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Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:08)

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Finding Solace In You-
Twinkle twisted in the soft blanket wrapped around her securely. Snuggling closely to something warm and soft, she inhaled the sweet smell. She hadn’t slept this oblivious in ages and it felt nice. On hearing someone’s soft breathing, her sleepy mind started registering facts.
Abruptly she rose but realised she was held back in place with two strong arms. She stared into Kunj’s sleeping face. His slow breathing and the peaceful look on his face tugged at her heart. He seemed so innocent. Unaware of the world or how arrogantly brooding he was in it.
With her free hand she pressed her arm to his warm chest and tried shaking him up. Panic constricted her chest, she was in bed with a man who shared no legal relation with her.
After a few shakes, Kunj abruptly woke up sending Twinkle to the ground along with the blanket. She winced at her sudden contact with the hard wooden floor. Blinking confusedly at her, he finally registered his surroundings.
“I’m so sorry.” He cried out in panic and reached out to help her but she dragged her herself back from his touch. She got up, collected the blanket and thrashed it back on the bed. Kunj watched her confusedly. Something was off about her, he concluded.
“Are you okay?” He voiced his concern. She curtly nodded at him and left the room relentlessly muttering a chain of unknown words with herself.
Kunj took out the extra set of clothing he always had in his car and marched towards the house. On entering he saw Twinkle descending down the stairs all freshened up and cleaned. She stopped in her track on seeing him. What was up with her this morning was something Kunj pondered over.
“I need a shower, can you show me to the bathroom?” He questioned statistically. For a moment his eyes wondered as if she was calculating his each notation. “Follow!” She finally answered. He followed her atop the stairs and into a room that spoke pure female.
The walls were covered with different patterns. A central double bed laid with nightstands on each side. To the right side a cupboard was present with many books and frames atop of it. To the left a study desk stood firm with piles of neatly placed notes, stationary and decorated glass jars. Everything seemed neatly put and displayed the elegance of the inhabitant.
“Are you done surveying my room?” Her voice brought him back to present. He nodded repulsively. “That’s the bathroom.” She pointed towards a door that was located just behind her room’s door. She didn’t want him to use her father’s room anymore, so it left her with no choice. She fetched him fresh towel from one of the drawers and handed it to him. It had flowers pattern on it. He smiled at her amusingly.
“We need groceries since I wasn’t home for a long time. I’ll be back soon so don’t freak out if you don’t find me around.” Twinkle informed him curtly. Not that she thought he’d even care if she wasn’t to be found at the house but her past night memories told her otherwise.
He didn’t know why she brought him to her room. The bath was too small for him but what could he expect. The bathing gel and shampoo both smelled like vanilla, he wondered if she smelt that way too. He was impressed by the way she kept herself, organised and elegant. Not many females he met were that way, rather they only cared about the amount of make-up they had on and the barely enough clothes they wore, they cared nothing of how they represented themselves. But Twinkle was different.
Taking the last step, the strong smell of brewing coffee hit his pleasure nerves. “Hmmm that smells good…” He called while entering the kitchen. He caught a glimpse of her satisfied smile with her back on him.
“French toast with omelette and good coffee.” She announced. Maybe marrying her wouldn’t benefit him in a single way, he mused.
Half way through the breakfast, Kunj decided to speak, “Why were you so upset this morning?” He eyed her cautiously.
“I woke up with you wrapped up around me and you’re asking me why I was upset?” She answered him like it was quite obvious.
“We didn’t sleep together if that’s what you’re implying, not in the allegorical sense at least.” He stopped eating.
“No, we didn’t but you should’ve had the decency to have woken me up or just left me there sleeping, rather than sleeping with me.” She was beyond crossed and he didn’t quite seem to register the seriousness of the situation.
“I just couldn’t.” His blunt honesty took her aback.
“You just couldn’t? But you could touch me without any relationship, even sleep with me while holding me in my father’s house, in my father’s room and on his bed? Do you even know how that made me feel? I felt exposed and embarrassed and I committed such a huge sin. It felt like even Allah got upset with me and I missed my morning prayers. Do you even realise it? No, you don’t. Because to you religion, limits, all of it means nothing. You can do whatever you want, however you want without thinking of consequences. You-you-” She blurted out her hurt in one go and couldn’t make it to the end.
He noticed the sob forming in her voice. “Shh just shh, I’m sorry, I should’ve realised. I’m ashamed of making you feel that way and I promise to respect your religion and your limits after this. I won’t make the situation an excuse but just know this that the way you broke down last night, I just couldn’t find the heart to leave you on your own like that. I’m sorry.” All Twinkle heard was ‘sorry’ and ‘heart’. Did he actually has a heart? She wondered.
“Where are we going?” Twinkle questioned his haste. He seemed too focus on the road ahead. She wanted to hear his further plans and about the proportion she had accepted. With each ticking second, it filled a void inside her. “We’re getting married in two days.” He finally answered her delusively.
