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Some old relations #Riansh TS Chapter — 1 by RiansHLoveR

The previous os was emotional one. So I thought to give an another romantic wala TS. This topic was given to me by Ayesha, I hope you are reading it. It was becoming a long one so I broke it into two. I don’t know it is upto your expectations or not. This chapter is mainly full of romance😅😅😅. So let me start with it. Or mene iss taraha ki romantic pehle baar likh rhi hu🙈🙈yr bohut sharam ati h, but you all want bhar bhar k romance 🤧🤧. Let’s start.. 

Chapter – 1

It is an early morning. Sun is shining brightly. Birds are chirping continuously. So many flowers have blossomed in the garden. The garden is full of colorful flowers. Bees are flying making a buzz sound. Some squirrels are jumping here and there. Butterflies are sitting in one flower and then again flies to another one. We see a girl comes there with a basket in her hands. She has wore a beautiful green color saree with blue shades in it. Her hair is wet and open. She comes in the garden, she has wear anklet in her feet giving a chaan – chaan sound while walking. There is a mesmerizing beauty on her face. Her eyes are as lovely as those beautiful flowers. And her pink lips always has a smile with dimples on her face, which can make anyone go crazy.

She starts to pluck some flowers and while plucking she is humming a song. She was none other than Riddhima Raisinghania.

Riddhima:Zara Zara Behekta Hai Mehekta Hain
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan
Main Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe
Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein

Zara Zara Behekta Hain Mehekta Hain
Aaj To Mera Tan Badan
Main Pyaasi Hoon Mujhe
Bhar Le Apni Baahon Mein

Hai Meri Kasam Tujhko
Sanam Door Kahin Na Jaa
Yeh Doori Kehti Hain Paas Mere Aaja Re

Her voice is very sweet. She sungs and pluck the flowers and went inside the house. She kept the basket in the mandir, infront of god and went to a room. The room is very big. It has a king size bed. The room is full of teddies and dolls. Two children was sleeping on the bed.

Riddhima:Wake up my munchkins.

The children starts to move and they sit down on the bed rubbing their eyes.

Riva:Good morning mumma. Your were singing right?

Riansh:Yes, I have also heard.

Riddhima:Yes darlings I were singing. Do you like it?

Riva and Riansh together :No, we just love it.

Both of them went to Riddhima and gives a peck on her both cheeks.

Riddhima:Haww!! Now get ready for your school.

Riddhima takes both of them to the washroom and gave them their respective brushes. After they have completed brushing they came back in the room for getting ready. Riddhima makes them wear their school dress. She combs Riansh’s hair and ties Riva’s hair. She kissed on their cheeks and toke them them for their school. They gets on their school bus and went for school.

After that she went in to their room. There she saw her lovely patidev is still sleeping hugging a pilow. He was also murmuring something. She goes near him to hear it.

Vansh:I love you sweetheart. Muah!! (kissing on the pilow). You are so soft. Today I want something from you. Will you give me? Please kiss me. I am so hungry for it. Sweetheart you don’t love me anymore. I am angry on you. Kiss me!!!

He saying all this and Riddhima was laughing silently. She goes near him and pinches on his face.

Vansh sits down immediately.

Vansh:Aahh!! Who pinched me? Riddhima you!!

By saying this Vansh pulls Riddhima by her waist and makes her lie down on the bed and he climbs upon him.

Riddhima:Vansh what are you doing?

Vansh:Romance sweetheart romance. In which you are not that good.

Riddhima:Badh me karlena. Abb mujhe jane do. (Do it afterwards, now let me go).

Vansh:No, I will not allow you to go before a kiss.

Riddhima:Hmm Ok.

Vansh closes his eyes and brings his lips near to Riddhima. But Riddhima tooks a pillow. She pushed him with it on the other side and stands up.


Riddhima:Catch me if you can.

By saying this she starts to run. Vansh also follow her. After running in their own house for few minutes Vansh catches her and pulls her by her waist. He makes her more close to him. He gives a seductive look to him. Then he kisses her on her lips. Riddhima also reciprocates. Riddhima is sucking Vansh’s upper lips and Vansh is sucking her lower lips. Then they play with each others tongue. While kissing Vansh’s hand were riding on her bare waist and stomach. He moves his hand towards her blouse when she pushes her in shyness.

Riddhima:What are you doing? (blushing hard).

Vansh:Morning romance. Someone’s cheek is totally red.

Riddhima runs away from there in shy.

(Sabse jyada sharam mujhe arhi h in lok k ye sab likhar🙈🙈yr me to tomato hogyi🤧😬).

Riddhima was making breakfast in the kitchen. Vansh comes there and hugs her from behind.

Riddhima:Someone is so romantic.

Vansh:Hmm (rubbing his nose on her neck). Today we havea business party.

Riddhima:Wow!! It will be fun.

Vansh:Yes, and today I will not go to office so (lifting Riddhima in his arms), today full of romance.

And they went itno their room.

(Stop peeping in their room besharams😂).

Scene shifts to another house where we see a girl and and a boy are kissing each other madly., like there is no tomorrow. In between kissing the boy’s hand on girl’s brea*sts. He was pressing them hard. And the girl was moaning. In excitement she bites his lips., but she starts to suck his lips again.

Boy:Ahana baby!! I love you so much.


They pushes each other on the bed and kept on kissing each other.

Ahana:Now leave it!!

Kabir:I can’t resist myself from you.

But unfortunately Kabir’s phone rangs.

Kabir:Who is my enemy!! Disgusting!!

He receives the call. After talking he kept it.

Ahana:What happened baby?

Kabir:We have an business party.


Kabir:But let me have some energy drink now.

Ahana:Energy drink?

Kabir smirks.

Ahana:You shameless creature.

Then they again starts to romance..

To be continued…

(Iss!! mene kya sab likh liya🤧🤧. But sabko romantic chaiye kya karu😥. Ayesha I hope you are fine with it as it is your requested one. And I have break it in two parts as I can’t write so much in one episode. Ha pata hai me bohut lazy hu😅😅. Next part kab ayega not confirm😛. Bye and love you all❤❤).


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