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#RIANSH – SCAR ON SOUL# – #Part – 14#

Riddhima’s professional life is as necessary as her personal life so here it’s discussed of that. I hope you’d like it. I have seen how everyone is interested in only her personal life so for a change I have tried to show her professionalism too


Riddhima’s reverie broke and she looked at them in shock and nervousness while Sejal was smiling at her. Riddhima didn’t understand how come she blurted everything unknowingly. She was trying hard to avoid their glares and was continuously fidgeting with her fingers and was sweating.

Angre: How…. I … I mean how did you know the law?

Vansh: Your CV doesn’t cite that you have knowledge of Law


Sejal was all the while smiling at her as she knows the reason behind Riddhima’s this knowledge of the law. Riddhima was afraid of what to say and how

Angre: Riddhima?

Vansh was observing Sejal’s reaction and understood that this knowledge of Riddhima is connected to her past and this made his curiosity to grow

Riddhima (hesitant & nervous): I….. my…. I mean…. I learned it from my …..dad and uncle who …..are advoca…tes

Angre: Your father is an advocate?

Riddhima (emotional): Was!!!!

Angre: Am…. Am sorry!!!!

Riddhima nodded as in okay! Vansh was curious who this uncle is

Vansh: Riddhima, seems like we got a PA cum personal advocate too in your form

Riddhima: Am…. Am not…. Professional (afraid)

Angre: It’s not any issue…. You can suggest us right

Riddhima was hesitant but to avoid the pulling of the topic she just nodded. Breaking their discussion Vansh received a landline call

Vansh: Yes…. Okay!!!

Vansh: Sejal what about the meeting arrangements?

Sejal: Sir they are done! And I spoke to the PA of Mehra’s and he informed me that they are on the way and may reach anytime soon

Vansh: Angre did you make the necessary arrangements? (smirk)

Angre (smiling): Harish is on his spot and is waiting for your signal

Vansh: Better!!! We have to show them what’s it to mess with us.

Angre: Don’t worry we’ll definitely do so.

Sejal received a call on her mobile

Sejal: Sir I guess they are here, their PA is calling me

Vansh: Take them to the conference hall and ….. (Thinking for a moment before speaking again) Sejal, ask the security & IT Cell to arrange the live session of conference hall into everyone’s systems. (smirk) I want everyone to see their humiliation

Sejal (smiling): Will arrange in a moment, sir.

Saying she left followed by Riddhima leaving when Vansh stopped her, she turned towards him

Vansh: Riddhima I want you also in the conference hall along with Sejal

Riddhima: Okay sir!!!

Sejal received Mr. Mehra along with his PA and proceeded towards the conference hall and asking them to make themselves comfortable she left to speak to security & IT Cell

Sejal: Make sure that whatever happens in the conference hall has to be live telecasted in everyone’s system

IT Cell Manager: Will happen as sir wishes ma’am, just give me 2mins, I’ll give access to everyone

Sejal: Make it faster, the meeting may start at any moment

Sejal was waiting and intimated the same to Angre while Angre and Vansh were discussing on how to tackle Mehra

IT Cell Manager: Ma’am it’s done, I have given access to all the systems. They need to login and everything will be visualized by them

Sejal: Great intimate them the same

He nodded and she left to give this news to Vansh

Sejal: Sir, everything is set as per your wishes

Vansh (smirk): Great!!! C’mon Angre lets welcome our dearest Mehra

Angre smirked along while they both left not before

Vansh: Sejal come to the conference hall along with Riddhima

Sejal: Yes sir

Sejal reached her cabin to get Riddhima along. Vansh and Angre entered the hall followed by Sejal and Riddhima.

Vansh (faking a smile): Welcome Mr. Mehra

Mehra: Hello VR!!! We are elated to collaborate with you

Angre: You can’t even imagine how glad we are

Mehra: So, shall we proceed? I hope you have signed the contract, if you give me the file even I’d sign it and we can proceed

Vansh: What’s so hurry! Have some refreshments first, till then we’ll go through the T&C’s

Mehra: T&C’s (panic)….

Angre: Is there any issue?

