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Happy Father’s Day to this special father. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is a special os on this special day. I have written it because I can’t miss this day. Today is Father’s Day so celebrate with an os. Do tell me your opinion on the comments.
This os and its characters is from my old ff which is Love, Romance, and revenge. I mean that Riansh’s daughter’s name will be Rianshi like it was there.
So let’s start.
Rianshi’s POV starts:
Hello! I’m Rianshi Vansh Rai Singhania. The daughter of the the two lovely parents Vansh and Riddhima Rai Singhania.
The ones who I really love them a lot and I respect them so much. The ones who I will always be so proud of them and of their special love story.
They have told me everything has happened on their love story from their debate at the first meet till the misunderstanding of that stupid Sam like dad always call him and they also told me about how they have known that I’m present on my momma’s tummy and when I have came to earth and how they have named me with the same name without even discussing about that together.
I’m so proud of their love story and I’m so proud of them.
They are my lovely and caring parents who I love the most.
So today is 20th June which is Father’s Day.
I can’t miss that day without surprising dad a very huge surprise.
He has to know how he is so special to me and how I love him so much.
The great and the most professional doctor Vansh Rai Singhania must be pampered today from his daughter Rianshi not from his wife Riddhima Rai Singhania as always.
Today will just be my day with my father.
Or maybe I could make mom with us a little to not feel bad! 😅
As I know that she can’t be away of papa.
Rianshi’s POV ends.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I’m so happy to see my lovely daughter Rianshi being older and being so beautiful like that.
She is now 10 years old!
How life has passed that much?!
She starts to be a copy of me and Vansh.
She is taking mixture of our both personalities and that is making her so special and lovely.
She is now being on Vansh’s lap and as well she is teasing me!
Rianshi: Don’t look at me like that momma. Today is my day with my papa and you will not be included, sorry! As today is Father’s Day and I’m papa’s daughter not you so I’m the one who will be with him today not you.
She has done an irritating face look.
I got so irritated from her.
But then my Vansh has removed all my annoy when he has grabbed me towards him and made me also sit on his lap like Rianshi.
Vansh: Who tells you Rianshi that Riddhima isn’t also my daughter?! Your mother is my daughter even before you come to this earth. She is my daughter and my sister and my mother and my wife and my everything in this world. She has made me a father even before you could come and made me an actual father. So I have two lovely daughters not one.
I have smiled so much and I was very happy feeling Vansh’s love to me even after all those years being married.
He still loves me in the same way and this what melts my heart.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Rianshi was happy hearing Vansh’s words.
Rianshi: I know that papa I was just teasing momma. Your love story is what I love it so much. I’m so proud of it. I love you papa. I love you momma.
Vansh and Riddhima at the same time: I love you too my child.
Afterwards, Rianshi has took Vansh with her out of the house and he wasn’t understanding where she is getting him for.
Vansh: Where are we going Rianshi???
Rianshi: Surprise papa. A small surprise from a young girl like me.
They were being on the street.
Then Rianshi has surprised Vansh when she has got down on her knees.

Vansh: What are you doing Rianshi?!!!!!
Rianshi: Who tells that this could only be done for the couple while proposing?! This also still could be done from a daughter to her father to express to him her love to him and to celebrate this day with him. I love you so much papa. You are my hero and my first love. You are my supporter and encourager. You are the best man ever in my life. Actually, you are the only great man in my life. I love you so much papa.
Vansh was very emotional hearing those true and innocent words from his daughter.
Rianshi( completing her words): Happy Father’s Day to this special father who loves me a lot. Happy Father’s Day for this special father who always care about me. Happy Father’s Day papa. God bless you always to me my hero. In this day I want to just spend it with you alone dad so could you accept to go on a date with this young girl? Do you accept this tiny date papa?
Vansh has smiled.
Then he she got down to her and he has hugged her.
Vansh: Of course my lovely daughter. I can’t refuse this lovely offer after this lovely words from you my lovely Rianshi. You have made my day special. I’m so blessed to have a daughter like you my love.
They have smiled then they have went together to have an ice cream as this was Rianshi’s cute date on this Father’s Day.








The end of the os. I hope you like it. It is short I know  due to my health that got so terrible and my elbows and hands which hurt me a lot as I just wanted to express a tiny stuff and at the same time I wasn’t wanting to miss this day without talking about it. Happy Father’s Day. I hope you liked it and enjoyed it. Do tell me your opinion on the comments. I will be waiting for all of yours comments as all your comments is the thing that encourages me to write more os episodes. Your respond here is what will make me know if I will write a new os or not. So comment so many comments here and break my previous record of comments. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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