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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhut avenges his insult

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Angoori congratulates Vibhu, Tiwari says congratulates him says forget the past I respect you a lot, Vibhu says really I still remember your behaviour. Tiwari and Angoori leave, Helan says Vibhuti my son you must be hungry let me cook delicious food for you, David says I will make you snacks and leaves. Vibhu says to Saxena did you see the change in behaviour.

Vibhu says I can fool everyone but not Anu, she is very smart, I will have to keep her away from all this, Anu calls Vibhu, Vibhu says was about to sleep, Anu says look this is so impressive, job brings routine in life, there is change, Vibhu says I quite the job, Anu asks why, Vibhu says he threw me out, Anus ays what wrong did you do, he came to you with job and look at you, I give up on you, and disconnects the call.

Vibhu in suit, gets milk, he walks to Angoori, Angoori looks at him and says wow millionaire, you are so down to earth even after becoming so rich, there is no change in your behaviour. Vibhu says why should I, Angoori says when your rich now why get milk like this, Vibhu says I bought it now, Saxena walks to Vibhu says sir papers of the milk house, Vibhu says you are my secretary maintain all this, Angoori says I have a request to you, when you have so much money why don’t you help Tiwari, he wants to open showroom, give him money he shall return money, Tiwari walks to Angoori asks her to get breakfast, Tiwari greets him well, Angoori says I told him about your showroom, Vibhu asks a tiwari do you know what is showroom all about, no one just can’t open showroom, anyways answer few questions, tell me showrooms spelling, Tiwari fumbles, Vibhu says incorrect,Vibhu says tell me difference between shop and showroom, Tiwari says material quantity and size, Vibhu says no shop has just one person, but a showroom follows protocol but how will you know. Vibhu says I will think about this bhabhiji talk to my CA and let you know.

Teeka Malkhan at tea stall and very hungry, they request tea seller to offer them food he denies, teeka says he is not at fault as well, we have shamelessly loaned from him. Saxena walks to them and says you are really hopeless, you know Vibhuti he has become millionaire. Tiwari walks to them and says Saxena you never lie is this truth, Saxena says if it’s lie you may die. Tiwari says this is right then, Saxena says yes and I reunited them, and so I know them. Tiwari leaves. Teeka and Malkhan get excited, Saxena says stay in Vibhutis good books you will be benefited.

Vibhu asks Helan and David to get him food quickly he will get late for meetings, and delegates are waiting for lunch with him, Helan says have this food I cook best food, Helan forces him to let him feed the food, Vibhunallows her and then says it’s so tasteless, David says we cooked with so much love, Vibhu says what nonsense, it’s very tasteless, I’m going hotel raj mahal, and yes Anu should never about this, or else she won’t give you anything, Helan says she is very greedy, Vibhu says so are you two.

Tiwari and Angoori waiting for Vibhu, Tiwari says why be so excited he is the same unemployed fool, Angoori says behave properly so that he can help you, Vibhu walks in with Saxena, Tiwari and Angoori welcome them, Saxena says this chairs are so bad, he is a millionaire, Vibhu says tell them no, Tiwari says this table is worth 50,000, Saxena says he just ordered dinner table and set, and just the spoon is 50,000. Vibhu says this is so distasteful house I may not even keep my dogs here.

Pre cap; Vibhu tells Angoori that I don’t have 100 cr and don’t tell Tiwari, Tiwari hears that and tells everyone the truth.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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