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RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 31 . 2 days mystery – Part 3


Hey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode. I wish you will  all enjoy.

Episode  30– https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riaansh-love-and-betrayal-episode-30-2-days-mystery-part-1/

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Episode 31 :

2 days Mystery(part3)

The episode starts

Scene – 1

Flashback continues.  

Vansh reaches Basu tower  .

Vansh  : I have promised that i will protect Mr Basu and Pendrive and i have to fulfil my promise.

Vansh went into the tower and enters the lift . Click on the terrace floor button in lift .

Vansh : Mr Basu said that he was in terrace therefore I am going to terrace. 

Mr basu is hiding in the grasses of the Basu tower  …. and Vaaz is searching for Mr Basu …

 Basu tower

Vaaz – Where you will hide Mr Basu .. common be a good child and give that Pendrive to me….or else be ready to die.  

Mr Basu was shivering with fear . 😨 Vaaz caught Mr basu through his neck.  


Vaaz : Now , you can’t run mr basu.  

Vaaz forcefully takes the Pendrive from mr basu.  Mr basu run towards the elevator.  The elevator door opened….Vansh was standing there.  Mr Basu collided with Vansh. 


Mr Basu  : Are you vansh raisinghania  ? 


Vansh  : Yes. I am Vansh raisinghania and if i am not wrong which i never becomes….then you might be Mr basu… And you only called Kabir to save you….Am i right ? 


Mr Basu  : Yes , and this is the Pendrive which kabir wanted to save.  I don’t believe on you …but i believe on kabir and if he send you then i am with you .


Vaaz : So here you are Mr Vansh raisinghania . I have been searching for you for so many days. 

Vansh (smiles ) : Yes , i know….so today I am here.  Let’s equal the deal.. 


Vaaz and Vansh both prepared to fight.  


Vaaz tried to puch Vansh both Vansh flipped back and saved him.  Vaaz again hit a punch on Vansh’s face but vansh saved him by holding Vaaz’s fist with his force palm.  Vansh did a low kick and vaaz fell down. Vaaz pushed vansh and vansh landed near the end of the tower . 


Vaaz  : One last strike and your game will over…bye Vansh. 


Vaaz punched vansh and vansh was about  to fall down when he holded Vaaz’s arm and turn it …. Now vaaz is at cliff of tower.  But vansh leaved him .


Vansh  : Vaaz always remember.  I am vansh raisinghania…whom death also fears to come .. 


Vaaz took his bow and arrow there.  Vaaz pointed his aim at Mr Basu.  Vaaz released his arrow towards Mr basu and the arrow pierced through Mr Basu heart .


Vansh  : Oh no…mr basu are you ok . Please tell me .


Vaaz took that Pendrive from mr basu and entered the lift …vansh put a gps tracer on Vaaz … but Vaaz ran away through the lift.  


Vansh  : Mr Basu…nothing can happen to you….i have promised kabir that I will save you at any cost.  Please Mr basu don’t lose 🙏😢courage .😥😥😥 . 


Vansh removes the arrow from mr basu…but Alas ! Mr Basu has already died. 


Vansh  : No…it can’t happen.  Mr basu you died by fulfilling Kabir’s secret…. Now it’s my turn to kill vaaz and take that Pendrive from him . Vaaz I have put gps tracer on you….using that i could catch you wherever you go .

Vansh traces the location using his gps instrument in his mobile.  Vansh gets the location of vaaz . Vansh gives Mr Basu flower blessings as funeral 🙏.  Vansh entered into Kabir’s car and goes to catch Mr Basu ….. Vansh runs the car very fast to reach vaaz . They reach near an alley of the building  . Vansh finds vaaz .


Vaaz  : You find me so easily very nice….but how ? 


Vansh goes near Vaaz and removes the gps tracer from his pocket. 


Vansh  : GPS tracer…. Now just give me that Pendrive..


Vaaz  : (laughs 😈😈😈😈) . Vansh that Pendrive has already gone .


Vansh  : Gone ? What did you do tell me ? 

Vansh points his gun towards Vaaz. 


Vaaz  : Vansh,  if you want then you could kill me ….. but i have given both the red diary and Pendrive to someone….who is your enemy 😈😈😈😈😈😈 . 

Vansh  : What  ? 

Vaaz  : yess .


