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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 58

Hello everyone back with 2 updates

I wrote this trash  with my dead brain cells krapaya mujhe maaf kre gandhi ji ko yad kre

Me likhne me bor hui tum pdhne me mt hona or comments krna aj kl bohot km ate h comments 😭😭😭

Epi starts

Scene 1

Vansh ( gasp)- Riddhimaa!!

What the hell where is she

It’s been whole day i haven’t seen her ( sry for this lame suspense😂😂no egg tomatoes  not allowed ha omlet De rhe ho to most wlcm)

She is avoiding me..

He turns in anger to search her but bumped in siya

Siya – Bhai what happened

Vansh (pissed) – Where is riddhima..

I didn’t see her since morning

Siya – I am here to tell u that only

Bhabhi went to vyom’s house in noon (siya be like mereko bhi le jati behen😂)

Anaisha didn’t leave her so she stayed there only

Siya leaves

Vansh – i know why u stayed there..

But i am your husband till when u will escape from me..

He lies on bed hugging her saree sniffing her fragrance


It’s been whole day i am away from u sweetheart

What if u..

NO..no..no..i can’t.. Even think that..

I will pacify u tomorrow..

Pov ends

Scene 2

Vyom’s house

Riddhima is sleeping with anaisha


Whole freaking day and i didn’t see u..

Why are u bothering me this much…

U could have call me na..but no
U are VR you ego is important hufff!!😏

Pov ends

Scene 3

In morning

At dinning table..

Vansh – Siya where is riddhima and when will she return..

Siya – Bhabhi said she is in no mood to return now.

Vansh gets up in anger

Vansh (angry) – Lagta hai sweetheart ka mood bnana hi pdega..😣

He stormed out of the mansion angrily..

Scene 4

Vyom’s house

Riddhima vyom and anaisha are sitting in hall

Vansh barged in the house and holds riddhima’s hand

Vansh (angry) – Let’s go..

Vyom – Leave her hand vansh..what is this behavior

Vansh (angry) – Nobody will interfere she is my wife..and i have full rights on her

Anaisha – Vansh papa plz don’t hurt mumma..

Vansh eyes softens he bends to her level and kiss her forehead

Vansh – Papa will never hurt your mumma

He drag riddhima with him

Riddhima – Va.. Vansh leave me..

Vansh (eyeing her) – Never😒

He makes her sit in car and start driving

Riddhima is shouting continuously

Riddhima (shouting) – I will jump if u won’t let me go

Vansh (casually) – Go ahead.

Riddhima shot angry glares to him

Vansh takes her To a glass house

Riddhima(angry)- Why u took me here i want to go home😬

Vansh – we are staying here today whether u want or not..

Riddhima rolled her eyes

Vansh makes her sit on couch and hold her hand sitting on his knees

Vansh(bowing down his head)- i know u are angry with me..

Punish me ..slap..me scold me but talk to me

Staying away from u..is killing me from inside…

Riddhima- Their is no point to discuss vansh

I am not angry..

Let me go..

She stand up to leave

But vansh pulls her angrily

Vansh (angry)- Why u always talk abt going ha..

You know my weak nerve and that’s why u always press it..

What’s your problem ha tell me what should i do..

Riddhima(jerking him)- this is my problem that u do nothing..

Why vansh why..

Why it is so difficult for u to do things

Vansh(perplexed)- What do u mean

Riddhima(with tears)- You know u only know one thing to do..

Gussa gussa and only only gussa

Jb tumhe gussa ata h tb bhi tum gussa krte ho..

Phir jb tumhe manana hota h tb bhi tum gussa krte Ho..

You were angry on me that i gave truth serum to u..

And what u did..

Who the hell gave u right to stay angry when u urself was not saint..

Vansh (holding her) – It’s not like that sweetheart

Riddhima – I don’t want to know what’s like that…

The only thing i know is..

I have given sufficient time to u

I did a mistake vansh that i thought i will cooperate with u

I should have rely on u only..

Since we got married only i m putting efforts whether in front of family or in our room

Always i try to give u surprises i try to sort everything

But i was wrong…

I just forgot what we have decided

(Determined) – You have wasted so many days and u know how many are left..

Now it’s up to u where u want to give ur attention

On our relationship or ur mission…

Deal is on Mr.raisinghania..

Vansh (pleads) – Riddhima..plz dont don’t do this..

I promise i will try..i will try my best…

Don’t go plz..

Me sb thik kr dunga…

Tum kahi ni jaogi pr..

I will give my everything to u..

We will do what we have decided…

Riddhima (determined) – u will do what u have decided

I didn’t want to do this but u forced me..

Let’s see now.. How Mr.VR will fullfill his promise

Or ha..jb tk tum puri tarah mere hone ke liye tayar na ho jao..

Tb tk Mere pss ane ki koshish bhi mt krna…

Mujhe VR nhi..mera pati vansh chahiye mera.. Vansh..

She stormed out of the house in anger and goes to garden

She cries sitting there

Her pOv

I am sorry vansh..i hurted u  but it was needed…

Meri jaan..tum mere vansh ho..sirf mere vansh

Par mujhe mera vansh puri tarah mere sath chahiye…mere krib..itne karib jaha se wapas jane ka koi rasta hi na..ho..

Pov ends

She sits there till evening

Riddhima’s POv.

Raat hone ko ayi… Vansh ek bar bhi mujhe dekhne nhi aya..

Kahi wo kuch kr na bethe gusse me..khud ko…

Pov ends

She runs inside in.. Room Hurriedly

She opens the door and left bewildered

Riddhima (shouts) – Vannnnnnnnssssshhhhhh!!!!

Done for today

Aaj bhi suspense but ye wala lame nhi h 😂😂thoda better h..

Krdo comments ab

Precap : Vansh’s breakdown and riansh romance

Luv uh all

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