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Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh goes to jalandhar’s palace.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev and Jalandhar facing each other. Parvati says mahadev had cut jalandhar’s head, how did he still come alive? Kartikeya says till now father’s anger was jalandhar’s power but now father was not even angry then how did Jalandhar still come alive? Ganesh says no, something else is happening, something wrong is happening. Lord Vishnu thinks which power can stand against mahadev? Ganesh says I have done a mistake, I have left something unheard, I have to find out what is wrong. Ganesh closes his eyes and sees everything in the past, he sees vrinda telling Jalandhar not to go near Kailash or he will die from shiv’s hand and then he sees Jalandhar saying to vrinda that until she is alive, nothing will happen to me. Ganesh says vrinda! Lord Vishnu says vrinda? Ganesh

says yes she is wife of Jalandhar. Lord Vishnu says vrinda is the name of my disciple, he closes his eyes. Lord Vishnu sees the past how vrinda became a demon and married Jalandhar. Lord Vishnu says until vrinda is alive, Jalandhar cannot die. Ganesh says so vrinda is the support of Jalandhar. Parvati is shocked. Lord Vishnu tells he had given vrinda a wish. In flashback, vrinda is a disciple of lord Vishnu and she prays a lot to Vishnu until one day he appears and vrinda says prabhu, I want to stay married always until I am alive, I want a wish that my husband shall not die until I am alive, no one in this world even tridev shall not be able to kill my husband. Lord Vishnu smiles and gives her the wish. Ganesh says so sad, vrinda turned to evil, I don’t understand she was your disciple. Lord Vishnu says she chose that evil Jalandhar as her husband.
Jalandhar says to mahadev, I heard you are trikaal and the destroyer but you are not even able to kill me, see I told you no one can kill me, even you cannot! You can still be a god in my court. Mahadev says Jalandhar you are so foolish, no evil ever stays alive, evil is always killed in some way.
Ganesh says mama ji Vishnu, I don’t understand how did vrinda change so much? I don’t think this vrinda is the same vrinda who was your disciple. Lord Vishnu says no ganesh, she is the same vrinda and the reason for the change is Jalandhar. Jalandhar never was attracted towards vrinda because of her simple clothes and her behavior so vrinda was angry at this and she decided to change herself into a demoness which Jalandhar would like, Jalandhar married her so he could stay alive until she was alive.
There mahadev removes his Chandra haas! The most dangerous weapon of mahadev. Parvati says mahadev is using his chandrahaas and Jalandhar wont live that attack, till then ganesh will find a way to kill Jalandhar. Brahma dev says it is mahadev’s chandrahaas, there are special powers of mahadev in it, no one can stand it! Mahadev attacks the chandrahaas on Jalandhar. Jalandhar says try all your attacks shiv. Jalandhar thinks this weapons seems divya, I hope that old rishi’s sayings doesn’t come true.
Saraswati says swami, no one can live mahadev’s chandrahaas’s attack but shree hari Narayana’s wish also stands strong as well as mahadev’s attack from chandrahaas. There vrinda says, I know nothing will happen to my swami, if I am alive I am sure he will be alive.
There mahadev’s chandrahaas cuts jalandhar’s head and it bursts and is destroyed. Lord Vishnu says mahadev’s chandrahaas attack never goes waste, but I know mahadev wont do this against the wish I had given to vrinda, I hope Jalandhar is destroyed. Ganesh says I hope this will destroy Jalandhar.
Brahma dev says I still doubt this will do anything to Jalandhar.
There mahadev turns to go and sees parvati in Kailash. Parvati says what is this I am seeing? Mahadev thinks why does parvati look shocked? Mahadev looks at Jalandhar as his head comes back and Jalandhar laughs and says I am having so much fun, I am the greatest god. Mahadev says you are a fool Jalandhar, before a fire on a diya vanishes, it burns a lot but it vanishes for sure, you will be destroyed too. Ganesh says Jalandhar will be destroyed, however big a problem is, it is always solved. Lord Vishnu says ganesh do you think vrinda will listen to you? Ganesh says I will tell her what is right, she will have to do what is right.
There mahadev removes another of his most powerful weapons as Jalandhar sees.
There ganesh goes on mushak ji to jalandhar’s palace. Vrinda there says yes, my swami cannot die and I am his Shakti.
Mahadev attacks the weapon on Jalandhar and his head is destroyed, but the head comes back and Jalandhar says see, I am victorious and alive, you cant kill me.
There vrinda says enough, now I am sure nothing will happen to my swami, he will defeat shiv and shiv will accept defeat, I shall go and make my swami’s favorite food. As vrinda goes, she sees ganesh and mushak and thinks he is that son of shiv, how did he get in? vrinda says listen stop! What are you doing here? Ganesh runs away with mushak. Vrinda says stop and then she looks here and there for ganesh, she sees mushak’s tail and says what is that sound? However he may try to hide, he left a hint. Vrinda goes near the pillar. There ganesh and mushak are standing and mushak says prabhu are you sure what you wanted, you got? Ganesh says yes I have taken this from jalandhar’s room, I have it and this is the power from which Jalandhar can be destroyed, brother told me if this power is destroyed then Jalandhar will be destroyed. Ganesh locks his fist. Vrinda says stop, which power were you talking about? Mushak says prabhu she heard everything. Ganesh says I don’t have any power, what are you saying? Vrinda says don’t try to fool me, show me. Then vrinda thinks this kid is trying to fool me, there is no such power. Vrinda says you cannot do anything, now that your father is getting defeated from my swami, you have come here to play your tricks. Ganesh says okay vrinda ji, if you think that is right then it will be true, if you don’t think I have anything and Jalandhar cannot be destroyed then I will go. Ganesh goes with mushak ji. Vrinda says he is going from here, I have to see what he has in his hand. Vrinda sees the room and says that kid has searched here everything and created a mess, does he have anything which can defeat my swami? I shall apprehend him. Ganesh goes outside the palace quickly and sits on mushak ji. Vrinda says stop you evil kid, stop. Ganesh goes. Vrinda takes her demoness form and gets angry, she says give me that power kid, give it to me. Vrinda turns demoness and goes behind ganesh. Ganesh goes flying to Kailash and vrinda says angrily stop kid, I will kill you.

Precap: ganesh and vrinda fight and ganesh tries to make vrinda understand. Mahadev fights Jalandhar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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