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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira makes a plan to expose Suhana

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Reporter Vinay telling Kartik that Suhana is the con bride Resham. Kaira says this isn’t Suhana. He asks them to see pic carefully. They get shocked. Vinay says I just have this pic, I have info about her in my article. Naira says anyone can go to this extent for money. Savita, Suhana and Rahul talk about Naira. Rahul calms down Suhana and says all family members are here, it will be a problem if they see you. Suhana says she challenged my ego. Rahul says calm down, we don’t have to get caught. Surekha says maybe kids got tired and slept. Akhilesh says I will ask staff to get comforters. Naira says I have to tell you about Suhana.

Surekha introduces Carol, beautician to Suhana. She says she will try the beauty products and decide your look for the bridal

look, its a special day for you. Suhana smiles. Surekha says Dadi wants everything perfect, there will be media and guests. Suhana agrees. Surekha says let beautician do her work. She goes. Suhana says I don’t want all thing. Carol insists and applies the cucumber on her eyes. Naira signs her. Carol makes a fake moustache and beard on Suhana’s face.

Kartik says if her crime is proved, the family will not leave her. Dadi and Suwarna serve food and sweets to Savita and Rahul. Devyaani goes to call Bhabhimaa. Savita says its good Suhana went to room. Rahul says I m feeling tensed. Naira and Kirti see Suhana and then her pic, in which she became a man and took groom’s place. Carol cleans Suhana’s face. Suhana asks what did you do. Carol says its charcoal face pack. Suhana scolds her. She says why do I feel a moustache and beard was made on my face. Naira shows Suhana’s pic to Kartik, Naksh and Kirti. Kirti says Suhana will deny this. Kartik says we have no option than to catch her red handed. Naira says yes, Shubham won’t believe us. Kartik says mum can get hurt. Naira says yes, we need proof. Kirti asks did you think something. Naira says yes, I have to show some Nairagiri.

Savita’s stomach gets upset. Naira stops her. Savita sees Naira and team. She says I had much food, so went for walk. Naira and Kirti catch her and threaten. Savita says Suhana gives me money, I do anything she says, she helps me, I can’t cheat her, I m doing this for my children. Naira asks what about Suhana cheating us, tell us her plan, else I will call police. Savita says don’t call police. Kartik says tell us truth, we will save you. Savita says their real names are Ajay and Resham, they are acting to be brother and sister, they love each other. They get shocked. Savita says we have looted many people. Naksh asks what’s your plan. Savita says we run on marriage’s first day when Suhana has all jewelry, Ajay and I rob the cash and we run when everyone sleeps, they are going Dubai and I m going to my kids, don’t send me to jail. Naira scolds her. Kartik says we can save you if you support us, help us in getting them caught. Naira says you have no option. Kirti says it will be better that you give their info to us. Naira says if you cheat us…. Savita says I don’t cheat. She cries and goes. Naksh says we have time to gather proof. Kartik says we have to keep an eye on them. Naksh says like CCTV cameras. Kartik says I will get cameras installed, good idea.

Bhabhimaa says we will leave now. Naira says no, please no one will go anywhere. She smiles seeing Suhana. Rajshri asks why. Naira says there is a much to do, Ghumar is also left. Dadi asks now. Naira says yes, this day won’t come again and again, its Shubham’s marriage. Aryan says yes, everyone stay back, we will enjoy and party. Rahul says but everyone should rest, else they will get tired. Kartik and Naksh say we will sleep in morning and get fresh, Shubham tell Rahul to listen to us. Aryan asks them to agree. Rahul asks Savita to say. Savita says we should agree to them. They all clap. Naira prays that everything gets fine. Naira and everyone dance on Dil se bandhi ek dor….. The guy imagines dancing with her.

Aryan’s friends ask the guy Kabeer to come, what will he do when they are leaving. The guy Kabeer sees Naira and smiles. He goes. Suhana dances with Savita. Savita recalls calling Suhana and telling everything. Suhana thinks I will run away with everything. Kartik says all cameras will be activated in one house. Naira says very good, till then we will keep an eye on them. Suhana signs Rahul. Rahul goes to add something in laddoos. Kartik and Naira look on. Rahul sends laddoos with maid. Naira goes dancing and makes laddoos plate fall down. Suhana sees Rahul. Suwarna asks servant to get fresh laddoos. Naira stares at Suhana.

Naira and Kartik do tika to everyone. Suhana says I had to apply intoxicating tika to them. Suhana and Rahul rob the locker.

Update Credit to: Amena

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