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Unforgettable moment of my life – a special os of riansh

When I was chatting with aisha dhi , it happened ,
Riddima’s POV –
I will use my phone before sleeping , I opened my account of TU , I clicked on @aisha08 account , to reply , after I messaged her , I got reply in min , so my messages with her started
Me – toh aap ab iss waqt pe zinda hai ?? (So you are alive at this time ??) , I thought you as a good girl and thought you to be slept .
It’s almost 12:00 , so what I asked .
She – hmm , kya karlu , I am a night owl (hmm what to do , I am a night owl ) , and infact I will write my ff and post it at this time .
Me – and I will come  to read ff . You know what ?? , Meine blanket ki andhar guss ke chat kar rahi hun (you know what ?? , I am hiding inside my blanket and chatting with you .
She – but why blanket in hot weather
Me – hmm , if mom or dad will see , then what ??
She – they will see then you will be dead 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Me –  Soo many times they questioned me about the light coming out from my blanket , which is of the phone , but I somehow covered the matter .😏😏
She – smart girl 😉😉😎😎 , mere saath bhi aise hua (even with me it happened)
Me – can I know what happened ?? , And how you got saved ??
She – if you listen it , you will get shocked .
Me – what’s the matter ??
She – Once i was chatting with my best frnd (girl) at night 2pm , I send her good night and slept .
Me – oh , which friend ?? , TU or whatsapp ??
She – whatsapp
Me – so , with you she is also alive ??🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
She – haan 😂😂
Me – oh , next ….🤔
She – the next day at noon , I opened my whatsapp , and got biggest shock of my life .😶😶😶😮😮😱😱😱😱😳😳
Me – what happened ??🙄🙄🙄😶😶
She – I sended that good night to my mom instead of my frnd in sleep .😥😥😓😓

Can u imagine the situation?? 😶😶😑😑

I was laughing like maniac listening it , like , even these type of things happen in reality too 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣

Me – OMG !!! , I think it’s one of the worst situation of your life .😣😣

She – yes , Bs maut ko chhu kr tak se waps ayi thi me us din .

Me – so what is your mom’s reaction ?? , I think she definitely gave dagger looks to you .

She – Mumma us time schl me thi she is teacher to unhone msg dekha to unko lga mene 2pm mtlb noon me kia h to me bch gyi 😌😌😌

Me – oh , thank God , accha , ab aaram le sakte , agar usne 2am samajh jaate toh , hamari paas aur ek baar phone hoti nahi

She – I would be dead by now , it’s the situation which occurred 2 yrs back .

Me – oh , I could understand your situation , it would be like ” NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE ” , jaise riddima ne vansh ki saath first meet mein near death experience karke aaya .

She – haan 🤣🤣🤣

Me – vaise , yeh 2 saal purani baat hai , dekho dekho , kitni horrible hoti toh ab tak yaad rakhte .

She – I will write an OS on it

Me – give that honour to me .

She – vaise , jiski saath meine uss din msg kiya hai , uska naam ANGEL hai .

( I was like * – kya , kisi insaan ne bhi angel naam bhi rakhta hain 😶🙄🙄)

She – And i daily check my phone in morning before going school bt that day i forgot ,

But when i checked in noon floor sleep beneath my legs ,

I was pacing in my room in to n froze  for whole 2 hours , that day .

Me – Oh , lagta hai uss waqt par , sabhi buri shakti aap par hi nazar rakhi

She – haan 😣😣 , Then my mom saw it..and i was hell scared when she came home she said why u msg me in noon good night and i sigh in relief , Then i took her phone and deleted that msg

Me –  nazar na lag jaaye 🌶️🍋, le , mirchi aur nimbu se nazar utharvaalungi .

Me – finally , bagwaan ko aap par thodi si daya aur karun hai , aur usne chaaahta , apne utni jaldi marnaa jaaye , kyunki aapne bahuth saari ff os likha chaahiye na hamari liye

She – chlo I am sleepy now

Me – mene socha , 12:am sharp , papa ko Father’s day wishes keh lu , par usne sounds karke soo rahi hai

She – kal kar lena . Good dear , I have checked twice , I messaged you only 😂😂😂😂😂

Me – hmm , uss incident ki baad , aap kabhi iss baar pe wrong nahi karegi , kyunki aap apni own haathon se maut ko invite nahi karna chahati thi 🤣🤣🤣🤣

If it’s boring , then I am sorry for it .🥺🥺🥺

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