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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi forgives Mangu and saves Narendra’s life

Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vaishnavi telling Mangu that Bhadrak wanted to take advantage of his anger and circumstances. She says he does the same with the persons who don’t believe in me. She tells that Dhaniya and Golu’s death is the sadness part of his life, but he has to understand that life and death are certain. She says God’s children come here to live their life and then they go back to his lap. She says the same enjoyment is there too. She asks him to say how to bring them back, who are in God’s lap. She asks him not to worry about Dhaniya and Golu and tells that they are happy in the heaven. Mangu asks really? Vaishnavi asks him if he wants to talk to them. Narendra hears a guy buying bangles for his wife with his hard earned money. He decides to work and get the temple with his money. Vaishnavi shows her hand and Mangu gets to see his wife Dhaniya and Golu happily standing there. He runs to them and hugs them. He asks are you fine? Dhaniya tells that they are very happy and asks him to accept their death. He says you can’t be happy until you accept it. Mangu tells that he gets restless thinking about them and asks Dhaniya to take him with them. Dhaniya says we can’t take you with us, your life is remaining and asks him to live his life happily. She asks him not to waste his life for them and hugs him. Mangu hugs them both and they vanish from there. Mangu gets relieved and folds his hands before Vaishnavi. Vaishno Mata Plays….Vaishnavi asks what happened? Mangu tells that he misunderstood death as God punishment and had forgotten that life and death are certain. He tells that he was forced to do wrong and tried to kill her. He says you are so motherly that you accepted my kataar as the flower. He says you are jag janani and asks her why she never called him. Vaishnavi says I remembered you every moment, but you was angry at me that you ignored my calls. He apologizes to her. She says I have forgiven you long back. Mangu says jai mata di.

Narendra tries to get the work and asks the shop owners, but nobody gives him work. A man asks him if he can pull the tree towards the other side which is about to fall on his house. Narendra agrees. Bharti gets worried about narendra and asks Kishori if she saw him. Kishori taunts her and reminds that she is blind. She tells that Narendra has gone out. Bharti comes out and asks the people about Narendra. She sees people asking Narendra to be careful. Narendra climbs up the tree. Bharti asks him to come down the tree. Narendra climbs more up and throws the rope to hang to the branch to pull it, but he loses the balance and falls down on the ground. Bharti shouts Narendra. Everyone standing there get shocked. Bharti asks him to open his eyes and says your Bharti is worried. She asks him to get up. The lady tells that when he doesn’t understand anything then what is the us? All the happenings flashes in his mind. Vaishnavi gives him darshan while he is in unconscious state, and asks him to open his eyes, tells that Bharti is waiting for him. Narendra opens his eyes and shouts Bharti. The lady tells that he is fine and goes. The tree becomes fine and is not bent towards the house. Bharti asks why did you climb the tree? Narendra tells that he wanted to get the temple for her with his money. Bharti asks him to come home. Narendra gets sad and says he can’t get the money now. The shop owner who gave him work, gives him money telling that he has done the work. Narendra sees the tree standing rightly on its position. Bharti says we can buy the temple now. Bhadrak shouts in anger as Vaishnavi has attacked him with her divine powers. He makes the place dark and plans to attack a dangerous attack on her.

Precap: A couple comes to the village. The people taunt them. Devendra tells Bharti and Narendra that he knows that Vaishnavi’s temple is in the bag.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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