“That’s-” She sank back into her passenger seat to let the reality sink in. It felt too heavy upon her chest.
“Too quick? I know. I might not find time around again, I’ve got many projects to handle plus you’ve got a problem with being around me. Your religion doesn’t allow it all that. I want to close that chapter as soon as possible.” Was he that eager? Her mind constricted with Faris’s blunt words. Was it actually all aimed to let him active his vile desires?
He seemed to read her reeking tension. “Relax okay? I won’t even touch you without your consent even after you become my wife and I get a legal right over you.” He didn’t want to put her trust at stake, for he had stayed patient all this way till now. She nodded her head silently and turned away.
“How will your parents react to it? I mean marriage in two days to a girl you’ve barely known and who happens to be one of your late employee’s daughter.” He turned his head suddenly at her but she was still staring out of the side window.
“I’ve no parents.” He sternly answered her with agony bleak in his voice. She turned her head to eye him. “I’m sorry to hear that, but you might’ve other family members.” His grip on the steering wheel tightened till his knuckles turned white. “No, I don’t.” He answered through gritted teeth. “How could that be? Everyone does have someone.” He eyed her in pure range. “Not kids from orphanages.” Twinkle remained silent and didn’t investigate into the matter further.
When the car came to a halt she looked around to inspect where he had brought her. “Why are we at the airport?” She asked in pure confounding tone. “Because we need to fly off to Brimington.” That information left her mouth gaping at him. “Are you serious?” He blinked at her in confusion.
“You’re dragging me to Brimington which is in UK, without even asking me? And now is when you’re informing?”
“So?” He shook his head.
“You’re unbelievable, actually you’re pathetic, no rather you’re such a lunatic. And you asked me so? So, that I don’t even know what you’re up to and you didn’t even inform me earlier so I’d have packed at least my necessities because I have no other option but to follow your commands because that’s how bossy you’re and because if I don’t you’ll ruin my career and make me beg on streets and because you’re literally inclined on making my life a living hell and because I hate your guts so much and-and you set my nerves on fire.” She huffed in annoyance after she finished her deliberate speech in just a breath, but instantly blushed after realising the double meaning behind her last statement.
He shook his head and a laugh rumbled through within his chest. “You’re cute. Don’t worry I’ll buy you whatever you need.” She folded her arms over her chest with her face turning a shade of red from pure humiliation. “Explain this to me Mr. Kunj Fateen.” She only addressed him by his full name when her seriousness would elope her brinks.
“Okay okay, I want you to meet someone there who’s the only family I consider having and plus I don’t know anything about Islam or the marriage rituals but she knows so we’ll get married according to it, she’ll instrct me and all. As I don’t want you to disappoint anywhere in it.” Twinkle felt the urge to smack him across his head but she bit her tongue from making her dip knee deep in big trouble. Family wasn’t a subject Kunj seemed comfortable about.
At first they stayed silent on the plane across each other. It was Kunj Fateen’s private jet and she didn’t expect any less either.
“Still mad?” She rolled her eyes at his statement. “Enjoying the flight with me?” He further asked, her irritated form amused him to such an extend.
“I’d rather jump off this plan than enjoy with you.” She kicked in annoyance.
“That eager to die?” He smirked at her with a glint of humour in his voice.
“Oh no actually, I’d rather murder you here instead and breath in the air of pure freedom later.” She squinted her eyes and bit her cheek from sticking out her tongue at him. He suppressed a laughter in an attempt not to ignite her further.
“Try with poison. Cost less, requires less equipment and works really fast so no way of failing your chances at killing me.” He wanted to sound serious but failed to do so.
“Snake venom don’t work on snake itself.” She gave him a mocking reply and twisted in her seat to halfway turn her back to him. He let out the laugh he was holding.
“Then I guess you got no option but to cope with me your entire life.” She rose her hand mid air, “Talk to my hand.” And turned away again. Kunj was more than fascinated by her. He liked the way she was behaving so childish and carefree. He wanted her to be this carefree for the rest of her life. That thought sobered him up.
“Why does religion matters to you so much?” He finally daggered the silence and asked her after a moment. She turned towards him again.
“How else will you know the real meaning of life, of why you were created, of what’s your obligations and responsibilities to your creator and all. That’s why it’s important.”
With a slight smile he shook his head and softly eyed her. “I don’t believe in Lord.” Surprised she stared preening at his soul.
“I can’t marry an atheist, my religion doesn’t allow it.” She shook her head in disbelieve.
“Does your religion allow making one believe in Lord?” He asked her seriously.
“Yes, of course.” She stated the obvious.
“Then make me.” He challenged her. She blinked at him helplessly. He chuckled in a taunting way. “See, you can’t. Because you yourself believe in a void that is mere delusion, that does not exist.”
“That’s not true-” She wanted to argue but he held up a hand to make her stop.
“If there was a Lord, he’d have loved you with the amount of devotion you’ve for Him.” He shrugged his shoulders.
“He does.” She stated her belief.
