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Barrister Babu 21st June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh saves Bondita from danger

Barrister Babu 21st June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Anirudh getting worried for Bondita. She walks lost and doesn’t see the snakes. Anirudh gets shocked. The snakes reach near her. Sumati says there is just some time left for the morning aarti, you handle this for more time, then this stain will get clear. Anirudh gets a stick and ties cloth. He pours the oil on the cloth from Bondita’s lantern and ignites fire. He makes the snakes away. He says Thakumaa has gone blind because of the customs, she wants revenge, how can she regard a girl impure when she is a woman herself. He says nothing will happen to you, I have come. He hugs Bondita. The firetorch gets blown off. He hears some sound. The bats attack. Anirudh tries to defend. Bondita walks towards the snakes again. Anirudh calls her out. He gets shocked seeing a tiger coming. Sumati and Thakumaa get scared hearing the tiger’s roar. Sumati asks Thakumaa to let her go to Bondita, she is alone. Thakumaa says stop it, don’t be mad, do you want her to stay alone all her life, the society will not spare her if she is alone, she will die every day if she is alone, don’t lose courage, she will come out and become pure. Sumati says if this doesn’t happen, then I will cut my wrist and die here itself.

Anirudh runs towards Bondita and holds her safe. He gets scared seeing the tiger. The tiger roars and walks towards them. Anirudh prays for Bondita. The tiger runs to jump. Anirudh chants and prays. The tiger stops and calms down. The tiger sits there. Anirudh continues the chant. The tiger leaves. Anirudh smiles happily. He says your Durga Maa saved you, come with me, we will go from here. He takes Bondita. The pillars start falling down. Anirudh takes Bondita cautiously. He holds a pillar to save her. She still walks ahead, lost. Another pillar falls over her. She falls there and gets under the debris. Her leg gets stuck. She screams. Sumati calls her out. She says Bondita is shouting, we will go inside. Thakumaa says no need to go anywhere, Bondita will be fine, she is screaming, it means she is alive, we will hear the temple aarti and shank in some time, then we will go inside. Anirudh asks Bondita are you fine, come to senses. Bondita screams. He says I have come here, look at me. Bondita sees him.

He says don’t worry, I have come. She looks around. She recalls Sumati feeding her the sweets. He says Thakumaa has sent you here for purity, she thinks you are impure, its all nonsense, no girl can be impure, my Bondita is special, you are sunlight, Thakumaa is blind, she can’t see your talent, I won’t let your future get ruined, come, give your hand. Bondita recalls her promise to Thakumaa. She says I can’t go with you. He asks why can’t you go. She says I promised Thakumaa that I won’t meet you until Trilochan apologizes to her. He says I have talked to Trilochan, he went to Thakumaa and folded hands, he fell in her feet, but Thakumaa didn’t forgive him. She says but she said that Thakumaa didn’t apologize to her and instead gave her the house papers to compensate for the insult.

Sumati hears the shank. She says we will go and get Bondita. Thakumaa says yes, come. Anirudh says Trilochan gave the papers, he realized his mistake, those papers weren’t a compensation, Thakumaa was insulted when the baraat went back, she had a big loss and had to sell the house, that’s why he wanted to return to Thakumaa, he didn’t compensate for the insult, he really apologized with all the heart, she didn’t wish for apology, she kept such a condition in front of him. She asks what condition. He tells her everything. She cries. She apologizes to him. She says I misunderstood you and dad, forgive me. He says no, Thakumaa cheated you, its not your mistake. They see Thakumaa and Sumati coming. He says we have to run away from here, come along Bondita.

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