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Santoshi Maa 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is going through lot of pains.

Santoshi Maa 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Indrehs’s aunty takes swati holding her in her room & makes her sit comfortably on bed & she goes to bring water for her. Nidhi comes in her room & tells her to take money & go away from indresh’s life instead facing so much trouble in life & swati alligates her replying may be you have this experience of buying & selling of relations because your father is very rich & nidhi gets angry on swati hearing this.
Dev rishi praises mata santoshi for helping her devotee swati & santoshi mata says you had only instigated devi polomi itself & dev rishi replies I had just informed her about swati’s safety but never knew she’ll come there too.
Swati is resting on ground but in pain while indresh comes, watches her what she is doing & leaves.
Indresh’s parents are discussing about swati while indresh’s uncle tells indresh first to go & leave nidhi as it’s being too late now but nidhi says actually it’s very late to go home now to disturb father so asks permission from indresh’s mother can I stay tonight here & she happily accepts her requests getting signal from indresh’s father. Nidhi thinks now I can watch swati for whole night.
Devi polomi comes in swati’s room watching her troubled in pain & laughs saying you will get more & more pain until you leave indresh so polomi drops a flower pot from the corner table & breaks on the ground & swati gets up hearing this while indresh, nidhi & his aunty come in her room to see what happened. Nidhi curses swati saying again she has started some problem while indresh’s aunty tells indresh see in how much pain she is & help her but indresh is just steering & walks out of the room with nidhi.
Devi polomi is happily watching swati‘s troubles increasing while indresh’s aunty is trying to explain swati to eat something or alteast to take medicine but swati refuses.
Dev rishi is telling santoshi mata to see in how much trouble swati is but mata tells him she has chosen this path on her own as she knows this will be troublesome for her.
Indresh’s aunty is forcing swati to take medicine which will make her comfortable but she says I can’t eat & you leave or uncle will shout you but aunty refuses saying let him shout but you take this medicine with water when nobody is here & then I’ll go so swati holds the glass of water in her hand & watches while polomi watching her says addressing santoshi mata that to see santoshi devi your devotee is trying to drink water unknowingly by anybody which is not a good sign of a devotee & mata santoshi is watching her while swati throws the glass telling aunty that this is wrong & against the rules of my fast so you go & polomi is shocked.
Indresh’s aunty takes her out of the room & pleads everybody to help her or she’ll die but her husband shouts her then too she says today I won’t keep quiet & shouts indresh saying you are a ruthless husband who has brought her after marrying & leaving her in this conditions while nidhi tells her if he does not wish to stay with her then she should go away but aunty shouts her to keep quiet & also threatens all of them if anything happens to swati then I myself will send you all to jail & all are shouting aunty but swati while fainting tells indresh to earn for her then only I’ll leave my fast.
A person comes running in the house asking for help to repair his car but indresh’s father shouts saying is this garage you thought & entered but he says I saw this big house in this area so felt you can help because my wife is in critical condition & I have to take her to hospital but aunty says here nobody cares for his own wife & you are outsider while indresh is watching this & the person says how can I leave my wife alone when I have married & put mangulsutra on her neck in front of agni god then indresh tells him I’ll come but asks how much money you’ll give & he says take all money in my pocket but come soon & nidhi tries to stop him but he doesn’t & aunty tells swati to get up as indresh has gone to earn.
Dev rishi is explaining santoshi mata god plays some other trick to control human or to bring him on right path while devi polomi comes to complain santoshi mata that this is wrong practice as how a human came suddenly to indresh’s house & dev rishi tells her human coming must be a trick but indresh going to help can’t be a trick as it’s his own decision where sanroshi mata doesn’t have control on his brains & polomi says I can control indresh’s brains but santoshi mata too tells her that a human brain can’t be controlled by a devi which is against our ethics but his deeds are controlled by his brains.
Indresh is repairing the car while the person is thanking indresh saying it’s blessings of mata santoshi that you came across to me for helping & indresh replies him yes you are right. Indresh is remembering earlier days with swati when one woman dead body was passing by his house & his mother prays for her peaceful death as indresh asking her who was it & she explains him of about woman who wishes to die before her husband so that she is blessed so swati tells him it’s right which I too wish the same for you.

Precap: Swati tells indresh I know you are with me holding his hand but he pulls his hand saying do not be in this impression & goes towards nidhi holding her hand & says hands I’ll hold of nidhi’s itself & swati is shocked. Devi polomi tells mata santoshi happily to see that your power has finished.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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