Mehra: No, no…t at all!!! I… I actually have another meeting so… am in hurry!!! If you could sign the contract, it’d be … you know

Vansh (smirk): Mr. Mehra…. Even I have meetings lined up but we can’t ignore one meeting for another right. So, you relax and enjoy our hospitality meanwhile I’d go through the T&C’s

Mehra was panting at the same time was a bit overconfident that there aren’t any chances for him to get caught. Breaking the silence filled room Mehra’s PA got a call, which he rejected but the caller kept on calling him again and again. At last, he answered it but at the same moment Angre wantedly collided with PA making the mobile fall on the floor and by mistake, the speaker was turned on

Caller: Hello, I wanted to speak to the manager of Rising Sun NGO

Mehra’s eyes widened while PA picked the fallen phone and being pissed, he put the call back to normal he answered the caller rudely

PA: Look, this is the wrong number and there isn’t any NGO named Rising Sun

Mehra was trying hard to control his fear while PA unknowingly blurts the truth. After few seconds, Vansh broke the silence

Vansh: So, Mr. Mehra, I guess we can proceed further… what say?

Mehra (happy): Sure VR!!! Just sign the documents

Vansh picking his pen was about to sign but without doing so, he smirked and glared at Mehra

Vansh (smirk): I’d have signed if …. If everything was perfect but it doesn’t seem so

Angre: There are many faults in your T&C’s

Mehra (fear): What… what do you mean!!!

Vans throwing his file on Mehra’s face

Vansh: You know it better than us… isn’t it Mr. Mehra!! Your clauses have many hidden motives. (To Riddhima) Riddhima, can you once repeat their faulty and looting clauses

Riddhima jerked and glared at Sejal who blinked her eyes as in to speak, Riddhima took a deep breath and started speaking of their faulty clauses while Vansh and Angre were smirking, Mehra was sweating profusely. Once Riddhima was done, Vansh turned towards Mehra as if waiting for some explanation which obviously he didn’t get. Losing his cool he rose in anger

Vansh (anger): What the hell did you think us to be Mehra? Are we fools that you’ll use miniature text and we’d ignore all that crap and sign the contract and dig our own grave? Nah….. I’ll dig your grave for trying to fool me. But did you notice your PA himself doesn’t know that you are running a bogus so-called NGO on his official number! I know you might be wondering how…. The call he received a few minutes back was done by my employee (smirk)

His voice was such Riddhima jerked and started breathing heavily, Sejal held her and started comforting her by rubbing her palms trying to calm her. Riddhima’s phobia was taking over her senses and she was trembling but Vansh and Angre didn’t notice Riddhima’s condition. Sejal handed Riddhima a glass of water which she tried to gulp but wasn’t successful so Sejal was helping her

Vansh: Who the hell are these Verma’s and how dare you to try to fool us? Now you’ll see what VR does when someone tries to betray him! (shout) Angre!!!!!! Angre make sure Mehra’s lose all their contracts and fall off their territory. Make sure they get bankrupted, pull all their illegal earnings and properties

Mehra (afraid but trying to show he is normal): I’ll …… I’ll drag you to court

Vansh (smirk): On what basis?

Mehra: You backed out of the contract after everything was finalized. It’s a breach of contract and after coming all this long, you can’t back out. This is breaking of a word you gave and in this consent, I’d drag you to the court

Riddhima was all the while was shivering of phobia the way they were yelling at each other. She unwantedly and uninterested, and absentmindedly once again spoke the law

Riddhima (trembling): Section 17 …. describes fraud and lists the acts that amount to fraud, which are a false …… claim, active conce……alment, promise without the intention of carryi…ng it out, any other deceptive act, or any act declared frau…..dulent. Section 447 of Companies Act, 2013 states that for such frau….ds, the person found…. Guilty is punishable with imprison…..nment for a term which shall not be less than six (06) months but whi…..ch may extend to ten (10) years and shall also be liable to fine which shall not be less than the am…..ount involved in the fraud, but which may exte….nd to three (03) times the amount involved in the fraud

Vansh and Angre were smirking while Mehra was sweating while Sejal was handling a panic-struck Riddhima.

Vansh: So, Mehra want to share any opinion on this? (smirk)

That’s when his eyes fell on Riddhima and he mentally bashed himself for yelling in front of her and observing her condition he was worried for her. The way she was shivering of fear and her forehead sweating. He cursed himself mentally for losing his cool and hurting her unknowingly. His thoughts were interrupted by Mehra trying to blabber something, and this once again led to Vansh losing his cool and his anger once again burst

Vansh (anger): Angre!!!! I want him and his shit out of my premises in seconds

Angre called the security and Mehra along with his PA were dragged out while the whole office was witnessing their humiliation. Vansh’s focus once again shifted to Riddhima who was sweating and panting profusely while Sejal was trying hard to calm her. Vansh and Angre rushed towards the ladies and seeing Sejal’s effects going vain, he finally asked unable to control his worry for her which was because of him indirectly though

Vansh: Sejal, should we call any doctor for her?

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