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back to chapter 4 :

The chapter starts with naira crying in her room missing kartik , his presence , his everything . she was not able to control herself after she heard the family talking about the marriage and that too especially with mihir  . she couldn’t jut control over that fact at all. she was missing kartik badly , although in these 1 and the half years she broke down a couple of times unnoticed by family but this time she was feeling that she betrayed his kartik . while on the door manish was banging on the door pleading her to open it . the family was scared that she might take a dangerous step but swarna was totally confused as to why naira locked herself up ;

“manish ji what happened i am sure there is something otherwise naira would never react like this “,said swarna with a tensed face

“actually voh me and maa were talking about naira’s second marriege with mihir and  naira listened to all this “,said manish remembering the moment when he saw naira with tears.

“whatt but what was the need manish ji and that too with mihir ?”,said swarna

“it was important  swarna its almost 2 years and naira she has to move on , we all know that kartik wont come back and kairav and akshu needs a father too “,said dadi

“but maa ji firstly naira should control herself na she still thinks that kartik is alive she is not able to grasp that fact maaji that..kartik…le..ft her , her kids and..us.”,said swarna teary eyed.

“yes manish you please try and open the gate what if naira takes a wrong step..”,said dadi

“dont say like this maaji and moreover i know naira she wouldn’t do anything like that she knows that her kids needs her “,said swarna

“hmm”,said dadi

“naira beta please open the door dekho no one will force you for the wedding it’s all your call beta please come out we will end this topic please naira , see i consider you my own daughter just like keerti please come out beta see here we all are getting tensed , naira beta please come we know you miss kartik a lot please come beta “,said manish 

“papa aap chinta mat kijiye main kuch galat nahi karogi mein thodi der mein aati hoon”,said naira from inside .

while all others went downstairs thinking not to talk anymore about the topic but somewhere in dadi’s mind she still thought that naira should re marry . while naira in the room was crying . she opened that diary in which shehad made each line for one day .

“kyun kiya kartik tumne aisa haan why did you saved me and left me also . kartik tum ek baar mare ho par mein  har din mri hoon kartik why did you leave me kartik why i was waiting for you for so long kartik all those rescuers told me that you are dead but still i was waiting for you why did you do this to me kartik”,cried naira

while naira was crying she felt a hand on her shoulder she looked up and saw kartik in white . she gently caressed his face to confirm that he is here or not.

“kartik  you are really here ?”,asked naira

“yes naira i told you na that when you need me i will be here so here i am”,said kartik

before kartik could say anything more , naira hugged him

“why did you leave me kartik  why did you that to me , i can’t live without you why dont you understand that and why is this situation so hard kartik “,cried naira

“calm down naira see these situations are just to test you and  you are my sherni na , then just be brave teverything will soon get fine”,said kartik kissing her hairs.

“but  kartik what about mihir and kairav’s bonding?”,asked naira with tears in her eyes

“naira see i am not here na right now and kairav too needs someone right , i am not saying that their bonding is nice and cool but just look it like mihir is new and he hasnt done anything ok?”,said kartik

“but how kartik how i am not able to see their bonding kartik it irks me , it always bring me back to those 5 years i know mihir wasnt responsible for whatever happened but we can’t deny the fact that he was included . how kartik i am too tired kartik , i am tired of faking a smaile in fornt of everyone kartik please come back i need you , i miss your embrace , i miss your forehead kisses our hugs our cute silly fights , i miss you kartik”,said naira but breaking the hug

“nairaa everything will get fine i promise “,said kartik

“but”,said naira but she stopped after realising that it was all a dream , once again a dream !! she always had such dreams whenever

she wiped her tears and went downstairs while all the family members were planning akshu’s 2nd birthday;

“mumma you come na we are discussing akshu’s birthday you also tell what should we do “,said kairav excitedly pulling naira towards all the decoration

“haan  baby lets go show me what you have done chalo dikhao aapne kya kya kiya hain”,said naira

kairav showed all the decorations to naira to which naira smiled seeing all his efforts . naira remembered kartik’s word about kairav and had some blissful moments with kairav . she was playing with kairav after so long . they both had fun for some time and planned akshu’s birthday .all the goenka’s noticed this and smiled.

while some time later , all the goenka’s were having lunch ,while they heard something from manish which connected naira a lot .

“maa ji you know the television industry is actually good they are actually finding love and that’s good”,said manish

“ohh how did you know?”,said dadi

“actually maa someone told me in the office that there is this ritivik singh and malaika arora , i have not seen them but they proposed to each other in media they both love each other  . ritvik is a working actor he is finding work while malaika is mr. arora’s daughter”,said manish

“ohh”,exclaimed dadi

while hearing the proposal thing naira remembered all her proposals with kartik and it made naira smile which was noticed by everyone .


ritvik singh : an actor currently finding work for himself , loves malaika or we can say pretend to love her !

ritvik singh : an actor currently finding work for himself , loves malaika or we can say pretend to love her !

malaika arora : a rich daddy rich princess, loves ritvik singh or we can say has attraction towards him .

precap: rhea’s entry , akshu’s bday !!


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