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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat – Dharma and Bindusara Fan Club- Part 1

HELLO EVERYONE! This is my first article. It’s a fan fiction.

This dates back to 7th Oct 2016 of our COLORS SHOW – CHAKRAVARTIN ASHOKA SAMRAT.

7 year leap

Ashoka is now following the path of non-violence along with Devi and Mahendra. Devi asks him about the thing he desired the most. Ashoka replies but that is not possible. Devi insists him to share his wishes to Lord buddha and his wish will be fulfilled. Devi and Mahendra leave.

Ashoka goes inside the temple and asks Lord Buddha that he wants to see his mother once again. He wished that his mother was still alive. Flowers fall on his head. Ashoka wonders of there is a sign.

The same man who was peeking in Dharma’s funeral is shown in a palace in Greece. He calls Elina. Dharma enters in a modern avatar with jewellery and smiles. She asks him if he remembers his promise, Alexander. He says yes. A flashback is shown. Alexander rescues Dharma who appears suffocated after Sushim tried to kill her. Dharma wakes up and says you. Alexander lies to her that Bindusara and Sushim are plotting to kill you which is why Sushim strangled you. Dharma denies. Alexander says you saved my daughter when Ashoka was 14 years old and now it’s my turn. He tells Dharma to accompany him. She reluctantly agrees. He replaces wood in funeral pyre. Alexander asks Dharma to act as his daughter’s mother Elina till her marriage. Dharma, heartbroken thinks at least someone cares about me. Fb ends.

Dharma becomes emotional and tells that my husband betrayed me. He chose his enemies over his own wife. He did not think about Ashoka. Alexander consoles her and says it’s his loss and he will pay for it.

Precap – Dharma tells Alexander to return to Patilputra. He denies but she is eager to go. Dharma secretly reaches Patilputra and is shocked to see Ashoka as the Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. 


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