plays. I wont take it off ever. Even if it comes off, it will go to the one who loves me the most. Flashback ends. Zoya clutches onto it. You aren’t in front of me but I see / hear you everywhere. What are you doing to me?

Aditya is having tea at a local tea stall. Title track plays. Tea vendor asks him if he is waiting for someone. He thinks of his last night conversation with Zoya and wipes his tears.

Zoya comes to the bathroom. She thinks of how she imagined Aditya applying haldi to her just now. She looks at the ring emotionally. Her hands are shaking as she tries wiping her tears. She washes her face and cleans the ring. Noor comes there looking for her Appi and finds her all worked up. Are you fine? Zoya hands her the ring. It belongs to Aditya. Return it to him please. Noor is taken aback. It means Aditya wasn’t here but he was still near you. His presence was with you. Zoya asks her if she will return the ring to Aditya. Noor says I might not be able to do that ever maybe. She takes the ring. Zoya tells her to tell Arjun to take care of Aditya. He must be heartbroken right now. Noor leaves quietly. She stops at the door to look at her sister. Why are you marrying Arshad when you are still so much concentred for Aditya?

In his room, Aditya is looking for his ring. Arjun gives it to him. Zoya gave it. It fell down from your finger while mixing haldi. Don’t you think destiny is playing some game? Ring falls from your finger but ends up with Zoya. You are far from her yet near her. Aditya does not want to be under any misunderstanding anymore. She has been loud and clear. I love her. I don’t want to trouble her. I will trouble her till the time I will think about this. What’s more important – she is with me or she is happy? Her happiness is important. She has proved that she does not want me near her by sending this ring back. Arjun finds it all wrong but Aditya tells him to drop it. Not everyone gets what they want! Not everyone gets the love they deserve. Arjun is worried for his brother whereas Aditya asks about Zoya. Is she fine?

Few girls help Zoya get ready for her wedding. They compliment her on her beauty. Roshnaq comes there just then. Mothers are strange. We dream of their daughters’ wedding the moment they are born but they feel a strange pain inside when they are getting married. We feel as if we are parting with a piece of our heart. Zoya assures her she will always be her daughter. I wont go away from you ever. They share an emotional hug. Wasim calls out to Roshnaq. Baraat is coming. Is Zoya ready? Roshnaq goes downstairs as Wasim keeps calling out to her. Zoya is about to pin up her dupatta but then opens her drawer to look for the pin. She finds that love letter again. She sees Aditya’s photo on the wall and turns but then stops to read the letter again! She realises it is written by Aditya. He wanted to tell me this since so long but I could never understand him! She cries holding it.

Precap: Zoya is crying. She is putting on her dupatta when Aditya helps her. Aditya tells her they will never meet again. I am here for the last time. Let me do my last duty this time. Let me take you for your nikaah. Come now or I will fall apart. She holds his hand and they both head outside together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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