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Mayavi Maling 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Angad gets powerful

Mayavi Maling 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Angad asking Pranali till when will you be a kid and follow your dad, you are the queen now, I will see your dad, we can’t leave our life for him. She asks him how can he ask her to forget her dad. He angrily goes. Eshwarya asks can I come with me to Maling. Chegu says no, I can’t, I m tribe’s chief, they will laugh on me, you think I m foolish. She says you are misunderstanding, you know Danav vanshi can attack on palace again. He says I m also fighting a battle by staying here, can’t you do this. She says no one can say what happens there, I want to be with my dad, else he will fall weak, how can I think of marriage, I will be called selfish, will I get pride for you. He says you always say something to explain that I feel guilty. She asks did you agree. He says you

want luxurious life, not my hut, you won’t stay here, I can’t ruin my prestige for anyone. He goes. Haran practices and thinks of Pranali. He sees a note. He reads someone asking him to meet.

Angad comes to Madhumali. He asks where did you do. She thinks how to explain him. He says nothing is imp than my motive. Madhumali comes to Maharaj and gives him a gift. He holds the box and opens it. She smiles. He sees a ring inside. He asks why. She says don’t know, Trishanku gave it to me to give it to you, it was his wish, so I got this here. He says you are talking about your husband, whom you….. He returns the box. She says as you wish. She takes the box to Angad. She says Maharaj’s handprints are here for you. Angad gets those handprints on his own hand. She thinks Haran might be waiting for me. He says amazing, I can do anything with this powers, are you listening. She says I m tired, I will like to rest. She goes.

Eshwarya gets angry and tells everything to Garima. She says I will never talk to Chegu now. Garima worries for Chegu and Eshwarya’s love story. She says we sisters got someone’s curse. Eshwarya asks did I do right or wrong. Garima signs no. Maharaj comes to Pranali. He says you have to do the ritual with Angad once again, don’t worry, we shouldn’t lose hope. She says you can come along. He says no, I can’t come. Angad comes to his room and opens the box. He smiles. Pranali says don’t know what Angad does there. Maharaj says his powers won’t work in lake place, Angad will try to ruin the lake, he will not follow the ritual completely, you have to stop him if he does anything wrong, you will be alone there, you won’t have anyone to help.

Angad gets the handprints and laughs. Pranali says Angad has many magical powers. Maharaj says don’t forget, Lord is with us. His hands start shaking. She gets shocked. She asks what happened. Someone comes to Angad. Angad stops. Maharaj says I m fine. He gets worried. Angad says I did a mistake by coming to this room. He hides the box. He opens the door. Adhivan comes. Angad reminds that they are stepbrothers. Adhivan says you are my elder brother, I have regarded you my hero, Arak and I want to return to Mahapuram, someone is needed there to look after Rajya. Angad holds his collar. Maharaj says Lord’s power will be at peak near the lake, it will be tough for Angad to use powers, remember he is a demon, be careful.

Maharaj does aarti. Angad controls his hands. Maharaj throws the aarti plate and says none will pray to Lord from today. Madhumali smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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