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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Doubts Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 20th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Suman checks Shravan’s mobile and finds her pics in gallery. Shravan sees Suman and Kanchan’s pic on Bunty’s mobile and says they both are looking pretty. Bunty says if Suman checks Shravan’s mobile, then he will be caught. Suman thinks if Kanchan is right. Shravan says even if BB/Daddu gives mobile to Sumo/Suman, she will not check it as she follows ethics, so he can relax and sleep. Next morning, Kanchan’s mobile alarm rings and she says she doesn’t want to go on walk. Suman ready for walk switches off alarm and thinks she is going through a lot of emotions, what if Kanchan’s suspicion is right. She walks away switching off alarm again.

After sometime, Rajender’s uncle from Nagar Nigam walks into Suman’s house and asks Daddu if this is Vijay Tiwari’s house, they have come from Nagar Nigam for house inspection. Daddu says this is his house, he is Brigadier Mohan Tiwari, and if they have any notice. Uncle says then he must be knowing rules well and if he tries to interfere, he will face legal action. Daddu agrees and takes them in. Rajender from his balcony smirks seeing this. Suman tells Kanchan that her doubt regarding Shravan may be right, so she has planned something. Devika walks in. Kanchan says still there is time for class, so she can wait outside. Suman says she called Devika and thinks “sorry Shravan, she wants to know his reaction.” Uncle inspects and measures whole house and walking out informs Daddu that he will return next time with notice and sends his subordinates saying he will meet his niece and come later. Daddu asks who. Uncle says his neighbors Ragini and Rajender, he walks to them, they touch his feet and take him in. Daddu fumes that they were unfit to be friends and now unfit to be enemies. Kavita introduces Shravan to uncle who touches uncle’s feet and chats, uncle gets impressed. Shravan leaves for class. Uncle tells Ragini and Rajender not to worry, their work will be done. Kavita asks them not to inform about their plan to anyone.

Shravan walks into Suman’s house to attend class. Anish taunts him to keep his phone in silent mode. Shravan gives back. Kanchan walks to him, and he asks why Suman is late today. She says she is coming down with Devika. Devika walks down with Suman holding Shravan’s gifted dress and says she liked it, so took it from Suman. Shravan says it is Suman’s, but Devika leaves. Suman thinks she has to do this. Shravan asks Suman why did she give her gift to Devika. Suman says he can patch up with Devika again. He says no need for that. Daddu walks in, and Shravan asks his mobile back. Daddu asks Suman to return Shravan’s mobile. Suman brings mobile. Shravan hurriedly takes it. Sumans snatches it back and says let her check whats in it. Shravan nervously says just like girl’s don’t let their back checked by anyone, boys don’t let their mobile checked. Suman acts as angry and walks away. Shravan feels sad.

After class, Shravan returns home fuming and informs whole issue to Bunty. Bunty says maybe Suman is pulling his legs or maybe its Kancha China/Kanchan’s useless plan. Shravan says Suman herself gave it. Bunty asks if he let Suman check his mobile. He says no, she asked permission, but he didn’t. He asks him to be careful. Suman calls Shravan and says she needs to speak something important. He asks what happened suddenly. She says actually she thought a lot and then decided its better to speak. He says okay then. She says its personal and she will inform him directly and inform tomorrow at 6 a.m. He says he will wait for her at 5:50 a.m. itself. Suman disconnects call. Kanchan says now she will know the truth. Suman says tomorrow they will find out truth. Shravan and Bunty jump in happiness. Bunty signals that Suman must also be loving him, so she wants to speak her hear out. Shrav again jumps saying he will fall unconscious in happiness and will never ask god anything for himself.

Precap: Suman races with Shravan thinking about their friendship and then asks what she wants to say. Suman seriously looks at him.

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