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Father’s Day OS- by Tanvi

Yes, I am still on break but I wrote it yesterday when I was not sleepy. Happy Father’s Day to all of your father’s from my side 🥺🙂 I don’t know why I choose my family picture for the thumbnail but it’s fine…

So this is my experience… When I had to shift to hometown after my father’s demise, in my new school. Here I am at the role of Riva…
It was Saturday, the school was being decorated for father’s Day function. Riva was noticing every single detail while entering her school. Climbing the stairs, reaching her class. Students chatting and laughing all over. Girls discussing what they are going to wear tomorrow. Riva waiting for her best friends so she could feel her heart a little light as her eyes were getting blurred with tears. She kept them back as she had to control her emotions..
It’s school Riva, you can’t cry here. There is no place to run and find a pillow for yourself. Control.
There she saw her only-friends entering. They came and sat with her on which she passed a fake smile. The first period started with a substitute teacher, she was new.
Teacher: Here we have a list for all your preparations…
Every child had to do something. Riva was listening with her head down.
Teacher: And Riva, because you sing very well, you have a speech and a song to perform together.
Riva looked at the teacher, while her friends tried to deny.
Purvi: Mam..
Teacher: I told you what you have to do..now take out books.
Riva signalled Purvi not to say anything. She diverted her mind to studies. Her day was normal, she didn’t step out of the class as she was not in the mood, or she didn’t wanted to go.
Next day..
Riva entered the school, looking at everyone entering with their fathers. Then entered Purvi. She also came with her father, who was holding her hand. Riva smiled and Purvi’s innocent but happy smile. When teacher broke her thoughts…
Teacher: Riva, where is your father?
The other teacher came to stop her, but it was late.
The host: Next we have Riva Rai Singhania for her words and a song on father’s Day.
Riva reached the stage with baby steps.. heart beating faster and faster. She took the mic out of the stand.
Riva: Firstly, Happy Father’s Day to all the living fathers. I would like to sing the song first as I don’t think so I would be able to do it later.

Meri zameen asmaan mere Papa
Main hun jahan.
Hain wahan mere papa

Mere papa. Mere papa Tum saanson ki sans ho
Shaamon sehar mere paas ho
Jahan mere ansu yeh dhale
Wahi mujhe haaske miley
Mere papa. Mere

Ruthun jo, main tumse
Kitna darte ho
Rabb ki tarah, zid meri
Poori karte ho
Ruthune na de kabhi mujhko gile

Main chand kahun mujhe chandini de
Kaise kaise jaadu kare
Mere papa. Mere papa

Ek shikaan chehre par
Sehna paate ho
Mere liye kismat se
Bhi lad jaatein ho

Mere paas koi dukh aa na sake
Koi dhup mujhe murjha na sake
Mere saaya banke chale

There were claps all over. Riva looking at her friend with moist eyes who assured that all is good and be calm. Riva exhaled a deep breath.
Riva:A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remain as a pillar of strength throughout our lives. I know, all of you must be thinking that she just learned some written words, but it’s not like that. I felt it. It’s the 4th month of this year I have been living without my father. (it was 2018) And see, (laughs sarcastically) teacher chose me for the speech. My father is my superhero. Not was. He is always here. (Pointing to her heart) The night he left us, I was not there. He was in an ambulance coming from from hospital as doctor said he can’t be saved. You should take him home and spend some time with him. I was not even in the same town. I was in another city to give my annual exams. Because me and father decided we don’t want any loss. It feels so bad, my heart aches that I was not present with him. And what dream I had that night. I was dreaming myself at a railway station waiting for my father to come. He came down and I ran to him, he took me in his arms and we were circling all over. And my dream broke. I woke up, it was 3 at night and my relative was packing my back. She said me ‘Your father is calling you back. He needs you’
I told her he said me to come after my exams. But still I left because a 10-year old girl wanted to meet her father. Little she didn’t know, for the last time.
Tears continuously falling from her eyes, she came out if the thoughts when she heard clapping sounds all over. She wiped her tears and smiled.
Riva: I would not have came school today. But I did, for my father and my best friend Purvi. She is the one who assured me that everything can be okay if we want to. Thank you.
She kept the mic and ran to her friend, hugged her tight. Both were crying…..

Nothing more to say….🥺

Tanvi 🌠

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