Vansh points his gun and shoot towards Vaaz’s leg . Vaaz fell down . Vansh kidnapps Vansh from there and take him to basement. 


Vansh  : This vaaz could be useful to tell about riddhima and red diary connection and scare riddhima  .



Scene – 2 , At present time 

Riddhima  : It means that vaaz got that Pendrive also…


Vansh  : Yes he got the Pendrive and killed Mr Basu .


Riddhima  : But when I  saved him that day and asked him about red diary and Pendrive….he said that he don’t have any Pendrive ( episode 27) . It means that he again lied me  .


Anjali  : Vaaz , told that he dealt with someone who was Vansh’s enemy… and i think vaaz is more trustworthy to that person not with you. 


Riddhima  : Yes , vaaz told me that he dealt with someone who will help him to kill vansh.  


Vansh  : I have so many enemies that it is difficult to find whom Vaaz dealt with.  


Kabir  : I am having a feeling that your enemy from that  Mahabaleshwar who send that drone…..in VR MANSION is the person with whom vaaz dealt with  .


Vansh  : It means Vaaz and that drone sender stories are connected and vaaz dealt with him . Nice theory 👌👍 .


Riddhima  :  Vansh  , now you said that you captured vaaz after the duel at Basu tower.  It means that Vaaz’s kidnapper… was You ? 


Vansh  : Yes riddhima,  i have kidnapped vaaz after our fight at Basu tower  . And the caller who called you and threatened you about vaaz kidnapping ….was also me ( episode 26 , scene 1 ) . And the person with whom Kabir used to talk was also me . 


Riddhima  : It means you kidnapped vaaz and then called me . But after i went there and saved vaaz from  basement….you threw a bomb 💣 at us and said that ” This fire will remind you of your past ” ( episode 27 , scene 2)  . It means that you knew about my past ….. but who told you ? 


Vansh  : It was vaaz himself who said me about your past . After i kidnapped him…i tied him to ropes and beat him.  With just one punch he told me everything about your past . And the person who recorded the entire riddhima and vaaz conversation was also me ( episode 27 , scene 1) . I send that recording to kabir  , Angre and Anjali….


Riddhima  : In this way both Angre (episode 28 , scene 1) and kabir ( episode  28 , scene 3)  comes to know about my past .


Vansh  : Yes , they both knew about your past . And i was standing behind the main door 🚪of vr mansion listeningto you .  Therefore the phone location showed near VR MANSION ( episode 28 , scene 5) 

Riddhima  : It means Vaaz lied me . When were in Assassin school…I told him about my past… and he gave promise that he will never tell anything about my anyone….but he told everything.  I should never trust me .

Vansh  : You both were classmates so you should share everything….but be aware of the person with  whom you are sharing your information.

Riddhima moves towards Kabir.

Riddhima  : sorry,  kabir because of me…. you lost Your friend Me basu….i am sorry 😞😐😔

Kabir  : It’s not your fault ziddhima,  you didn’t knew anything about Vaaz’s motive….i forgot you but i will not leave vaaz .

Riddhima  : So the mystery of 2days  is fully revealed..

1) Kabir,  Vansh, Angre and Anjali formed a teamup .

2) you all knew about my past …

3) Vaaz got both the red diary and Pendrive….

4) Mr basu got killed by saving the Pendrive.

5) Vaaz cheated me….he dealt with Vansh’s enemy …

6) The location of that drone sender….is Mahabaleshwar.

7) That goon attack on basu tower was made by vaaz and the goons who attacked you both were the men of drone sender…..

Now i got all my new answers and the mystery of 2days is revealed.  Vansh can we all have a new start .

Vansh  : It’s never too late to start for a new begging.

Precap  – 

Riddhima  : Vansh, i have put new nail polish 💅on my hand so i don’t want to wet my hands ? 

Vansh : So What can I do ? 

Riddhima  : Will you bath with  me today and Bathe me today please….. 

Episode ends

So hello guys how was todays episode.. All the mysteries of 2 days secret are out. But if you feel that i have left something then please tell me .

1) Is any loophole left in the story or.       2 days secret ? Tell below

2) What about precap  ? Precap will be naughty 😜😉

After so many thrill let’s experience some romance from next episode.

3) Are you feeling thrilled in this episode.

4) What is your opinion about 2 days secret ?

Bye , take care and thanks.

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