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Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambika takes Rano’s side

Woh Apna Sa 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bini says I have you Jia. Akash says before I forget you are a girl get out. Bini says I don’t want to see your face and nor of this disgusting woman. Akash says you don’t deserve to be loved. You are my mistake. Go from here. Bini leaves. Ambika says you did well by kicking her out. She did so wrong. Thank God she didn’t marry you. At least Jia is a lot better than her. She goes to her room.

Jia recalls everything. She is crying. Arjun comes to her room. He sees Rano. Akash says to Rano at least you didn’t do what happened today. Rano leaves.
Arjun comes to Jia. She is crying and sobbing. Arjun gives her tissues. jia is dazed to see him. Rano sees them. Arjun sits with her. He says you handled everything right. I am proud of you. you saved the dignity

of this house. She says thank you. he says Rano should have checked your dress first.

Rano comes to Ambika and says I can’t sleep after what happened. You were so right. Jia is a lot better than Bini. AMbika says go and rest. Rano says jia is so upset. She is new in this house. I thought if you can go and talk to once she would feel better. Ambika says don’t get worried. She is brave. She can handle it own her own.

Akash gives Jia coffee. she says I am worried for you. After what happened she felt so bad. Rano did all this. Akash says she accepted she did all this. She is so hateful. Jia says I know her. She isn’t that evil. rano did this. Akash says bini was a part of it.
Rano says to Jia what are you looking for? Your dignity? Jia says shut up. sHe shoves ehr and throttles her. Arjun comes and says Jia what are you doing. He comes and slaps her.
Rano says Arjun.. what did you do. Akash says shut up you are doing all this hyou devil person. I am ashamed you are part of my family. Arjun says I am sorry.

Arjun comes to room. Rano says please calm down. He says leave me alone. Rano says has akash started loving Jia for real? He cared for her. Akash gives Jia water. Akash says she has no shame. soon ma will realize how good you are.
Ambika calls everyone downstairs. Ambika says I haven’t still owned you. I am just standing you with truth. I am standing with woman’s dignity and nothing more than that. You have to punish arjun for slapping you.
Percap-Jia falls down. Arjun holds her hand. Rano pretends slipping from stairs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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