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Words :- An important part of our life

Word plays an important role in our life and each and every word is unpredictable. A single word is enough to made and destroy something,all we need to choose our words wisely.
Every word behaves different in different situations.whenever you’re in calm even bitter hard words doesn’t affect you but if you’re angry, even sweet and soft words are worthless.
Whenever You feel depressed, tensed ,a package of warm motivated words from your loved ones can make you hopeful and sometimes critic words are enough to convert a hopeful one into a hopeless.
Sometimes you can encourage someone with your confident words ,where at the same time your discouraging words can degrade one’s confidence.
Words are deep like ocean, and as in the depth of ocean we found pearls and precious stones, inside deep words which came from the depth of heart are as precious as anything else.
From the sea we found salt but before using salt, it has to go through many process and when we get pure and refined salt, it becomes healthy and it increases the taste of food same as when we have words like sea, before using them, we need to think over them and when words are pure they can increase the value of your thought process, your thoughts become wise and than your words can hit the point in the way you want….
So the bottom line is…
Whenever you’re going to speak something, choose your words wisely…:)

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