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RadhaKrishn 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Karna Challenges Arjun

RadhaKrishn 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhritarastra asks Arjun his opinion. Arjun waits for Krishna and thinks he has taken his decision, but needs Krishna’s opinion on it. Krishna from jungle says Arjun should take the decision himself. Dronacharya and Vidhur ask Arjun to speak. Arjun says he wants Bhisma Pitamaha to speak before him. Krishna says Parth must have realized by now that he doesn’t want to help him and wants Arjun to seek his right. Bhisma says he feels Yudistra’s opinion is right, partition is the best option. Back in jungle, Krishna taunts Duryodhan for not going on a hunt. Duryodhan says he can shoot hearing the sound. Krishna makes lion sound. Duryodhan shoots arrows and orders soldiers to bring dead lions. Krishna says looks like Duryodhan killed all lions. Soldiers return with arrows and say they didn’t find any lion. krishna smirks.

Karn provokes Arjun and says he is not in favor of partition and wants to fight with Arjun. Bheem provokes Arjun to fight, but Arjun says he doesn’t want to fight seeing his family’s condition. Shakuni and Dhritarastra get happy hearing that. Krishna gets disappionted hearing Arjun’s decision.
Bheem continues provoking Arjun to no avail. Dushyasan walks to Duryodhan and informs him about Arjun’s decision. Duryodhan rejoices. Dushyasan returns back to sabha. Pitamaha, Dronacharya, and others insist for partition. Shakuni asks Dhritarastra to hear his opinion and says he is not in favor of partition and since Karn is not part of Hastinapur, he cannot fight with Arjun, hence Duryodhan should be future king. He asks Dushyasan to call Duryodhan to sabha. Dushyasan returns to Duryodhan and informs him same. Duryodhan gets happy. Krishna says he proved that he is not on Pandav’s or Kauravs’s side, he is neutral. Duryodhan says he realized and asks him to accompany him to sabha. Krishna agrees.

In Sabha, Dhritarastra says everyone are in favor of partition, but wise and brave Arjun decided not to fight and proved that he accepted defeat. Bheem says Arjun didn’t and not to think wrong. Dhritarastra warns and shuts his mouth and says it is decided that Duryodhan will be future king and like is ruling selfllessly, even Duryodhan will do same and will take good care of his cousins Pandavs, Pandavs can stay here peacefully. Duryodhan walks in happily and praises Dhritarastra’s decision.

Krishna asks Arjun why didn’t he seek his right. Arjun says he just knows that he is Krishna’s devotee and was waiting for his order. Pitamaha asks Krishna where was he, they were all waiting for him. Krishna says it is their family matter and he felt its not right to interfere. Vidhur says even then they all want to hear his opinion as he is a scholar and they all respect his decision. Shakuni thinks Krishna will fail his plan and change the whole situation, he insists Dhritarastra that the decision is already taken and he cannot change. Arjun insists Krishna to opine. Krishna asks just because Arjun couldn’t speak, should he speak; he should have respected at least his siblings, mother, and Draupadi’s decisions; he disappointed him, etc.

Precap: Krishna says he respects Dhritarastra’s decision of making Duryodhan as future king, but he has to give a piece of land to Pandavs in charity. Duryodhan says he will not give even a needle size land. Shakuni says they will give a land, but will not let them stay there.
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