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Messed up Chapter 3: Who pushed Al?

Chapter 3: Who pushed Al?

Hola Twisties, what’s up?

-Will’s pov-

“Oh shit this is getting even more and more interesting!” I said while Four glared at me.
“Why are you looking at me like this Four?”
“Because your genius brain isn’t working at all!” He said and Tris, who was sitting beside him, smirked at me with a raised eyebrow, just like Four and this sight was disturbing. I started imagining a little Four or Tris running around with the same expression as them two and I shuddered at my imagination.
“What were you thinking about Will?” Christina asked me and I replied back: “I just imagined a little Tris or Four with the same expression as FourTris!”
“Who the hell is FourTris?” An irritated Christina asked me.
“It’s a shipname for us!” A blushing Tris said and even Four was blushing. I don’t know why Christina is behaving like a jealous teenager. Oh no she likes Four too, I need to warn him about her.
“Four can I talk to somewhere in private?”
“Sure!” He said before kissing Tris’ forehead and taking me to another room.
“So what’s up Will?” He asked me in a concerned voice.
“I think that Christina is jealous of Tris and I think that she likes you!” I sincerely said.
“I will do everything to protect Tris from her and thanks Will for telling me about that annoying Candor, because I hope that she gets kicked out of Dauntless!”
“But what about me Four, I love her dammit!” I sadly said.
“Will, you will find the right girl someday and I can assure you that the girl isn’t Christina, because she is as fake as her nails!”
“Haha that was a good one Four, I never knew that you can be funny as well as intimidating!”
“I have many shades which I have resserved for my loved ones!”
“Like fifty shades of Four!” I teased him and he teasingly replied back by saying: “nope, because Four has more than fifty shades!”
“Okay Four, I have the feeling that it was Chris who pushed Al of the ledge of the Chasm!” I said remembering the video.
“Logically speaking you could be right Will! But how can we get rid of her from our investigation?”
“I could ask Marlene, if she wants to go shopping with Christina, but there a twist in my plan!”
“What’s the twist?” He asked me, I knew that he was interested in my plan, so I explained it to him and he liked it a lot. So I called Marlene and asked her if she wanted to hang out with Christina and she agreed to do it as she thinks the same as us, she told us that she will be coming in 10 minutes to get her. Then Four decided to tell Tris about Christina, so he went to the other room with her. “So Christina I have good news for you!”
“What the news?”
“Marlene wants to hang out with you as she loves your clothing style.” I lyingly said and she believed me. After a while FourTris came back, it looked like Tris was crying, but before Christina could ask Tris anything, someone knocked at the door, I went to open the door and it was Marlene. She greeted us, locked her arms with Christina’s and luckilly she took her away from us. I closed the door and Tris broke down soon after it.
“I cannot believe it that Christina did something like that!” She said.
“I know Tris, but she’s jealous of you, because you beaten her in the fear simulation.” I said with a sad smile.
“I know it hurts you more than anything Will, because I can see the love in your eyes for her!” She said.
“How do you know that Tris?”
“Because I can tell by the way you look at her!”
“So guys it’s time for our plan, we have to accomplish it before you know who comes back!” Four said.
End of his pov

Disclaimer: I just own the story but not the characters!

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