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Recap – dp wants to go back…

The episodes starts in the mall where pooja and ragini are standing shocked seeing a unknown man being so frank while sanskaar is just standing blankly.
Man : so tell?? Can I join your team forever?
An enraged ragini pulled his hand off from her shoulder and twisted it at his back. Sanpoo were shocked by  her “dariyadili”
Ragini : how dare you mister?? What do you think haan? That  girls are weak and they cannot fight back??
She turns him towards her and catches his ear and gives a tight slap on his face. Sanskaar pulls ragini away from the man and tries to calm down.
Man : sanskaar bro … this is wrong… for this you called me here haan?/
Ragini : sansku? You know this bastard??’
She asked freeing herself from sanskaar’s clutches.
Sanskaar : yep ginu.. he’s abhay… I  told you na… but what happened to you??

Ragini : what has happened to me? You come here with me…
She pulls him aside and murmurs in his ears..
Ragini : sansku.. what type of friends

do you have?? No manners nothing….
Before sanskaar could speak, abhay who was eavesdropping spoke.
Abhay : bhabhiji…. khamkha sharref admi ko badnaam na karo.. yeh sab aapke SANS- KU ka hi plan tha….. ( bhabhiji… don’t spoil an honest man’s image… this was all your SANS-KU’s plan…
Ragini : what???
Sanskaar glares at Abhay and then looks sheepishly at ragini and pooja and rubs the back of his head..
Ragini stamps her foot and moves outside the mall followed by pooja. Abhay keeps his hand on sanskaar’s

shoulder and smirks.
Abhay : babhi toh gayiii… lo main bhi chala..

And he runs from there. Sanskaar too runs behind him but comes back to take the shopping bags.


I came out of the mall and dashed with a lady and we both fell down. Pooja came to my rescue and helped me in getting up. I brushed my clothes and forwarded my hand to the lady but stopped in mid way. My vision got blurred as tears formed in my eyes seeing Swara and Laksh there. Pooja tightly held my hand and rubbed it. Swara and Laksh got up. Swara moved towards me but Abhay’s and Saskaar’s voice stopped her and we all looked towards them.

Abhay ; bhabhi ji are you okay??
I nodded and looked at sanskaar. He seemed lost. He looked at swalak and then again at me. His eyes wanted to say something which I failed to understand. His grip on the bags got tight and he took a deep breath.
Before I could say something swara spoke while laksh moved towards sanskaar. Abhay was a silent spectator while pooja was still standing with me.
Swara: ragu.. ragu please listen to me once.. 
I was jsut looking at sanskaar, waiting for his reaction.
Swara : ragu.. please talk to me.. I know this sanskaar has instigated you towards me.. earlier also he did this and now also he’s doing the same..

Listening this, laksh and pooja were enraged while abhay was standing confused.. ragSan were lost in each others eyes but listening to all this sanskaar’s eyes were filled with guilt and he lowered his gaze and he started trembling.
Swara ( continuing her shit talks ) : ragu.. earlier also he took you away from your family and now also he’ll do the same.. please listen to me and come with me.. he separated swara and ragini but I promise I’ll make us swaragini again… please for once come back to us.. to your family… to your shone ….


Sanskaar’s heart was overflowing with guilt and his eyes were making an unsuccessful attempt to stop the tears from flowing OUT. With a heavy heart and voice he raised his head and looking into infinity and with trembling voice, he said…
Sanskaaar : I’m going back.. abhay please bring them to the palace…
Swara : just look at him ragini… as he’s leaving you now.. in future also he’ll leave ……..
Before she could complete her sentence a “shataaaaaaaaakkk” sound was heard.


As soon as I heard the sound I looked back and saw swara holding her cheek. I looked at ragini who again pounced on swara like a hungry cat and gave another tight slap and clutched her hair tightly. All this while pooja was trying to pull ragini while laksh was trying to get his wife free.

Ragini  ( screamed ) : mind your language and business swara… you have got no damn right to say anything about sanskaar.. got it??

And she pushed her away. Swara looked at her teary eyed and with anger.
Ragini : yesterday also you shouted at pooja without any reason.. have you lost your senses or what?? This is your first and final  warning.. don’t you ever dare say a word against MY FAMILY.. otherwise you’ll have it from me….
Laksh : ragini.. what are you doing?? We came here to ask for forgiveness.. but what are you doing??

“ I gritted my teeth. How dare he talked to my ginu like that?? I moved forward to answer laksh but it seemed that ginu was on fire today ”
Ragini : wow.. wow laksh.. this is how you and your wife ask for forgiveness from someone?
Swara ; ragini I’m your sister.. how can you do this to me??
Ragini : swara please.. stop all this non sense…. don’t create a scene here…. and mind it.. don’t you dare say anything ill about sanskaar or pooja….

She took pooja’s hand in her hand, gave a final look to swara and moved towards me… I looked down.. she held  my hand to and took us away from there followed by abhay..


The episode ends with sanskaar looking AT RAGINI… with LOVE and GUILT………………………………………………

Pyaar ikraar hai, takraar nahi….
Pyaar haqiqat hai, khayal nahi…
Har koi pyaar ko samajh nahi sakta kyun ki,
Pyaar ehsaas hai andaaz nahi….


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