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Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Aao Saheb returns to transfer property to Anupriya

Tujhse Hai Raabta 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kalyani trying to convince Malhar to give training to Mihika. He says when I say no, then it means. He then agrees to train her. Kalyani, Mihika and the kids get happy. Anupriya wakes up from sleep and sees someone reflection outside. She says this is my doll and comes out from her room. She follows the reflection. Sarthak stops her and asks where is she going? Anupriya says didn’t you brush your teeth. Sarthak says leave it, where are you going? Anupriya says she is going to get her doll and asks him to see. He asks her to go to her room and says I will bring your doll. Anupriya goes to her room. Sarthak thinks where is the doll? He gets doubtful and comes to the kitchen. He goes to kitchen and asks Mihika who is she? Kalyani comes there and tells that he is our family members and was not aware of her. She asks her to go and tells Sarthak that Aai calls Mihika as her doll, but she is here to stay with us for some days. She asks him to swear that he will not drink wine and says please kaka. Sarthak keeps the wine bottle and promises her that he will not touch the wine. Kalyani thanks and hugs him.

In the morning, Anupriya calls Mihika and asks her to come fast. Mihika says I am here. She comes there to get the training. Malhar says no Police officer wears the heels and asks her to remove the heels. Mihika keeps hand on his shoulder and removes her heels. Malhar says today I will train you to target the shot. He gives her gun. She says it is very light. He says it is fake. He teaches her how to aim the target. Mihika couldn’t shoot at the target. Malhar says I don’t have all the day for you and goes from there. Kalyani comes there and asks what happened. Anupriya says your friend Mallu scolded Mihika a lot. Kalyani says no problem, I will teach you. She teaches her aiming the target. Gungun comes there and takes Anupriya from there.

Sarthak gets restless and thinks he has promised Kalyani not to drink. He is about to touch wine. Gungun takes Anupriya to her room and asks her to play teacher and student game with her. Anupriya asks shall I teach you? Gungun says teacher doesn’t wear such clothes and brings saree for her. She asks her to wear it as teacher wears saree. Anupriya wears saree on her frock with Gungun’s help. Gungun says I will just be back. She brings bindi and applies it on her forehead. Anupriya says today I will teach you a new thing. She tries to write on the board and tells Gungun that the pen is not working. Sarthak thinks how to handle his restlessness. He goes to Anupriya’s room and finds her wearing saree. He gets happu and asks if you are fine, Anupriya. He cries and holds her hands, says he missed her very much. He thanks her for coming back. He coughs. Anupriya goes to bring water for him. She takes water from fridge and sees wine bottle in the kitchen, thinks this is uncle’s favorite drink. She gives it to Sarthak. Sarthak drinks wine. Aao Saheb comes there and slaps Sarthak. She asks if I went to chaar daam to see this day, I gave this house responsibility to you, and you was asking wine from my Anupriya. Anupriya claps, laughs and jumps. Her saree comes out. Aao Saheb is shocked.

Later Aao Saheb tells Kalyani that she can’t see Anupriya in this condition and asks her to treat her. Kalyani says she will treat her soon and asks her to take care. Gungun comes there. Aao Saheb gets emotional seeing her. Kalyani says she is our Aaji and asks her to touch her feet. Gungun touches her feet. Aao Saheb asks if she is Sarthak and Anupriya’s daughter. Kalyani says yes. Aao Saheb apologizes to her. Anupriya comes there and asks Gungun to play with her. Kalyani asks her to touch her feet. Anupriya touches her feet and asks her to give money, as she saw elders giving money when someone touches the feet. Aao Saheb says I will give you money and asks her to bring the purse. Some papers fall down. Kalyani reads it. Aao Saheb gives 100 Rs each to Anupriya and Gungun. Kalyani asks Aao Saheb about the papers. Aao Saheb says she has named all her property on Anupriya’s name.

Aparna looks at Kalyani and Anupriya’s family pic and thinks she won’t let the property go to Kalyani and Gungun. She says Aao Saheb has to named the property on Moksh’s name only and not to anyone else. She sits on the chair and says get ready to face the new storm, Kalyani. I am coming.

Precap: The orphanage lady comes to check on Gungun. Kalyani asks her to sign on the papers. The lady says I can’t sign. Kalyani asks then who will sign? Aparna comes there and says she will sign after meeting Gungun’s mother.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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