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Mere Sai 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Protects Lokmanya Tilak From Britishers

Mere Sai 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Lokmanya Tilak with Keshav and others reaches Dwarkamayi. Sai greets him. Lakshmi, Govinda, Tatya, and everyone present there are amazed seeing Tilak. Sai says everyone were waiting for him. Tilak asks Bapu Saheb that he told Sai would be amazed seeing him. Bapu Saheb says Sai knows everything. Sai says whenever a son of soil arrives, nature reacts like a mother and informs in its own way. Tilak hugs Sai.

Kashinath feeling withdrawal symptoms helps Baizamaa prepare ajwain water as per Sai’s instructions. He asks when will water reduce into half. Baizamaa says in 1 hour at least. He gets more nervous. Baizamaa asks if he is fine. He nods yes.

Sai thanks Khapade for bringing a great person to Shirdi. Bapu Saheb says they are indebted to Khapade to let them see such a historic moment. Khapade says it is Sai’s wish. Sai smiles. Govinda chants Lokmanya’s dialogue. Sai asks them to rest and walks away. He then his super powers sees British officers in a cart heading towards Shirdi to catch Tilak and makes the bullocks freeze. Driver tries his best to make bullocks move, but in vain. Sai smiles and returns back to Dwarkamayi.

Kashinath starts shivering due to withdrawal symptoms and tries to leave. Appa ji asks where is he going. He says to fetch water. Baizamaa says Rambha already brought water, he should sit here silently as per Sai’s order as she cannot let him go. He sits shivering.

Lokmanya Tilak gifts a covered book to Sai. Sai says Geeta is the best holy scripture and explains its significance. Tilak amazed says he knows everything about him. Sai says he is the son of land and everyone knows about him. Khapade says police must be searching Lokmanya, they need to hide him. Britishers walk towards Shirdi when a man informs them that locusts are heading towards this side, he somehow escaped. Britisher says they need to visit Shirdi at any cost. Man suggests to go via jungle. Britishers run seeing locusts heading towards them. Sai thanks locusts and requests them not to harm crops. Tilak and everyone stand amazed thinking whom he is speaking to. Sai asks him what is freedom. Tilak explains in detail and says he is dreaming of freedom. Sai says its like when a child is left free to walk, it will fall down, but excitedly continues to walk. Lokmanya says he is not energetic like before. Sai suggests him to take care of his body as he can serve the nation only if he is healthy; he started swarajya mission with great enthusiasm and its up to youngters how they will take it forward, there will be someone to carry forward his dream. He thanks Khapade for bringing Tilak here. Khapade says it is Sai’s blessing that they came here, now they should leave as Tilak has to reach somewhere else soon. Tilak sees permission from Sai. Sai says its very sunny and hot outside, this is not the right time to leave; Shyama would be bringing food soon, he should have food and then leave.

Sai makes Tilak and everyone sit. Tatya asks Sai to sit wit them. Sai agrees. Laxmi and Tatya serve food. Khapade sees besan/gram flour dish and thinks Lokmanya is allergic to besan. Britishers get afraid hearing wild swines’ sound. Kulkarni shoots at Britishers thinking them as swines. Officer shouts how dare he is to shoot at them. Kulkarni says he was shooting swines. Officer asks who is he. Kulkarni says he is Shirdi’s mukhiya/head. Officer says Tilak is in Shirdi and he came to catch him. Kulkarni asks if he finds out that Sai fakeer is protecting Tilak, what will he do. Officer says he will get Sai punished according to British law. Kulkarni happily takes them towards Dwarkamayi. Khapade warns Tilak not to eat besan as he is allergic to it. Tilak says nothing will happen to him as the person who called him here has served it and it is his prasad.

Precap: Sai sees off Tilak. Kulkarni reaches there with Britishers. Keshav gets tensed thinking he may see Tilak’s bullock cart. Kulkarni shouts here the fakeer/Sai is.

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