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Riansh ( A ghost story) # epi 7 #limited edition#by aishaD

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Epi starts here

Scene 1

Vansh (gasp) – Whatttttt!!!!

He rushes to the hall where the chandelier fell

Vansh goes near the chandelier which is on floor and see it’s rope

Vansh (shocked) – How is it possible

The rope is perfectly fine their is no cut on it then how the hell it fell down😦

The servant’s word is ringing in his ears

His words were

Sir their is no electricity since evening in the  mansion

And i got fainted just before your plan start

I didn’t do anything neither i ignited fire nor i cutted the rope..

This is the micro chip which i found  in kabir sir’s room means he never wore this..

Vansh is now in total mess

Everything seems to be blur around him

He started joining the dots

The first day when riddhima said she loves walnuts same as ginni and next day refuse it saying she is allergic to it

The way she was stammering at the time of answering was fishy too

The way she said ansh and pulled his cheeks like ragini

He never taught her how ragini used to behave

Moreover riddhima said she doesn’t know dancing but she did the same way ragini used to do..

All the things are roaming in his mind like a reel

Vansh (gasped) – It…..it..me…means…she…she wa…was…gi…ginni….in real…shit..shit..shit!!

My…riddhima is in danger i have to save her..

He rushes to her room like a bullet train

( I badly wanted to chnge the story line after ur guesses but then i m writing what i thought earlier)

Scene 2

Riddhima is standing near the window facing her back to the door(in ragini’s attire)

Vansh comes running and stop seeing her..

Vansh (whisper) – Ra….ragini…

(I will write ragini when riddhu will behave like ragini and i will write riddhima when she behave like herself)

Ragini  turns smiling wickedly

Ragini – Ansh…!!

She comes near vansh and cups his face

Ragini – Ansh..tum agye ansh…

Mujhe pta tha tum zarur aoge..

Tum apni ginni ke pss zarur aoge.

Vansh (shivering) – Ragini… Plz leave my riddhima!!

She is not at fault don’t harm her plz…

Ragini (holding his neck) – She is not your riddhima

Only i have right on u…

You are mine!!😬

She leaves him.. Panting heavily (vansh)

Ragini (angry) – She has to suffer because her crime is that she loves u..😬

You are mine and nobody has right on u..

She started dragging riddhima’s body with force On floor

(Same as durgamati)

Vansh is running behind her trying to stop her

Vansh (crying)- Ragini plz..dont hurt her..i beg..plz😭

Riddhima’s body is dragged by ragini severely injuring her

She fell down from stairs… Rolling down

Blood is ozing from her body badly

Riddhima (crying) – Va.. Vansh..save me..plz…i don’t want to die..

Vansh (crying) – Nothing will happen to u…

Our love is our strength sweetheart stay strong

He shouts

Ragini i beg u….your ansh is begging u..plz leave her…

She is innocent

Even i am i never killed u.

Ragini (angry)- U didn’t kill me but u killed me vansh😬

Bhale hi mujhe mara kabir ne ho..
Par uski wajah tum hi the..

Usne tumhe uksaya or tum uski bato me agye

Itna hi bhrosa tha apni ginni pr bs

Itna bhi ni dekh paye tum ki me tumse kitna pyr krti hu..

Me tumhare liye sb kuch chhod deti vansh pr tumne to mujh se pyar krne ka haq hi chhin lia..

Meri jaan le li tumhari ek bewkufi ne..

Or ab tumne mera haq is riddhima ko de dia..

Me ise bhi ni chhodungi..

She started slapping her self and banging her head On wall…

Riddhima (cryng) – Vansh!!!😭

I don’t know what is happening save me plz

It’s hurting…😭

Vansh collapsed on the floor crying

Vansh (crying) – I am your culprit ginni..😭

She is not…plz leave her..

If u want to punish me go ahead

Tum chahe meri jaan lelo..

Le chlo mujhe apne sath pr meri riddhima ko chhod do..

He break down seeing her condition

Ragini eyes softens seeing his condition afterall she loves him

Ragini (angry) – No vansh!!😬

Riddhima has to die…

Mujhe mukti tb hi milegi jb sbka hisab hoga..

Kabir to gya..

Ab riddhima ki baari hai..😬

Kabir ko mujhe marne ki saza mili..

Ridhima ko tumse pyr krne ki saza milegi..

Or tumhe..ansh tumhe to mera dil todne ki , meri jaan lene ki , mera haq kisi or ko dene ki , sbki saza milegi..

Tum bhi usi tarah tadpoge riddhima k liye jis tarah me tadpi thi tumhare liye

Riddhima will die once but u will die daily in her memories

I will take her with me..then only my soul will rest in peace

She started hitting herself again

Riddhima (crying) – Vansh.jaane do mujhe😭

Agr mere jane se ragini ki aatma ko shanti milti h to jane do..mujhe

Par yaad rkhna riddhima ne apni akhri saas tk tumse pyar kia..

Riddhima jiyi bhi tumhare liye or riddhima mari bhi tumhare liye

Ragini i beg u..take me with u but leave my vansh

I love him most don’t do anything to him

Vansh (crying n shouting)- Just shut up riddhima😭

I can’t see u dying in front of me and that too for me..


Ragini if u want revenge take me with u..

He takes a knife in his hand and tries to slit his wrist

Vansh – I am ready ragini take me with u..😥

You will get me in heaven but remember u won’t get my love  even after my death

My body belongs to u now but my heart it will always belong to my riddhima…

He is about to cut his wrist

Riddhima (crying) – Vansh stop..i can’t see u dying plz let me go..😭

I will always remain in your heart..
Plz don’t do this..

Ragini (evily) – Jitna pyar tum riddhima se krte ho ansh uska 1% bhi mujh se kiya hota to aj ye din ni dekhna pdta tumhe

Or kya lgta h tumhe tumhare marne se Sb thik ho jayega..

Nhi ansh nhi..😬

If riddhima will die u will suffer and if u will die she will suffer..

Vansh (crying) – I loved u ginni..even i do..now..

I did ur upbringing myself ginni (esa lgra h beti ko bol rha hai..😝)

U walked 1st time by holding my hand.the first word u said was my name..

My heart has always a special place for u..😭

Ragini (angry) – Still u didn’t love me the way u do riddhima😭

Why!! Ansh why.. What was my fault

My only fault was that i loved u..

I lost my dignity i lost my life just because of u..

I won’t let u live peacefully with ur love…

I am taking riddhima with me..

Then u will know how it feels when someone go away from u

Riddhima (crying) – Let me go vansh..i will always be yours😭

Our love is our strength let me go
And stay strong …live ur life for me..

Now it’s not ur life only it belongs to me also.

I am in ur heart , in your soul..

Bye vansh i love u so much..😭😭

Vansh (crying) – You will never ever get peace ginni…😭

I can’t be yours

U are still special to me..

But u can’t be my riddhima Because she can’t take someone’s life..

Don’t worry sweetheart i m coming behind u only..😭

We will live together in heaven..our live will win …i am coming… With u only.

I love u riddhima

He breaksdown saying this..

Suddenly the whole mansion become dark and their is white fog everywhere

Ragini – I am going vansh taking ur riddhima with me

The white fog disappear suddenly and riddhima falls on the floor loosing her consciousness

Vansh (shouts) – Ridddhhiiiiiiimmmmmaaaaaaaa!!

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