Sisila – mauli’s character analysis

I never wanted to watch this show though I have followed all the shows of the actors. Was not a big fan of aditi. Literally big fan of shakti and dd. The promos did not interest me but one of my twitter friends suggested me and I gave it a chance. I\’m literally in love with mauli, trust me I have become fan of aditi now. I\’m not telling shakti and dd are not good, they are fabulous but it\’s just mauli\’s character is written in such a way that you can\’t help but fall in love with her. She is flawed, maybe little selfish but she is so relatable. The amazing acting of dd and shakti is not helping to convince me to feel for kunal and Nandini. Yeah I felt for them, still out of sudden they started having feelings for each other.
May people think that mauli did not try a lot for nandini like she could have tried when she knew the truth of rajdeep way before nandini\’s marriage. OK think whatever about me, it\’s so like me if any day my best friend is going to marry a a*sh*le I will come to know about it, I would tell her on face about it, I will try to explain to her but if she silently stand here when her a*sh*le finance accuses me of something and then when I ask her to choose between her and her fiancee and she still stand here silently in the place. I could literally leave the place ,it hurts dude call it ego. It really hurts when your friend chooses to believe a two day old stranger than you. If Nandini could have said a word, mauli could have stood with her. OK I agree mauli is flawed but does it give Nandini a license to fall in love with kunal. Someone please explain how did Nandini feel in love with kunal all of sudden? The CVS did not built any story between kunal and Nandini properly.
Nandini can all keep kunal herself but please tell your best friend the truth, at least tell her that her husband is eyeing on you though your controlling your feelings.
I found kunal and mauli so amazing as couple at starting but now I don\’t want kunal and mauli end up together ( I still think kunal has only attraction towards nandini). Mauli deserves her own happy ending that\’s what I care about.
Surrogacy issues spoilers which is arising, guys little patience until you judge mauli\’s character because mauli is anything but can\’t be so selfish. If the surrogacy spoiler is true, hats off CVS if they think this will justify the ema thing. They butchered mauli\’s character for gaining sympathy for other lead (which I\’m not going to have) .
Thanks for giving a character like mauli because of whom I\’m watching the show. She is independent, sweet ,caring and I don\’t have words to describe her. After so many days I\’m witnessing a female lead like her in television and aditi is a cherry on the top. I\’m here to witness mauli\’s journey of rediscovering herself and coming out strong in all this betrayal she is going to face . I hope I get that.

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