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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love! (99) (Kids)

Everybody was shocked listening that aliya is married to karan except manohar ofcourse because karan has already told him..

Kunj- (composing himself) aliya.. married??

Aliya nodded seeing kunj..

Karan- (holding kunj hands) jiju.. plz dont worry i will always take care of her.. n i.. i mean we started loving each other.. altough it was forced marriage but with passing of time.. we fell for each other n now we are happy..

Kunj asked aliya thoough gestures n she blushed n bend her head being shy.. Kunj hold tightned on karan’s hand and assured him through his eyes that he has no problem..

Karan then bend n took blessing from usha who wholeheartedly blessed him as his son in law..

After a few minutes of silence.. ( as everybody was trying to adjust this news)

Twinkle excitedly told karan about mahi as their meera di..

Karan became too happy to listen this n hugged twinkle tightly.. they thought to call uv n inform him about this..twinkle asked kunj to tell jiju not to inform mahii.. Kunj obliged..

Everybody was relaxed and happy that now every matter is solved..

Kunj- (suddenly) karan! how u reached here.. i mean u said u were in some vilage.. then how come u knew that we are staying here..

Karan- vo.. after the marriage day.. after a month i came to know that u shifted in amritsar so i came here only n we shifted in outskirts of city.. and from then i m keeping track of u.. when i came to know that u left for mumbai.. n the spy which were behind u were also not here now.. i came here in this mansion to meet manohar uncle.. but when i came here.. ur security didnt allow me.. but when they saw aliya, ur maid recognised her as she has seen her pics in house.. we were allowed to enter..

When we reached here we saw doctors tensed as manohar uncle’s condition was deteroiating a few minutes later.. i asked docs about him.. n he told me about this.. we waited for uncle to gain consciousness.. when after 2 hours or so he came into consciousness, doc analysed that now he is fine n is not paralyed but still have little diufficulty in walking..

When he saw aliya , he became emotional n we told him everything about our whereabouts.. when i asked uncle to contact u to inform about us but he denied saying that he went to bring twinkle back n to give punishment to our culprits.. we obliged.. n now we are here from last 2 days as uncle didnt allow us to leave n also aliya didnt wanted to leave uncle alone..

Kunj nodded ..

Everybody was happy n content as now every black cloud is removed from there lives n there will be only happiness..

Uv informed that he will arrive india after a month as he need to delegate the responsibility of business to somebody so that he can be with his family for a long time..


After a month:

Today is the day when luthra was given his punishment in sumpeme court.. he being powerful personality tried every possible thing to escape but kunj never allowed his any move to succeed..

Today’s decision was in favour of them .. n he was given imprisonment of 5 years and after that death sentense.. His 5 years imprisonment will be a complete torcher as per the judgement..

Everybody was happy listening this.. they also arranged a party in their amritsar mansion.. there was double happiness as uv n mahi with their kids are comming back today.. their family would be complete.. yes there would always be a void of the lost members but they need to be happy for them too..


Party’s environment was set up.. Twinkle and kunj were staying in different rooms n so were aliya n karan as manohar n usha want their marriage to happen again in the presence of family members..

Party was a small affair between the family only along with aman chinki n her family as they were their closest friends..

As soon as uv-mahi arrived.. Twinkle run n hugged mahii carying n calling her di again n again.. Majii became confused hearing her.. n patted her back..

Seeing her confused n seeing karan for the first time.. she became confused.. then they told her about everything about being their elder sister.. she felt contended n hugged both of them dearly..

Seeing her mumma hugging somebody else.. aadit n piya started making noice making fake crying voices to grab her attention.. thats when twinkle saw them both toddlers n laeving mahii.. she ran to them n hugged them n started kissing them in whole face..

Twinkle- ohh.. my angels.. i missed u soo much..

Seeing her kissing their faces.. they made faces and started crying.. (they dont remember her as they were too small when they last saw her)

Seeing this uv-mahi ran towards her uv took aadit in his lap n mahi took piya.. n consoled them..

Twinkle started cryings seeing them not recognisiong her.. Kunj reached for her n consoled her saying that they were too small when she they saw her thats why they didnt recognised her..

Twinkle became calm after listening this..

And kunj n karam teased her saying her a cry baby..

Meanwhile uv-mahi told kids about their chassi. (chachi + massi).. they being understanding kids.. soon understood..

And got down from their patents lap n ran towards twinkle who was earlier crying.. n reached theren asked her to bend towards them.. she did so.. then kids kissed her on either cheeks.. she became happy n hugged them.. Twinkle teased junj n karan showing her tounge that they are on her side now..

Kids easily mingled with their chassi n giggled seeing her making cute faces towards kunj n  karan.. everybody laiughed seeing 3 kid of the family.. (including twinkle)

Screen freesed everybody’s happy n giggling faces..


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