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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Chori enters Goenka mansion

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naira thinking the family can get angry on the girl if they know that accident happened because of her, I won’t tell anyone, they are disturbed, I will send her back soon. She asks how did you come. The girl says I came sitting in the car dickey, I didn’t know its your car. Dadi asks what’s her name. The girl says Chori. Dadi asks how is it. Chori says I don’t know. She thinks Dadi is the owner of the house, I have to convince her first. She falls in Dadi’s feet and does drama. She gets seated and says your house is nice. Dadi asks how do you know her. Chori says Naira is my friend, I sold her four clips, you know… Naira says its not needed, I know, be silent. Chori thinks if your family is good-hearted, then they won’t kick me out. She goes to Dadi and falls back. Kartik and Naira hold her.

Chori thinks this old woman won’t let stay here. She does drama again. Naira says I know you aren’t hurt, why are you lying. Dadi says you aren’t hurt. Chori says you don’t know, I m hurt. Dadi asks Naira to send her away. Kartik comes to Manish and takes care of him. He cries. Manish talks in sleep. He says Kittu and Mannu friends. Kartik says yes, we are best friends, I love you a lot, I never said it that I love you papa, you are my rockstar, thanks Papa for remembering me after forgetting everything. He says Kairav called and cried, he wants a little sister. Naira gets medicines for Chori. Chori throws the pill and says I had it. Naira says have juice, food and then leave, I don’t want anyone to know that accident happened because of you. Chori asks why, I will tell them. Naira says be quiet, do what I say, I won’t give food or juice. Chori says I told this to old man in hospital, we are same. Naira says no, you lied, I didn’t lie, you said you don’t have mum and dad. Chori says I told the truth. Naira says nurse said you went with your parents. Chori says they aren’t my mum and dad, I have no one in the world. Nair asks who were they.

Gayu gets the food tray. Chori takes it and goes to have it. Kirti says I missed the food prepared by you. Naksh says I missed you, I won’t let you go anywhere. She gets a call. He asks who is this A. She says its workshop assistant, I will call later. Everyone sees Chori. Dadi says I don’t want Manish to see this girl, he may worry. Manish comes there and sees Chori. Chori says he is the same uncle…. Naira signs her to stop. Dadi says she said something about Manish. Manish laughs. Chori plays with him. Naira thinks Manish got connected to this stranger like we know her since years. Chori laughs on Manish. Kartik comes. Naira asks her to be quiet. Kartik takes Manish with him. Naira says inspector, that girl has come home, we can put her in child care. Inspector asks how did she come, I will find out. She says I will pay the fees, place should be super safe. He says you shouldn’t pay anything, that girl came in front of the car suddenly.

Kartik asks Manish to say that Mannu is a rockstar. Manish repeats Chori’s words. Kartik cries. Manish says Mannu is a rockstar. Kartik smiles and feeds him. Tujhse naraaz…plays… Chori asks Naira about the family. Naira sanitizes her hands. Naksh asks Kirti to come. Kirti says I have a headache. Bhabhimaa says Devyaani would have made kada for you. Naksh asks Kirti to take rest. Devyaani says I will stay back with her. Kirti says no, headache will be okay. Naksh asks her to take medicines. He leaves. Kirti throws the medicine and calls someone. She says I can come right now. Naira asks why do you want money, I gave the food. Chori says you will always feed me. Naira asks why. Chori asks why can’t you give me food. Naira says you are going to leave. Chori asks can’t I stay here, I liked it, let me stay here, its a big house, I have no parents, I sleep on the roads. She begs Naira. She says I will do all the work you say. Naira thinks. Chori says don’t send me to jail, I want to stay with you. Inspector comes. Chori hides behind Naira.

Manish says I want to read a good book. Naira passes the family album. Manish checks pics and says Kartik and Naira’s dance. Dadi says you should dance and maybe he recollects something else. They agree to dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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