“If he does that explain to me why did you go through so much, why all the pain and hurt if He loved you? Why all the bad things? Because you and I seem to share same fate with badlucks and worse happenings.” He turned his head away from her.
“Because this world isn’t supposed to be perfect or else paradise would lose it’s value. It’s all but a test. The road’s not supposed to be filled with flowers and good stuff. It’s a test equally and justly for every single soul. Allah tests some with wealth to see how they spend it, some with poverty to see how content they can stay. And most of all these tests make us who we are. If you weren’t tested with hardships you complaint about, maybe you wouldn’t have stood where you stand today; with such status and everything. If I weren’t tested with all these bad stuff, I might’ve never actually experienced life this closely, not learnt how to value stuff, or stay content. And above all if everyone was let free to do and have whatever they want, wouldn’t have been there more injustice and crime cases? If there isn’t a Lord, who will punish the unjusts that even the court refuse to accept and let the culprits free? Aren’t there any set of rules to this world? There are, my religion, my Allah, I’m bound to them. That’s why I’ve been tested; to learn, to experience, to achieve and to survive. It’s all fate. ‘Allah does not burden a soul beyond it’s capacity of endurance’.” She closed her case with a verse from Qur’an.
Kunj blinked at her unarguable truth, her each word tugging at his intellect. She seemed to be so true on whatever she said and so he stayed silent. No reply would suffice the challenge she put forward for him, the challenge of proving a Lord didn’t exist. Her words made him think recessively. Maybe there do existed a Lord, that fated him to meet a cheeky girl like Twinkle and someday he’ll think Him for that. He smiled at that thought.
They reached Brimington and a car was already readily standing at their service. Kunj took the keys from the driver and signalled her to get in. Once inside the premises of his car, he focused his gaze on her but she wasn’t looking at him. She was staring at the backseat of the car which was filled with different shopping bags containing different stuff claimed by too many expensive brands.
“Did you-?” Kunj sighed at her reaction.
“They’re some clothes and necessities and a few presents. I let in my PA on it, though I don’t know if she got your size right in clothes and stuff. Don’t worry I instructed her to keep in mind the dresses should be modest and comprise of a matching scarf.” He started the engine and set off on the road to a destination she no more knew off.
“Is there any room for arguing?” She asked in a calm voice to which he shook his head with a smile. She realised there was no point in rebelling against Kunj Fateen because he always and always got his ways with everything. It irritated her to bleak but she had to learn to endure it.
“We’re going to meet my aunt, Liyannah. Wanted to inform you beforehand so you won’t see red like last time.” He let out a soft chuckle on finishing.
“I recall you saying you’ve got no family, why lie before?” She asked in pure innocence.
“The family I was left with disowned me and my aunt as well so technically I don’t have a family apart from her.” She wanted to know the whole story but felt reluctant to ask.
They reached the driveway of a well framed cottage that stood in solitude in it’s place. From the way it stood, it seemed old but finely cared after. The front yard viewed fine lush grass and delicate plants. The driveway covered with white pebbles lead onto a garage that didn’t seem to be part of the house but yet it was.
He lead her way to the front double door and rang the bell twice. “Coming.” Came in a female’s voice. The door opened to reveal a young woman hardly in her late twenties. “Oh Mr. Fateen, come in come in, ma’am would be so glad to see you.” She signalled him in without noticing Twinkle.
“She’s the caretaker I appointed for her, my aunt is a much more stubborn woman than you are. She won’t listen to anyone.” He sighed in defeat. They walked further into the house. It was well kept, felt warm and comforting. It had home like auroma that welcomed a person instantly.
The caretaker lead them into the elegant living area. There on a rocking chair was seated a woman who seemed to be in her late fifties, wearing her eye spectacles, crouched over a book, busy reading. Twinkle instantly felt a cliché.
“Look who we’ve here ma’am.” The other woman announced in pure delight, and the woman reading, instantly rose her head removing her glasses. “Oh my goodness.” She placed her hand over her heart and smiled in pure delight.
Kunj rushed towards her and embraced her in a big hug. If he could cry, now would’ve been the perfect moment, Twinkle thought. She felt awkward lingering in the entrance. No one seemed to acknowledge her presence.
“How have you been? It’s been such a long time, why didn’t you come huh? I missed you so much…” His aunt’s question came out in haste and she paused to kiss his forehead in genuine affection.
“I’ve brought someone to meet with you.” It was then that the room noticed Twinkle’s presence and she felt a blush creeping up her face. “Assalam Aleyikum!” She addressed in a small voice and wished to escape such an embarrassing intuition.
“Walaikum Assalam!” His aunt called out in a delighted tone and eyed her head to toe. “Oh my, she’s so young and beautiful. Who’s she? Please don’t tell me another caretaker, Kunj.” She shook her head in disapproval.
Kunj chuckled wholeheartedly at her innocent words. “Liya, meet Twinkle. My fiance.” Twinkle’s heart stopped at his words.
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