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Kumkum Bhagya Trailers and Spoilers (By Karina )…..

Hi Friends My name is Karina and I am one of the biggest fan of Kumkumbhagya and had been starving to do a work from KKB. As I can’t publish written update as it is already published by some other person and as I can’t do any Fan-fiction due to my inability to do I have planned to publish articles on Kumkumbhagya Trailers.

I will be publishing the trailers as well as behind the scenes video made during shoot .It will have images of every particular scene while the dialogues spoken will be written in Hindi and will also be translated to English.

Please Support me.

This is my Thumbnail.


Please comment about by my thumbnail. Say if it is nice and please comment if any change is required in Thumb Nail.

I will update it as soon as the trailer or the video is available.

And In this situation I would like to thank my sister KAVYA for giving me this wonderful idea and helping me in making this thumbnail.

I have planned to also publish in WATT PAD if I do so I will be officially announcing it here in this wonderful platform.

Friends comment below about my idea and say if I should do it or not.

Thank You for Patiently reading my post!!!

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