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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao is married.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Ramji recalling Bhim Rao’s birth, birth of alight who oaths to change unchangeable. He calls his time in Satara, the hurdles and problems he people of Satara put in Bhim Rao’s education. Guruji and his empathy for Bhim Rao paved ways. Soon, People started believing Bhim Rao, but the change was only confined to a village the outside world was still left. Being his father Ramji shifted to Bombay, for Bhim Rao’s better and higher education.

A boy was leaning to see in the microscope when fellow students bullied him for being a lower caste. He was about to hit him with his shoe, but Bhim Rao stopped him. Bhim Rao’s friends warned him not to touch Bhim Rao’s. The guy threatened saying that they were few in number, hence defeat able. Bhim Rao answered, they were in huge amount scattered all around. They were about to get in a fight when the administration intervened inquiring. They were told that Bhim Rao was using the same microscope as the ones used by upper caste. Few teacher debated that it was while few talked about equality. Bhim Rao was interested in science because he wanted to investigate the rule of caste difference having any prominent history or was it just a making of extremist. He argued why he wasn’t allowed to study Sanskrit while the upper caste studied it. He must not stop him from studying Science. The teacher asked him to focus on history. Bhim Rao questioned that history has never been air to the lower caste, he recalled his tragedies in Satara. They have lived their lives according to ridiculous rules made by a few. The history has never mentioned them once though they served the hardest to every changing king and queen. Bhim Rao as persistent to opt Science and other subjects important for his caste members. The fellow mate threatened to kill him. Ananda asked Ghoshi to stop dreaming because no one cane hurt Bhim Rao till his brother his alive. The administration left.

Bhim Rao and his caste members were proud of him. they considered him their role model. His courage was strength to them. Anand and Bhim Rao cycled back to their home.

Ghoshi was up to something.

Anand and Bhim Rao reached their colony. He questioned the children for not attending school. The children replied that they were asked to return home after getting into a fight with the upper caste. A shoemaker asked Bhim Rao to teach them something rather than advising them to focus on education. He taunted him, said that Ramji works day and night while his son only focuses on books. Bhim Rao has gotten married as well, his education will not take him overseas. Ramji replied that Bhim Rao will educate himself till the end. He said that his son was never a burden to him. though he and Anand got married, it’s the same as Tulsa and Manjula being married. The shoemaker was clueless.

A neighbour asked Bhim Rao to write a letter for him after getting fresh. Jijabai asked Ramabai to ask his husband whatever they have to ask. Ramji questioned. Jijabai replied that she never had questions when she came to this house. Meera replied that she was new to this house she would have queries. Bhim Rao asked his bhabi where Ramabai was. She replied that she still has a lot to learn, she was in the kitchen.

Bhim Rao went over, she knew he was standing behind her. Bhim Rao promised to stand behind her in to support her in whatever she wants. She questioned what Bhim Rao wanted. He goes to study when everyone goes to work, he was waiting his age in education. The lower caste doesn’t get anything other that being a maid, shoemaker, or labor. Bhim Rao answered that the lower caste never exceeded in any field because they were never allowed to study. She said that the lower caste does what they were born in. Bhim Rao said that that was the trick, to manipulate them to think that the lower caste doesn’t deserve better. She asked that would he become a barrister after studying. Bhim Rao wanted to be something bigger and better, an influencer. Manjula told Ramabai about Bhim Rao’s book, she asked him to mention in it that a husband must not discuss with her husband about stuff she doesn’t. understand. Bhim Rao was being called out, he went over.

Bhim Rao went outside. The police came to investigate the locality, they speculated that since the lower caste lives here hence there must be thieves here as well. Based on this claim Bhim Rao refused to let them in, he does not accept any law that declares lower caste to be thieves. The police ordered to arrest Bhim Rao. But the people would not let them in. Ramabai interfered, she refused to let his husband be taken. Ramji said that there must be a misunderstanding. The police were about to take Bhim Rao and his when everyone intervened asking to be taken to the as well. A women said that they all belonged to different ethnicities yet lived as one. Bhim Rao taught them unity. Incase the police finds any news of thievery; he would take everyone. Ramabai said that despite knowing what that what she did was right or not, she stood by her husband, and she will always support him. Ramji was proud of her daughter in – – la, it reminded him of Bhimbai. The police asked her not to dream big. Bhim Rao said that they thrive to see the day when justice will prevail for everyone. Police left. Everyone hailed Bhim Rao. Ramji was proud of his son. Bhim Rao said that this victory was because of their unity, it was their strength. He thanked everyone, especially his wife. he was proud of her. The people said to Ramji that he has chosen a wonderful wife for his son. He paid a price for her. The shoemaker taunted that they committed something that was worth the price they paid.

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