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Twin troubles IshRa DiVek SS Character Sketch and Prologue

I dedicate this SS to my dearest friend Mansi who wants me to write this SS.This is her concept.

Om Prakash Bhalla and Toshi Bhalla:The lovely parents of Raman.

Raman Bhalla:Owner of Bhalla Industries.A very well mannered soft spoken man.

Abhishek Singh:Co-owner of Bhalla Industries.He is Raman’s best friend and BUSINESS PARTNER.They are childhood friends.He is a fun loving guy who believes in enjoying the life to the fullest.

Raj Singh and Rano Singh:Loving joyful parents of Abhishek and close friends of Bhallas.


Shagun and Simi:They are sisters.They were the dearest cousins of Raman.

Mahesh Kapoor and Madhu Kapoor:A jovial couple.They are the dearest parents of Ishita and Divya.

Ishita Kapoor:She is a beautiful modern stylish chatter box girl.She believes in celebrating life by partying.Her twin sister Divya is her everything.

Divya Kapoor:She is Ishita’s twin sister who is older than her for a few seconds.She is a simple traditional and soft spoken.She is very much protective about her twin sister Ishita.


“Instead of me you will marry Raman”.
She was shocked:What are you saying?
She replied,”I mean it..i.You have to marry Raman in disguise of me.I know that you are impressed with Raman.Don’t lie that you did’nt like him.”.

Raman:I know my Ishita very well.Though she is modern she will never cross her lines.I trust her completely.
Ishita was covered by guilt:Raman trusts me so much.But I am fooling him.

She cried:I feel very guilty to fool Abhishek like this.He has the right to know the truth.
Seeing her sister’s pain she replied:You are right.Since I started this I myself will reveal the truth.

Ishita and Divya are identical twins.No one can identify them.What if they take advantage of this situation and swap their identity?How will this affect two innocent men like Raman and Abhishek?How will they react when the realize that they were fooled?

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