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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhant comes to office and sees Anushka. He admires her. yeh pyaar nahi toh song plays…Guard asks her not to do formality and says Anushka gave order to let him enter without sign. Siddhant comes inside and tries to talk to Anushka. Anushka turns her face and smiles. Parag comes and hugs her. Siddhant gets jealous. Parag says you are looking stunning and tells that he came to meet Srikant. Siddhant walks towards Anushka when Parag comes and asks him if he is also there. Siddhant says he works for Srikant. Parag says Anushka hired you. Siddhant gets upset and leaves. Anushka turns and looks for Siddhant. KK, Srikant and Karthik along with Prabhakar hear the news that the aircraft crashed due to the crew’s carelessness. Karthik says we shall get this deal again and fulfill our dream.

Prabhakar says we shall stay away from this deal and says this is sabotage, the person getting it done can do anything. He asks KK what is his opinion and says it is risky for the Reddy Corporation. Karthik dismisses his fears. Prabhakar asks KK to choose between the airline deal and him. KK is shocked.

Prabhakar goes to his cabin and keeps his files in his bag. He leaves. Anushka collides with him and asks are you fine? Prabhakar says he is feeling unwell. Anushka offers to drop him. He refuses. Siddhant comes there. Prabhakar refuses to go with him. Siddhant asks Anushka not to be emotional for his Dad. Prabhakar thinks about Srikant and Karthik’s words. He calls Goel’s assistant Sanjay and says he wants to know who got Goel’s airlines crashed. He asks for the employees list. Sanjay says it this is a trick then..Prabhakar says you have nothing to lose and tells that if the actual criminal is caught then Goel can get his licence back. Sanjay agrees.

Purva calls Anushka and tells that she saw her awesome pics and liked it too. She shares Madhurima pic and says Siddhant agreed for marriage. Anushka gets sad. Srikant asks Siddhant to be careful next time. Anushka comes there and asks if she can join them. Siddhant shows him papers. Anushka looks at him. Srikant asks Anushka to tell about her opinion. Anushka asks did you congratulate Siddhant? Srikant asks why? Anushka says Siddhant is marrying? Srikant says marriage is a big commitment and tells that asks him not to marry so soon. Siddhant says I am not in a hurry. Anushka asks how was the girl? Siddhant says beautiful, but I have understood that she didn’t have a heart. Anushka smiles while the song plays.

Prabhakar comes home. Gayatri says something is waiting for you since 1 hour. He sees Ira and refuses to talk to her. Ira asks him to listen to her. Gayatri goes to make tea. Ira asks Prabhakar did you forget the profit which happened because of me. Ira says she did a mistake by helping Goel, and KK don’t want to work with her. She says she needs his help and says Karthik wants to get the airline deal back. She says KK shall not do this deal and says this sabotage, and says whoever can do the plane crash done, can do anything. She asks him to convince KK. Prabhakar says why KK will agree to my sayings. Ira says I am sure that you are trying to find the culprit. She says she will bring proofs. Prabhakar asks her to prove her loyalty and he will ask KK to forgive her. Gayatri asks her to drink tea. Prabhakar refuses and asks her to drink. Gayatri gets tensed.

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